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Women’s Golden State Major

Big League Dreams Park

Palm Springs, CA

NTL closes out Classic Glass in the bottom of the 7th by a run.

NTL/GS Sports/Worth/Miken a ‘AA’ team out of California went undefeated in the 11 team Golden State Major.  They knocked off SmashitSports/SFK/Easton/Miken (CA-AA) 22-7 in the semifinals, LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth (PA-Major) 17-7 in the winner’s final, and Classic Glass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans (WA-AA) 13-12 in the championship.  The tournament was played in its entirety on Saturday, May 14th.  Classic Glass fought through the loser’s bracket to finish 2nd, LaFamiglia was 3rd, and SFK 4th.

1st Place – NTL/GS Sports/Worth/Miken (CA-AA)

2nd Place – Classic Glass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans (WA-AA)

3rd Place – LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth (PA-Major)

4th Place – SmashItSports/SFK/Easton/Miken (CA-AA)


Women’s Battle at the Beach Dual #1 Major

Grand Park, Myrtle Beach, SC

May 6, 2022 

Team 24’s Dual #1 MVP Tylia Sylestine hits in the winner’s final against Lady SNI.

The Conference women played a dual in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this past weekend with Dual #1 starting and ending on Friday in windy conditions.  Team 24/Proton (FL-Major) defeated Lady SNI/D1Apparel/Demarini/Slugger (FL-Major) 6-2 in the winner’s bracket finals and Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton (WA-Major) 13-3 in the “if” game of the championship after Smash it lost their 1st game and won 6 straight in the loser’s bracket to finish 2nd.  Lady SNI was 3rd and LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth (PA-Major) was 4th in the 15 team field which included all 5 women’s Major teams.

2022 Myrtle Beach Dual #1 Bracket Link

Look for 3 condensed games, rankings, and the women’s update later in the week.

1st Place – Team 24/Proton (FL-Major)

2nd Place – Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton (WA-Major)

3rd Place – Lady SNI/D1Apparel.DeMarini/Slugger (FL-Major)

4th Place – LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth (PA-Major)

Women’s Battle at the Beach Dual #2 Major

Grand Park, Myrtle Beach, SC

May 7-8, 2022 

Championship game of Dual #2 – Lady SNI hitting against Team 24

In dual #2 Lady SNI scored 6 runs in the bottom of the 7th to beat Smash It Derby Girls 25-24 in the winner’s bracket finals Saturday night and they beat Team 24 17-13 in the championship game on Sunday morning.  SIS/Derby finished 3rd and Xtreme/ASP/Athlon/Anarchy (MN-A) ran the loser’s bracket to finish 4th.

2022 Myrtle Beach Dual #2 Bracket Link

1st Place – Lady SNI/D1Apparel.DeMarini/Slugger (FL-Major)

2nd Place – Team 24/Proton (FL-Major)

3rd Place – Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton (WA-Major)

4th Place – Xtreme/ASP/Athlon/Anarchy (MN-A)



Women’s Texas Legends Major

April 30th

Texas Star Park

Team 24’s Jaexenne Balilea was MVP.

The 8 team women’s Texas Legends tournament was also played at Texas Star park but was played across the street in the 290 quad.  Team 24 rolled through the tournament undefeated knocking off NTL in the winner’s final 13-9 and BNS 12-2 in the championship.  They only allowed 18 runs in 4 games as their pitcher Stacey Moore pitched to her defense and the offense was led by MVP Jaexenne Balilea .753 with 3 extra base hits, center fielder Sara Poteat .714 on base percentage, and Tylia Sylestine and Dara Toman hit their teams only home runs in the Championship game.

Women’s Texas Legends picture album link

Women’s Championship Condensed game link

1st Place – Team 24/Proton (FL-Major)

2nd Place – BNS/Smash It Sports (MO-A)

3rd Place – NTL/GS Sports/Worth/Miken (CA-AA)

4th Place – OE Sports/NOP (AR-B)



Cactus Classic – Mesa, Arizona

April 22-23

Winner’s bracket finals – SIS/Derby Girls hitting against the upset minded SD Lighting!

Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton won their 4th tournament in a row to start the 2022 season going undefeated and beating upset minded SD Lighting a local ‘C’ team 18-10 in the winner’s bracket finals and again 19-3 in the championship game Saturday evening.  SD Lighting was the real story of the tournament as they upset Classic Glass (WA-AA) 20-5, Smashit/SFK (CA-AA) 12-4, and NTL (CA-AA) 10-6 to get to the winner’s final.  Then in the loser’s final they beat NTL again 9-7.  The women played on the all turf softball fields with fences at 325 to 330 feet.  Look for the women’s rankings, stats, advanced stats, league leaders, and the condensed game of the winner’s final later in the week.


Women’s Cactus Classic Major Results!

1st Place – Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton (WA-Major)

2nd Place – SD Lighting (AZ-C)

3rd Place – NTL/GS Sports/Worth/Miken (CA-AA)

4th Place – Smash It Sports/SFK/Easton/Miken (CA-AA)


Hall of Fame Classic Dual

April 7-8


Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton won both Women’s Dual tournaments losing just 1 game.  On the women’s side all 4 of the Major teams finished 1-4 in both events.  Smash It powered their way to their 2nd and 3rd tournament wins of the year beating all of the top teams and “double dipping” LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth in the 2nd dual.  Team 24/Proton finished 3rd in each event after winning both duals in 2021 and losing their 1st game in Dual #1 this year.  Lady SNI/D1/DeMarini/Slugger finished 2nd in Dual #1 after beating T24 on a walk off homer in the loser’s bracket finals with 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th.  And LaFamiglia the new Major team in Women’s slow pitch finished 4th and 2nd.


Women’s Hall of Fame Dual #1 Results!

1st Place HOF #1 – Smash it/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton (WA-Major)

2nd Place HOF #1 – Lady SNI/D1Apparel/DeMarini/Slugger (FL-Major)

3rd Place HOF #1 – Team 24/Proton (FL-Major)

4th Place HOF #1 – LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth (PA-Major)

Women’s Hall of Fame Dual #2 Results!

1st Place HOF #2 – Smash it/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton (WA-Major)

2nd Place HOF #2 – LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth (PA-Major)

3rd Place HOF #2 – Team 24/Proton (FL-Major)

4th Place HOF #2 – Lady SNI/D1Apparel/DeMarini/Slugger (FL-Major)


Las Vegas “Sin City” Classic

March 25-27

Fiana Finau hits one of the 16 Home Runs Smash It Derby Girls hit in the championship game!

Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton won the 19 team women’s Las Vegas Major overpowering their opponents in a display of power.  They outscored their opponents by 99 runs in 5 games and knocked off NTL/GS Sports/Worth/Miken (CA-AA) 24-14 in the winner’s bracket finals Saturday night and again 35-13 in the championship after NTL had closed the lead to 12-10 in the bottom of the 5th.  Smash It hit 16 Home Runs in the final game.  New women’s ‘A’ team Lady Proton (AZ-A) finished an impressive 3rd and Classic Glass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans (WA-AA) was 4th


Women’s Las Vegas Major Results!

1st Place – Smash It/Derb Girls/LaClear/Easton (WA-Major)

2nd Place – NTL/GS Sports/Worth/Miken (CA-AA)

3rd Place – Lady Proton (AZ-A)

4th Place – ClassicGlass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans (WA-AA)