Conference Uniform Policy

Conference Uniform Policy

All players on a team shall wear uniforms shirts identical in color, trim and style, and all players’ uniforms shall include minimal six-inch numbers on their backs.

The following is prohibited from being placed on a Conference USSSA team uniform:

  • Any non-USSSA softball sanctioning association name and/or logo.  
  • Any sponsor and/or company not in good standing with USSSA.   

The approved numbers are 00-09, 0-99. Duplicate numbers, alphabetical letters and/or roman numerals are not allowed.

All players on a team shall wear uniform pants/knickers identical in color, trim and style.

Any part of an undershirt exposed to view shall be of a uniform solid color for all players on a team.

No player whose uniform does not conform to that of their teammates shall be permitted to participate in a game.

Each team shall wear a distinctive uniform at all times, or that each team shall have two sets of uniforms. These two sets of uniforms should be of contrasting colors.

No player shall attach to their uniform tape or other material of a different color from their uniform.

All players on a team shall wear socks and belts identical in color, trim and style.

All players on a team shall wear hats identical in color, logos, trim and style. In the Women’s program, all players on a team may wear headwear, if worn it shall be identical in color.  Bucket hats are not allowed.

If displaying the Conference USSSA Logo: Shall be displayed on the sleeve.

CUSSSA may provide that the uniforms of its member teams include the names of its players on their backs. Any name other than the last name of the player must be approved by CUSSSA. If adopted, all uniforms for a team must have the names of its players. Exception: Sponsorship, or common statement above or below number. 

All players on a team shall have the complete shirt tucked into their pants. Half-tucked uniform shirts are prohibited. This means that the uniform shirt will be tucked in 360 degrees around the player’s body and will remain the same throughout the duration of the game.

Sponsors, Managers, and Coaches:

Sponsors: A Professional appearance with the option of full uniform; matching other staff.  

Scorekeeper: A Professional appearance with the option of full uniform or shorts; matching other staff.          


  • Men’s – Must be in full uniform; may wear a team pullover or jacket, shorts are not permitted on the field of play; to include base coaching.  
  • Women’s – Option of full uniform or shorts; matching other coaches.  

Non-conference teams participating in Conference USSSA events will be required to have matching uniform tops, although, if they wear hats, they must be worn forward and properly, unless wearing a mask.  No bandanas or do-rags are allowed.  All teams must wear pants. 

There are no appeals on uniforms and all decisions about uniforms by the Tournament Director will be final. 


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