Hit & Sit Conference TALK SHOW! Updated 8/21/2022

The Hit and Sit Show Episode #8 – Michigan, Seattle, Points, Batting Title, Major World Series, Pocket City – with host DW from ConferenceUSSSA.com, Jason Magnum who plays with Monsta and hits DeMarini, Josh Kirsten who plays center field for MPT Rentals and hits Suncoast, Brandon Traylor from Bay Area Legends, and Eric McCarthy fan/B player from California!

Show #7 – Cincy Major, Baugh Forfeit, Practice!

Show #6 link – Panel discusses the Smoky and Cincinnati Majors

Show #5 link – Panel discusses Rock Run, KC Major, and the Smoky

Show #4 link – Panel discusses Umpiring, Strike Zone, Chattahoochee Major

Show #3 link – Panel discusses the Major division, Roster Pickups, the Strike Zone, and more.

Show #2 link  – Talking 240 bats, Chick-fil-a, Maryland Major and more.

Show #1 link – Panel discusses Classification and Suspensions.