Womens Cactus Classic Tournament Report

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🔥 Conference USSSA Takes Mesa by Storm! 🔥

🌟 Event Details 🌟

  • Date: May 10-12, 2024
  • Location: AZ Athletic Grounds, Mesa, Arizona
  • Teams: 17 competitive teams from the league, including the top 2 Women’s Major teams in the country.

🏆 Top-Seeded Teams Shine 🏆

  • Four teams remained undefeated:


  • A clash of titans! Both teams scored 4 runs in the 1st inning.
  • MYAUTOJACK ladies went scoreless for the next 3 innings.
  • With impressive triples by Shelby Engle and Mariah Garcia, MONSTA/LaFAMIGLIA/GTL secured an 18-8 victory.

⚾️ Derby Girls vs. Prime/Smash It Sports ⚾️

  • A defensive battle throughout the game.
  • In the bottom of the 6th inning, Derby Girls surged ahead with 4 crucial runs.
  • Megan Baltzell’s 2 home runs sealed the deal, propelling Derby Girls into the winners bracket final with a 9-4 win.

Winners Bracket Showdown: Monsta/LaFamiglia vs. Derby Girls

In the thrilling winners bracket final, two of the nation’s finest women’s softball teams clashed on the field, vying for the coveted throne at the 2024 Women’s Conference USSSA Cactus Classic.

🔥 Monsta/LaFamiglia Sets the Pace 🔥

  • Monsta/LaFamiglia came out swinging, scoring an impressive 12 runs in the very first inning.
  • Derby Girls fought back, adding another 4 runs in the 4th inning.
  • However, Monsta/LaFamiglia held their ground, securing a 14-9 victory.

🚀 The Game-Changers: Extra Base Hits 🚀

  • The key difference? Extra base hits!
  • Monsta/LaFamiglia delivered 4 crucial extra base hits, including triples by Alyssa SchrenierSarah Davis, and Kiara Suttles.
  • Derby Girls, on the other hand, had none except for the powerful solo home run by Megan Baltzell.

🏆 Monsta/LaFamiglia Reigns Supreme 🏆

  • With their explosive offense and stellar defense, Monsta/LaFamiglia secured their spot in the championship showdown.

🔥 Losers Bracket Showdown 🔥

  1. Primes/Smash It Sports vs. VND/CHEAPBATS.COM
    • Primes/Smash It Sports unleashed a hitting clinic, overpowering VND/CHEAPBATS.COM with a 23-8 victory. Lady VND’s tournament dreams came to an end.
    • MYAUTOJACK ladies faced off against NCN/BIG KID, securing a 21-11 win.
    • A closely contested match! PRIME/SMASHITSPORTS remained scoreless in the 3rd inning and two subsequent innings.
    • MYAUTOJACK continued to score, ultimately prevailing with an 11-4 victory.
    • Now, MYAUTOJACK looked ahead to the 3rd place game against Derby Girls/OA/MIKEN/EASTON/WORTH.
  4. MYAUTOJACK vs. Derby Girls: The 3rd Place Showdown
    • The MYAUTOJACK ladies seemed to have exhausted their energy from the previous game.
    • They managed to score only 2 runs, while the Derby Girls dominated with a whopping 18 runs.
    • Fiana Finau’s homerun stood out for the Derby Girls, but the Derby Girls countered with 7 doubles in an intense matchup.

2024 Women’s Cactus Classic Championship: Monsta/LaFamiglia vs. Derby Girls

In an electrifying showdown, the DerbyGirls/OA/MIKEN/EASTON/WORTH squad fought their way out of the losers bracket to face the undefeated MONSTA/LaFAMIGLIA/GTL squad. These two powerhouse Conference Women’s Major Teams clashed once again in the ultimate Championship battle.

🔥 Derby Girls’ Explosive Start 🔥

  • After a scoreless 1st inning by MONSTA, Derby Girls erupted with 11 runs.
  • Despite the relentless offense from Monsta/Lafamiglia, Derby Girls held their ground, securing a 21-15 victory.
  • Notable performances included 7 doubles, with Nicole Matson and Jess Tolbert each contributing 2.

🚀 The “IF GAME” 🚀

  • Monsta/LaFamiglia came out strong, scoring 4 runs in the top half of the inning.
  • They shut down Derby Girls in the 1st and 2nd innings.
  • Monsta then faced three scoreless innings themselves.
  • In the pivotal 5th inning, Monsta added 4 more runs.
  • Derby Girls struggled to score in the 5th and 6th innings.
  • As the game entered the 7th and final inning, Monsta/LaFamiglia trailed 10-8.
  • A clutch performance ensued: Monsta scored 5 runs in the 7th inning.
  • Key home runs by Shelby Engle and Alyssa Schreiner proved decisive.
  • Derby Girls managed just 1 run in the last inning.
  • Monsta/LaFamiglia emerged victorious, winning the 2024 Women’s Cactus Classic with a final score of 13-10.

Congratulations to Monsta/LaFamiglia on yet another Conference Women’s Championship! 🏆🥎


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Women’s Cactus Classic

Cactus Classic Results & Bracket Link

On the women’s side Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL (FL-Major) went undefeated knocking off Derby Girls/OA/Miken/Easton/Worth (WA-Major) 21-15 in the winner’s final and again 13-10 in the championship to win their 4th tournament of the year, 3rd in a row!


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