Xtreme/Miken/ASP/Athlon celebrates 2017 AA Championship by winning the Dudley!





    2018 Nationwide Conference USSSA


    36th Annual Dudley Budweiser


    Brooklyn Center, MN 


    June 29th – July 1st



    Xtreme/Miken/ASP/Athlon takes on TDB/FAI/Klutch/Miken in the winner's finals of the Dudley!


    SoftballCenter Dudley Major picture album link


    2018 Dudley Major bracket link


    2018 Dudley Major stats link



    Xtreme had their ring ceremony and party celebrating their 2017 USSSA 'AA' World title!


The 36th Annual Dudley Budweiser Classic became a weekend of celebration for the Minnesota based Xtreme/Miken/ASP/Athlon 'AA' team as they celebrated their 2017 USSSA 'AA' World championship with a ring ceremony, a party, and then went out and won their first ever Dudley tournament championship!  The tournament began on Friday in 90+ degree temperatures with 26 teams on the 310 foot fenced fields, 12 HR limit for most games, and using the Dudley Classic M ball.  In the "play in" games Clark Builders a 'D' team upset Infamous/Salt Riot a Conference 'B' team 13-7.  Scores were low in this tournament for the most part.  In the round of 16, 6 of the remaining Conference teams advanced as Nightmare (MO-AA), Chanticlear Pizza (MN-A), Xtreme (MN-AA), and TDB (NC-AA) all won by the run rule.  While Stars (CO-A) won on a walk off homer by Pat Farrell 22-21 over Eurotech, and Racks (IN-AA) struggled past Pepper Farms 29-23.  And two non conference teams slipped into the "final 8" as Comatose (WI-B) knocked off Conference team Nally's (MO-A) 14-10, and T's 13 (MN-A) team beat Clark Builders 28-5.

    In the "round of 8", Nightmare crushed Comatose 27-7, Xtreme got past fellow Minnesota Conference team Chanticlear 21-17, TDB squeaked one out 29-28 over T's 13, and Stars had a walk off homer by Kyndrich Doggett to beat Racks 25-24.  In the semifinals late Saturday afternoon Xtreme scored 8 runs in the bottom of the 6th to take an 18-16 lead on Nightmare and held Nightmare scoreless in the top of the 7th to win.  And in the other semifinal, TDB broke a 16-16 tie with Stars by scoring 27 runs in the top of the 6th inning and won 44-26.  Jason Martel was 6-6 with 1 HR and 7 RBI in the win.

    In the winner's bracket championship Xtreme scored 17 runs on 7 homers in the top of the 1st inning against TDB.  In the bottom of the first Xtreme got a couple of nice defensive plays by Brandon Newman to hold down TDB and Xtreme led 17-3 after 1 inning,  26-3 after 3.5 innings, and used some more good defense by Newman to hold TDB scoreless in the bottom of the 4th and won by the 20 run mercy rule.

    In the loser's bracket the teams dropping down pretty much won their next game except for Racks/Worth Astros who beat Starkey/Syndicate, T's 13, Nightmare, and Stars to make it to the Sunday final 3.  On Sunday morning during the first game between Racks and TDB there was a lightning delay followed by a thunder storm that washed out the games.  So Xtreme won their first Dudley undefeated, TDB and Racks split the 2nd and 3rd place points, and of course Stars finished 4th, with Nightmare and Chanticlear tied for 5th.


    1st Place – Xtreme/Miken/ASP/Athlon (MN-AA)


    Xtreme Winners Final Lineup:
    C Cory Large
    3B Shannon Smith
    RF Pat Ellwanger
    EH Curtis Stewart
    CF Colin Baartman
    2B Joe Skyles
    SS Dylan Smith
    LF Matt McGowan
    1B Alex Bremer
    MI Brandon Newman
    P Dirk Updike

    SS Toby Letak
    Todd Newton also started at Catcher


    Team Breakdown:
    26 Teams Overall
    8 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
    4 'AA' Teams
    4 'A' Teams
    6 'B' Teams
    9 'C' Teams
    3 'D' Teams



    2nd Place – TDB/FAI/Klutch Miken (NC-AA)

    TDB Winners Final Lineup:
    3B Tyler Wilson
    OF Jason Matusik
    1B Jason Martel
    2B Kyle Pearson
    C BJ Fulk
    SS Orlando Castilo
    CF Brian Zirkle
    OF Tyler Marshburn
    MI AJ Montano
    P Brian Titus


    4th Place – Stars/VSP/Miken/Thunder – (CO-A) – They won 3 games on walk offs


    Chanticlears Kyle Decker hits against Stars Saturday night

    Chanticlear Lineup:
    Ryan Oconnell
    Justin Barber
    Cory Hines
    Mike Thorbrogger
    Jeremy Whaley
    Eric Oconnell
    Jordon Nuss
    John Stibal
    Craig Arndt
    Travis Auld


    Stars takes on TDB in the winner's semifinals

    Stars Lineup Quarterfinals
    Bryce Oliveira
    Brian Therkildsen
    Pat Farrell
    Kyndrich Doggett
    Cole Campbell
    Micah Schnurstein
    Nick Balentine
    Hunter Ramirez
    Nick Runstadler
    Brian Bohanon
    Weston Tallon


    Xtreme takes on Nightmare in a close game in the semifinals

    Nightmare semifinal lineup:
    2B Nolan Fogle
    MI Tommy Melton
    C Billy Maggard
    LF Colby Hughes
    3B Charlie Hinojosa
    C Mike Brown
    1B Evan Gallmeier
    SS Pat Burton
    P Wes Newell
    CF Brian Logan
    RF Bryan Daniel


    Racks Astros Lineup Quarterfinals
    Cory Newman
    Daniel Kirkwood
    Steve Edwards
    Chad Mullins
    Michael Stephany
    Brian Faria
    Troy Krider
    Jon Nelson
    Chris Russell/Rob Roop
    Ricardo Lizcano
    Bill Pinkham/Carl Blank


     Dudley Major Final Standings and Awards


    Awards have not been entered yet









            Dudley Budweiser Women's Major         




            The Dudley women's Major was won by powerhouse Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton who went undefeated               





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