2024 Cactus Classic tournament preview!

“Cactus Classic”

May 10-12

Tournament Preview

2024 Cactus Classic bracket and team list link

The 2024 Conference USSSA season continues in Mesa, Arizona with the “Cactus Classic” at the AZ Athletic Grounds park with its artificial turf baseball fields and their 325-355-385-355-325 dimensions!  The Cactus Classic has been played off and on for over a decade at 4 different parks in and around Phoenix, AZ.  This year there will be 32 teams in the men’s division including all 4 Major teams, 3 ‘AA’ teams, 7 ‘A’ teams, and 18 regional ‘B/C’ teams!  12 of the teams are from the Conference so the winner will take home 180 + (4 x 12) = 228 points.  The double elimination tournament is seeded by the 2024 Conference points standings so Nitro Circus is the #1 seed which means if Juno and Sonny’s each win their 1st game, they will end up playing each other at 11:30 AM Saturday morning in the “Round of 16” with the winner most likely playing Roofx the #2 seed in the “Round of 8”.  And Resmondo is the lone Major team in the lower half of the bracket.  The weather looks warm and the fields play similar to the Spacecoast Stadium Complex in Florida, in that it can get intensely hot during the day but the evenings are usually beautiful for softball!

On the women’s side there is a nice field of 18 teams including two major teams, Derby Girls and Monsta/LaFamiglia, and 11 teams from the Conference overall.  They will play on the 325 fields which are also artificial turf.  Both the men’s and women’s teams begin on Friday evening at 4 PM Pacific time.  Here is a link to the Chat Room and the USSSALive.com livestream.


Cactus Classic Team Breakdown



AZ Athletic Grounds Fields

AZ Athletic Grounds
6321 S Ellsworth Rd
Mesa, AZ, 85212

Fields #5-#8 are 325-355-385-355-325

Fields #1-#4 are 325 feet






Past Champions of the Cactus Classic!

2022 Champs – Proton/Legacy Glove Co. (AZ-AA)

2022 Cactus Classic tournament report link


2022 Champs – Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton (WA-Major)



2021 Champs – Classic Glass/Easton (CA-A)

2021 Cactus Classic tournament report link

2021 Champs – Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton (WA-Major)

2020 Champs – Bay Area Legends/Easton (CA-AA)

2020 Phoenix tournament report link

1st Place in both 2020 Cactus Classic Women’s Duals!  Smash It Sports/DG4L/Sonnys/EA (WA-Major)

Women’s Cactus Classic bracket and results link

2016 Champs – Bay Area Legends (CA)

2016 Phoenix tournament report link

2015 Champs – OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP

2015 Phoenix tournament report link

2013 Champs – Classic Glass/Easton

2013 Phoenix tournament report link

West Coast Doerflinger/Easton after winning the Cactus Classic with a 21 run 7th inning.

2012 Phoenix tournament report link

2011 Phoenix tournament report link

2010 Phoenix tournament report link


West Coast Doerflinger vs Team Combat in Phoenix winner’s final.

Game is 2 hours and 40 minutes and the game featured 96 total runs scored.  12 HR limit.


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