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2024 Cactus Classic Major

Mesa, Arizona 

May 10-12 

Str8play’s Brandon Streets places another hit against Resmondo.



Cactus Classic Team List


Cactus Classic Video and Article Links

Cactus Classic Bracket and Results link

Cactus Classic Picture Album link (adding pictures as I do condensed games)

Juno vs Sonny’s Condensed Game link

Sonny’s vs RoofX Condensed Game link

Str8play vs Resmondo Condensed Game link

Cactus Classic Archived Games link

Cactus Classic Stats link (Updating throughout the week)

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Friday Night Recap

The Friday crowd for the Resmondo game was nice.

Conference USSSA returned to Arizona for the Cactus Classic for the 1st time since 2022 and they played at the AZ Athletic Grounds in Mesa, Arizona on the four 325-355-385-355-325 foot all turf fields using the Dudley Pro-M Hardcore ball with the normal 8-12-14-16 home run limits.  The weather was great with spectacular mornings and evenings and warmer dry heat afternoons.  The men’s tournament began at 4 PM Pacific time with 30 teams including 12 from the Conference USSSA league and all 4 Major teams.  Blue Ox (CO-B) a non-conference team with some former Conference players like pitcher Brian Therkildsen beat fellow Colorado ‘B’ team HustleDank (CO-B) 18-14.  MAJ/Figa (AZ-B) beat Impact Reloaded (NM-B) 16-10.  Standard Plumbing/GHPC (AZ-B) beat California Conference ‘B’ team CutThroatSports/Coursey 21-20 when their second baseman made a nice diving catch to end the game with the bases loaded.  And BigKids/SteveSmith/TSA beat JK Inc/SCCC/Supreme Threads a fellow California ‘B’ team 24-6.  At 5:30 PM NFM Lending/KB (AZ-A) tied with ICON (NV-C) 10-10 going into the 4th inning out scored ICON 10-2 down the stretch to win 20-12.  CJ Shepherd was 4-4 with 2 triples and the teams only home run and 5 RBI in the win with the wind blowing in.  ICON you may remember had that great run at the Las Vegas Major last month.  Cheap Suits/Republic Realty/ESP (CA-A) trailing OG/BRC/TPS (CA-C) 11-6 going into the top of the 5th scored 8 in the 5th and held OG to just 2 runs in the last 4 innings to escape 16-13.  Leadoff hitter Orlando Cano was on base 4-4 and Juan Castaneda hit 2 of the teams 5 home runs.  Classy/Proton/NVH (AZ-A) with former Conference players Matt Fox and Brent Mcclure knocked off Arizona Athletics/Graham Sports/Rukkus (AZ-B) 28-16.  And Resmondo/All American Restoration/O (FL-Major) who was undefeated (10-0) coming into the Cactus Classic got off to a slow start against Impact/Spearhead Contracting (AZ-C) going down in order 1-2-3 in the 1st inning.  But the Resmondo bats came alive scoring 7 in the bottom of the 2nd and 9 in the bottom of the 4th to win 25-10 leaving Impact on the field in the bottom of the 6th on a grand slam homer by Everett Williams.  Resmondo out homered them 10-2 as Williams went 5-5 with 3 HR and 8 RBI.  At 7 PM Str8play/Rebel/MAJ/DTS (CA-AA) beat MAL GOLD (AZ-C) 25-9 in 5 innings shutting out MAL in 3 of those frames.  Ike Worlow, Dan Herren, Bryan Dezern, and Brian Zirkle were all on base 4-4 and they out homered MAL 2-0.  Dirty Vegas/Steel/Ark Fab (TX-A) who made a number of roster moves last week, hammered Masami Apparel (AZ-C) 27-7 scoring 9 in the bottom of the 2nd and 12 in the bottom of the 3rd leaving Masami on the field with a Nick Mitschke 2 run homer.  Nick returns to the Conference for the first time in a number of years playing shortstop and was 4-4 with 4 extra base hits in his debut.  Erik Kanaby at lead off was also 4-4 and hit for the cycle.  To close out the “Round of 30” games Sonny’s/Worsham/RedAthlete/Haymak (WY-Major) run ruled SOB’s/4BE/Horton Air (AZ-C) 32-2 in just 3 innings as Heath Barnes, Tyler Storey, Marc Wik, and Steele Lewis were all on base 4-4 and they out homered SOB’s 14-0.  Juno Athletics (NJ-Major) crushed Hype/Leg Movement (AZ-C) 35-2 scoring 15 in the 1st and 19 in the 2nd using all 14 HR and they were led by Andrew Collins, Chad Mullins, Joe Bennett, Jacob Clifton, and Clint Clymer who were all 4-4.  Collins hit 4 HR and Mullins hit for the cycle in the win.  And Bay Area Legends (CA-A) scored 11 in the top of the 1st but it took 7 innings for them to beat Stars (CO-C) 21-14.  Joe Dorton led Bay Area 4-5 with 2 HR and 6 RBI.  Bay Area out homered Stars 10-1.  Stars is a young team created by William Sanchez who had a Conference ‘A’ team in the Conference in the recent past.  And in the final game of the night, which was one of the better games of the tournament Classic Glass/Easton (CA-AA) beat MakingMoves/LevelUp/UTV (AZ-C) on a walk off triple by Reid Ramirez in the bottom of the 7th after they walked his brother Ryan to start the inning.  MakingMoves was leading most of the game.

Classic Glass gets a walk off triple to beat MakingMoves from Reid Ramirez.

The Dudley Pro-M Hardcore ball was used.

In the “Round of 16” #1 seeded Nitro Circus/Beloli/Ataraxis/SBT/SOL/BAF/K (MD-AA) made short work of BigKids 28-2.  #2 seed RoofX/BadDraw/CE/Pure (IN-Major) scored 14 in the top of the 1st and beat Blue Ox Exteriors 29-9 in 4 innings.  Arlis Miller, Joey Miller, and Faron Fry were each 4-4 and they out homered Blue Ox 10-2.  Str8play rolled thru NFM Lending 25-5 in 4 innings as they put up 12 runs in the bottom of the 1st.  Anthony “Ant” Acevedo was 4-4 with 2 HR and 7 RBI in the victory.  MAJ/Figa a non-conference ‘B’ team upset Cheap Suits 25-19 after trailing 13-5.  They out homered Cheap Suits 5-4 in the game.  Resmondo put up the most runs of any team in the tournament on Friday as they beat Standard Plumbing 43-10 out homering them 14-1.  Kyle Pearson was 6-6 and Phil Matte, Tyler Marshburn, and Cory Briggs were each 5-5.  Dirty Vegas was beating Classy 17-7 in the 5th when the umpire counted too many bats in the bucket for Classy and they forfeited.



Saturday Recap

Bay Area’s Bryson Baker help upset Classic Glass in the “Round of 16”

The “Round of 16” continued Saturday morning at 11:30 AM with the highly anticipated matchup between the two Major teams Juno Athletics and Sonny’s which you can watch here in condensed form.  Sonny’s trailing 9-3 in the bottom of the 2nd, made Juno pay for some throwing errors and scored 16 runs to go up 19-9, and out scored Juno 14-7 over the next 3 innings to win 33-16.  Sonny’s out homered them 11-7 and were led by Daniel Cayton’s 4 doubles, Jeremy Yates 2 HR and 6 RBI, and Steele Lewis who hit 3 HR.  The other “Round of 16” game played at 11:30 am was between the two long time California Conference teams Bay Area Legends and Classic Glass.  Bay Area scored 11 in the bottom of the 4th to go up 16-8 but Classic responded with 14 in the top of the 5th and 7 in the top of the 6th to go up 28-23.  But Classic failed to score in the top of the 7th and Bay Area, down 5, got solo homer’s from Zack Smith and Isaac Gonzalez to start the inning.  Then Trey Porter singled, Brady Bate hit a one out homer, Kyle Hancock and Mychael Evans tripled, Shawn Jones was walked, and Braxton Argyle hit a sacrifice fly to win the game 29-28!

Juno’s Joe Joe Bennett makes a diving stop and beats the runner to the bag.

“Round of 8” action between Nitro Circus and Bay Area Legends.

The “Round of 8” was played Saturday afternoon in 90 degree but dry heat.  While doing the videos and condensed games it was quite strange to see 90 degrees on my iphone but I wasn’t sweating?  Str8play beat the upstart MAJ/Figa team 35-21 in a very long game that was marred by a MAJ middle shot at Str8play pitcher Mike Nino.  Nino turned his back to the line drive and was hit in the lower back spinal cord and laid on the field for an hour while an ambulance came and stretchered him away.  He lost feelings in his legs for a moment and although it was a scary situation he went home later that evening and posted on Facebook that he was doing good and had no hard feelings towards MAJ who he knows very well being from Arizona himself.  MAJ had grabbed a 14-7 lead early in the game and Str8play scored 6 in the bottom of the 5th to go up 22-19 and won when they scored 13 more in the bottom of the 6th.  Brandon Streets and Anthony Acevedo were each on base 6-6 in the win.  Acevedo with 7 more RBI.  MAJ actually out homered Str8play 6-5 in the game.  Resmondo scored 10 in the top of the 1st and 9 in the top of the 5th to run rule Dirty Vegas 27-12 out homering them 8-3.  Jason Matusik and Travis Clark were each 4-4.  Bay Area Legends jumped out to a 20-7 lead on Nitro Circus before Nitro went on a 21-5 run on the show field with the wind blowing out to go up 28-25.  But Bay Area went off in the bottom of the 6th scoring 15 runs on 4 HR including 2 by Brady Bate and they held on to win 40-34 without having to hit in the bottom of the 7th.  Pitcher Shawn Jones was on base 6-6 with 6 hits, Joe Dorton was 5-6 with 3 HR and 7 RBI, and Brady Bate playing center field was 5-6 with 3 HR, 5 extra base hits, and 10 RBI in the win!  And in the last “Final 8” game Sonny’s and RoofX met.  You can watch that game in condensed form here.  Both teams scored in every inning but Sonny’s got out to a 12-4 lead in the first two innings hitting 3 home runs and a bunch of doubles.  The game was played with a 13 mph wind blowing in from right field and a setting sun that made the shadows and throws to first difficult to see.  RoofX answered in the bottom of the 3rd scoring 7 runs on 1 homer to pull to within 2 (13-11).  Sonny’s then went up 20-16 in the top of the 6th on a Marc Wik two out, 3 run homer on one of Justin Mucciarelli’s behind the back pitches.  Sonny’s added 1 run in the top of the 7th on Jeremy Yate’s 4th homer of the game and Sonny’s led 21-17 going into the bottom of the 7th.  RoofX needing 4 to tie got a leadoff single by pinch hitter Patrick Center, then Arlis Miller fouled out, and when Jeremy Fry grounded into a fielder’s choice there were suddenly 2 outs and they were down 4.  Then Tyler Ervine singled, Terry Lambright doubled, Mitch Lendenski doubled over 1st base even though Sonny’s had a massive shift on him, and Joey Miller who had come into the game defensively and batting for the 1st time in the game hit a deep fly ball to right center where it is 355 feet and Jeremy Yates the Sonny’s right fielder came over and almost timed his jump perfectly and the ball hit off of his open glove and fell over the fence for a game winning walk off home run!  RoofX had won 22-21!  Sonny’s out homered RoofX 7-2 in the game as Ervine, Lambright, Lendenski, and Ryan Mcclanahan all reached base safely 4 times each.

RoofX lefty Joey Miller hits a walk off homer to beat Sonny’s with 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th!

Sonny’s right fielder Jeremy Yates nearly robbed the walk off homer.



Final 4 Recap

Resmondo’s Phil Matte laser’s one off the center field netting in semifinal #1 vs Bay Area Legends.

The semifinals were played Saturday evening as the sun finally set.  Resmondo and Bay Area were tied 6-6 after one complete inning but Resmondo scored 17 runs on 5 home runs in the bottom of the 2nd and cruised to a 32-12 run rule win in 4 innings and didn’t have to bat in the 4th.  They out homered Bay Area 9-1 and went to 13-0 on the season.  Josh Riley, Greg Connell, Phil Matte, Tyler Marshburn, and Cory Briggs were all on base 4-4 in the win as Matte hit 3 HR and knocked in 7 runs and Travis Clark hit 3 HR and drove in 8.  In the other semifinal Str8play jumped out to leads of 10-4 and 21-9 in a game that the RoofX offense seemed sluggish.  And when Str8play put up 6 in the top of the 7th on a Bryan Dezern grand slam to go up 28-17 it looked like they would pull the upset.  But in the bottom of the 7th needing 11 to tie, RoofX got 5 straight base hits and then an Arlis Miller homer to score 6.  Then Jeremy Fry doubled, Ervine homered, Joey Miller homered and suddenly they had scored 10 of the 11 they needed and there were no outs!  But Lendenski singled, followed by back to back fly outs, a Logan Rogers double, and a Ryan Mcclanahan walk led to a long fly ball by Faron Fry that would have won the game but it was hit too far to left center and not enough down the line and was caught about the 350 mark and Str8play had hung on to win 28-27!  Str8play had won even though they were out homered 10-6 as Brandon Streets went 6-6 and Jeff Roxby 5-5 on base.

Faron Fry’s walk off homer attempt came up just short.



Winner’s Final Recap

Str8play LF Chad Erickson with a big hit in Str8play’s 10 run 1st inning.

In the winner’s bracket finals late Saturday night in near perfect weather for softball, Str8play the visiting team came out of the gate putting up a 10 spot on 11 hits and 2 walks.  Then in the bottom of the 1st pitcher Josh Jones and the defense shut out Resmondo.  From there Str8play scored in every inning and “weathering the storm” in the bottom of the 3rd when Resmondo scored 14 runs on long homers by Bubba Mack and Buddy Wolf.  The big Resmondo inning ended however when Phil Matte got thrown out at the plate trying for an inside the park homer.  Str8play then answered with 12 runs of their own in the top of the 4th to go up 29-15 as Josh Jones hit a clutch grand slam with 2 outs.  When Resmondo went to step on the gas in the bottom of the 4th they managed just 2 hits and no runs and Str8play went on to win by the run rule 33-17!  It was Resmondo’s first loss of the season.  Resmondo out homered Str8play 6-4 but Str8play out hit Resmondo 35-24.  Daniel Herren, Brandon Streets, and Chad Erickson were all on base 5-5 and pitcher Josh Jones was 4-5 with 2 HR and 8 RBI in the upset win.

Josh Jones with a grand slam in the winner’s final.



Loser’s Bracket Recap

Classic Glass and Ryan Ramirez halt JK Inc’s run through the loser’s bracket.

The loser’s bracket played out all day on Saturday as Cheap Suits won two games including a 24-23 win over NFM Lending on a walk off homer by rookie Matt Valencia before Dirty Vegas dropped into the loser’s bracket and beat them 39-22.  Juno Athletics won 3 straight including a 45-30 victory over Nitro/Beloli and then jumped out to a 28-0 lead on Dirty Vegas before Dirty Vegas made a miracle comeback to win 50-49 without having to bat in the bottom of the 7th.  Then after midnight Saturday RoofX dropped down and beat Dirty Vegas 45-5 in 3 innings to advance to Sunday.  And in the upper half of the loser’s bracket Classic Glass beat AZ Athletics, Big Kids, and upset Sonny’s major team 35-29.  Meanwhile the young non-conference ‘B’ team from California JK Inc. beat Standard Plumbing, Making Moves, and MAJ before running out of gas against Classic Glass 28-6 to finish tied for 7th as the highest finishing non conference team.  And Classic Glass went on to beat Bay Area Legends 44-13 late Saturday to revenge an earlier loss to them to advance to Sunday’s final 4.  Before the Dirty Vegas miracle comeback vs Juno and the Classic Glass upset of Sonny’s, it still felt like at 9:30 PM Saturday night that all 4 Major teams were going to make it to Sunday.

Impact’s middle man Jose Perez makes a great play.  Check it out in the video highlights coming soon on USSSALive YouTube channel.



Sunday Recap

Buddy Wolf doubles for Resmondo in the loser’s final vs RoofX.

On Sunday morning in the 4th place game RoofX scored 15 in the bottom of the 1st and 15 in the bottom of the 3rd to leave a depleted Classic Glass team on the field by the 30 run mercy rule 33-3.  Leadoff hitter Arlis Miller was 4-4 with 3 HR and 8 RBI.  Then in the loser’s bracket finals it was the showdown most fans were looking forward to, Resmondo vs RoofX.  RoofX got out to a 6-1 lead in the bottom of the 1st on a 3 run inside the park homer by Brandon Yoder.  With RoofX leading 9-4 in the top of the 4th Resmondo scored 10 on 5 home runs to go up 14-9 taking the lead on a Bradley Jones backside bomb.  But RoofX answered with 11 runs in the bottom of the 4th scoring 8 of the runs with 2 outs.  Then in the top of the 4th RoofX shut out Resmondo when first baseman Joey Miller made a diving stop and Jeremy Fry turned a nice double play.  In the 5th when Resmondo put up just 2 runs to pull to within 22-16, RoofX left them on the field scoring 9 on 3 HR winning on a Mitch Lendenski RBI double to advance to the championship 31-16.  RoofX out homered Resmondo 12-8 as Jeremy Fry and Tyler Ervine were each 5-5 with Ervine hitting 4 HR and driving in 8 runs.

RoofX 3B Ryan Mcclanahan robs Brian Zirkle in the championship game.

In the championship the temperature started heating up some but it felt like RoofX still had enough in the tank to force an “if” game or possibly “double dip” Str8play.  And RoofX came out of the gate grabbing an early 13-0 lead going into the bottom of the 2nd.  But Str8play got an “angry” home run from Josh Jones and put up 7 in the bottom of the 2nd and then used their pitching and defense to hold RoofX to 2’s and 3’s the rest of the game while the Str8play offense out scored RoofX 20-15 down the stretch and Str8play won the game and the tournament 27-26 when they held RoofX to 2 in the top of the 7th!  Anthony Acevedo, Tyler Dickens, and Misael Tavarez were all 4-4 and they combined for 7 of their teams 8 home runs and 17 of their 27 runs batted in.  It was Str8play’s first tournament win since their ‘A’ World Championship in 2023 and they did so overcoming injuries, missing players, and they played in honor of Jefe Redden their teammate who was in the hospital with recovering from a blood clot.  This was, I believe, the 5th time in Conference history that a ‘AA’ team won a Major tournament where 4 Major teams were in the bracket.  The first was Sports Reach at the HOF Dual #2 a couple of years ago.  And then it happened 3 times in 2023 when Chick-fil-a won the Texas Dual #1, JBL won Evansville Dual #1, and Classic Glass won the Conference Championship.  So this is the 3rd time it has been done on baseball fields.

Str8play’s Josh Jones goes out of center field in the championship comeback!

The Cactus Classic was a well played tournament at a beautiful complex and the Dudley Hardcore ball actually performed fairly well, making for good games but not overly high scoring games.  The Hardcore ball knuckles more than the stadium ball but the games were still pretty good.  The umpires did tireless work as always and I want to thank all of the scorekeepers that used the BallClubz app as it really ads to a professional feel to the league.  The artificial turf at the AZ Athletic Grounds has a mix of cork in it that makes it so the ball doesn’t bounce normal.  Take that into consideration when you see some of the errors in the videos.  I also want to thank Chuck Shimels who spent 3 hours helping me put up the livestream cameras in the Arizona heat on Friday afternoon.  Juno had the best uniforms.  Classy as always also had great uniforms.  I continue to say “ditch the black and white” uniforms.  They are bad for the livestream/videos.  🙂



Long Bomber of the Week!

Jeremy Yates gets the Long Bomber of the Week.  He hit 4 bombs in that game against RoofX when players were having trouble hitting them.  And one of them was probably one of the longest of the tournament in a game where RoofX only hit 2 the entire game. 



Cactus Classic Results and Awards

Cactus Classic MVP – Str8play pitcher Josh Jones

Cactus Classic Defensive MVP – Str8play LF Chad Erickson

Cactus Classic Offensive MVP – RoofX SS Logan Rogers



Team by Team Notes

1st Place – Str8play/Rebel/MAJ/DTS

CA-AA  Record  5-0 

Str8play had a perfect weekend knocking off RoofX in the semifinals and Resmondo in the winner’s final and then coming from behind (13-0) to beat RoofX in the championship Sunday.  They played without Cole Campbell who didn’t make the trip, Jefe Redden who is recovering from a blood clot in the hospital, and for the most part played without Mike Nino as well who was hit in the spine while pitching and was taken by ambulance to the hospital but was soon after released and is doing good.  The offense was consistent but only hit 5.5 home runs per game so they did it with quality base hitting and extra base hitting and they still had their share of double digit innings.  They never backed down to the Major teams and weathered a few storms along the way.  As you can see below Acevedo had another great weekend, Tavarez and Dickens led the team with 7 HR each, and Brandon Streets was on base .833 while hitting zero home runs which is impressive.  Josh Jones was MVP and did a nice job on the mound, with the glove, and every time they needed a big home run, he hit one.  Erickson and Zirkle covered a lot of ground in the outfield as well.

Tavarez supplying some championship power.

Mother’s Day selfie with Str8play.


2nd Place – RoofX/BadDraw/CE/Pure/Envy

IN-Major  Record  5-2 

RoofX had two big wins over fellow Major teams in Sonny’s in the “Final 8” and Resmondo in the loser’s bracket finals, but then they had let downs after both of those wins in losing to Str8play twice.  The RoofX offense which has been good at times has still not peaked yet although they are 2nd in the nation in runs scored per 7 innings at 35.4.  The defense and pitching was solid again and they averaged over 9 HR per game which is a slight improvement over the Hall of Fame Classic (7.5).  Tyler Ervine led the way with 13 HR and 20 RBI.  Lead off hitter Arlis Miller hit 12 HR and had 34 RBI.  And Logan Rogers the Offensive MVP and Ryan Mcclanahan who has been taking some trolling online about his hitting led the on base percentage.  The walk off homer by Joey Miller to beat Sonny’s was clutch with 2 outs and RoofX trailing in the bottom of the 7th.

Mitch Lendenski channeling his inner Pete Rose.


3rd Place – Resmondo/All American Restoration/O

FL-Major  Record  4-2 

The talk of Resmondo winning all of their games or at least all of their tournaments came to a quick end.  When they went to step on the gas offensively like they did whenever they wanted at the Hall of Fame Classic, there just wasn’t any extra horsepower there in Phoenix.  I’m not sure they or anyone understands why?  It was a tough weekend for Resmondo offensively as they averaged 9 HR per game and had a number of innings where they didn’t score.  Travis Clark led the team in home runs (10) and RBI (21).  Tyler Marshburn at shortstop at times had great success anticipating where opponents were going to hit and made some great plays.  Cory Briggs led the team in on base percentage at .900.  And Kyle Pearson still leads the nation in on base percentage at .853 even though he has yet to play a game on anything smaller than a stadium field!


4th Place – Classic Glass/Easton

CA-AA  Record  6-2 

Classic Glass was upset by a good Bay Area team but recovered to make a run to Sunday in the loser’s bracket.  Dan Kirkwood and Frank Bevacqua did the pitching.  Scott Hartling led the team in HR with 12 even though he played with a pulled muscle.  Ryan Ramirez led the team with 33 RBI.  And Jeff Andrews from Team Canada, Hartling, Bevacqua, Billy Wright, Sal Formosa, Reid Ramirez, and Dan Kirkwood were all over .700 on base.  They played without slugger Shannon Smith and 3rd baseman Brady Stewart.

Jeff Andrews who is a member of Team Canada doubles vs JK Inc.



TX-A  Record  4-2


Dirty Vegas had that big win over Juno Athletics after being down 23-0 late Friday night.  In that game Ryan Mullen hit 4 HR and had 10 RBI!  What a comeback with the final score being 50-49.  Tryout Blake Fairchild, the recently added Nick Mitschke, Shawn Huseman, pitcher Caleb Ladner, and Jared Hunt were all over .800.  Hunt led the team with 12 HR and 26 RBI.  They made a number of roster moves before the tournament and it appears they paid off.


Tied 5th – Bay Area Legends

CA-A  Record  3-2 

Bay Area had a solid weekend upsetting Classic Glass and playing some top teams.  Sean Jones the pitcher was .867 for the weekend with 4 HR to lead the offense.  Joe Dorton hit 7 HR.  And Brady Bate had 7 HR and in one game against Nitro Circus he had 10 RBI.  Kyle Hancock who hit .650 while playing shortstop may be a rookie of the year candidate?

Player sponsor Joel Gonzalez hits a backside bomb.


Tied 7th – Juno Athletics

NJ-Major  Record  4-2 

Juno lost that early game to Sonny’s when the defense let them down and are now 0-2 vs the Major division and 1-3 vs ‘AA’ teams this year.  Collins and Clint Clymer were over .800 on base.  Collins hit 11 HR, Boland 10, and Ryan Harvey 14.

Jacob Clifton tries to kick a ricochet to first for an out.

The “come to Carucci” meetings have been frequent this year.



CA-B  Record  3-2 

JK Inc. a young California ‘B’ team suffered a bad 24-6 loss to Big Kids in their opener and then went on a roll beating Standard Plumbing, a good Making Moves team, and MAJ before Classic Glass sent them home.  A great experience for this team.


More Teams

Tied 9th – Cheap Suits/Republic Realty/ESP (CA-A) 3-2

Cheap Suits lost to a good MAJ non-conference team on Friday 25-19 and then recovered some beating NFM on a walk off homer before losing to fellow ‘A’ team Dirty Vegas 39-22.  Nick Guillen, Matt Valencia, and Brandon Traylor were over .700.  Carlos Abrigo hit 7 HR and Traylor 6.  This team seems to be a little hit or miss right now.



Tied 9th – Sonny’s/Worsham/RedAthlete/Haymak/R (WY-Major) 2-2

Sonny’s beat Juno in the “Round of 16” and then was inches away from beating RoofX in the “Round of 8” to go to the semifinals but lost on a walk off homer.  In the loser’s bracket they lost focus and got beat by Classic Glass who is a very good baseball field team.  The fact that this is only Sonny’s 3rd tournament of the year put them in a bad spot in the points that they will be trying to dig out from for awhile.  Steele Lewis and Marc Wik were on base .824 with a bunch of extra base hits.  Yates led the team with 8 HR.



Tied 9th – Maj/Figa/Standard/StormProRoofing (AZ-B) 2-2

MAJ beat Cheap Suits and went 7 innings with Str8play before JK Inc sent them home.



Tied 9th – Nitro/Beloli/Ataraxis/SBT/SOL/BAF/K (MD-AA) 1-2

Nitro Circus lost a long battle with Bay Area Legends and then lost to Juno.  A tough points weekend for the #1 seed.



NFM did not defend their home turf (AZ) vs Conference opponents.  Jordan Spaulding playing in his home town led the team at .813.

Classy’s Kyle Smoot gets a base hit vs Dirty Vegas.

William Sanchez has a new Stars team out of Colorado.  It will be fun to see this young team progress.


Faces in the Crowd / More Pictures

Sonny’s Marc Wik had the extra base hits and the dance moves going.

There was one odd desert dust/wind storm on Saturday.

The streams had a better weekend as they fixed the issue with smart devices getting kicked off.

Washington Hall of Famer’s Don Lekness, Dale McGregor, Roger Wilson, Ryan Lekness

Things are just different in the desert.


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