Updated 12/7 – 2017 Free Agent players list

Updated 12/7 – 2017 Free Agent list

If you want to fillout a player interview or a free agent page on softballcenter.com here is the link: 

These players found teams: 
Josh Wright – Pure Sports 
Argen Dodds – Team Racks 
Jared Hunt – Pure Sports 
Tanai Alston – Pure Sports 
Brandon Jonas – Classic Glass 
Kyndrich Doggett – AllOut 
Matt Schrage – Money/ASP 
Antonio Sepulveda – AllOut 
Brandon Hooks – AllOut 
Matt Michael – Money/ASP 
Michael Cirillo – Money/ASP 
Clay Smitherman – Money/ASP 
Michael Williams – Money/ASP 
Ryan Czyz – Pure Sports 
Corey Kluth – Elite (WI) 
Nick Sansone – TDB/TMSports/Miken 
Justin Barber – ASP/Bad Draw/Broughton 
Everett Williams – Steel/CTC/Universal/Powerhousesportz 
Tom Paturzo – Precision 
Shawn Jones – Worsham 
Richard Salazar – Worsham 


Here is the current Free Agent pages in order of classification and alphabetical order within class 

2B 3B John Robinson MD Watch List All In [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/john-robinson/ 

P OF Vito Messina CA Major Team Combat [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/vito-messina/ 

P Stephen Cooper TX AA Vivid [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/stephen-cooper/ 

3B IF Chad Folsom GA AA 3rd Street [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/chad-folsom/ 

CF OF Kenny Hare TX AA Vivid [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/kenny-hare/ 

P Kevin Johnson GA AA Vivid [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/kevin-johnson/ 

CF OF Antonio Sepulveda FL AA Newbreed [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/antonio-sepulveda/ 

CF OF John Zorich VA AA TM Sports [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/john-zorich/ 

OF Kyle Bowers TN A Buffalo Wings and Rings [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/kyle-bowers/ 

OF IF Matt Bunn GA A Bad Draw [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/matt-bunn/ 

SS IF Jack Chapman CA A Bay Area Legends [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/jack-chapman/ 

P C/EH Josh Collins NC A Bad Draw [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/josh-collins-2/ 

C 1B Ryan Dacko CA A WC Monsta [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/ryan-dacko/ 

P 3B Tony Elrod FL A Above All Landscaping [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/tony-elrod/ 

OF Jermaine Flythe TX A Armed Forces [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/jermaine-flythe/ 

OF 1B/P Trey Gothard OK A Nightmare [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/trey-gothard/ 

3B SS/MI Tyler Green TX A All Out [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/tyler-green/ 

1B IF/P Nate Holcomb TN A [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/nate-holcomb/ 

LF/RF P Steve Hower PA A Above All Landscaping [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/steve-hower/ 

SS Ethan Maresh TX A All Out [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/ethan-maresh/ 

1B David Miller PA A Above All Landscaping [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/david-miller/ 

OF IF Jack Richardson CA A Classic Glass [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/jack-richardson/ 

IF Zach Ross MD A Above All [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/zach-ross/ 

IF OF Adam Yunker FL A ShirtDoctors [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/adam-yunker/ 

CF OF Anthony Amedei IL B ASP [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/anthony-amedei/ 

P 1B/C Jeff Bobyack TN B [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/jeff-bobyack/ 

P 1B Josh Bolyard WV B All In [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/josh-bolyard/ 

2B IF/OF Tyler Burrus AL B Team Adiktiv [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/tyler-burrus/ 

1B OF Brook Crawford OH B Old Bag [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/brook-crawford/ 

LF/RF IF Kenny Geiersbach IN B Rebel [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/kenny-geiersbach/ 

SS/MI CF Mike Gibbens UT B Stars [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/mike-gibbens/ 

3B C/1B Ty Goad IL B Street Kids [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/ty-goad/ 

OF Owen Grissom MS B HGC [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/owen-grissom/ 

1B/3B Justin Hall MO B Midwest Hearing [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/justin-hall/ 

CF IF Tommy Harville CA B Bay Area Legends, ASP [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/tommy-harville/ 

1B/3B P Jay Hill CA B [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/jay-hill/ 

OF IF Dee Hornesbuger VA B Steel 501-541-5120 http://www.softballcenter.com/dee-hornesbuger/ 

OF C/EH Joe Horvath IN B Street Kids Free Agent – [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/joe-horvath/ 

OF 2B/1B Ross Huebner IL B ASP/Venom [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/ross-huebner/ 

3B 1B John Huffman CA B Stars [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/john-huffman/ 

MI P Jose Jimenez TX B [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/jose-jimenez/ 

P MI/2B Cedrick Johnson TX B Steel [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/cedrick-johnson/ 

SS IF/OF Cory Koger FL B Team Adiktiv [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/cory-koger/ 

1B 3B/2B/OF Bryan Lang AZ B Tunie Sports [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/bryan-lang/ 

SS/MI OF Brandon Loudermilk VA B [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/brandon-loudermilk/ 

1B OF Chris McCreery GA B [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/chris-mccreery/ 

1B Ryan McCrory FL B Team Adiktiv Free Agent – [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/ryan-mccrory/ 

CF OF Beau Polvorosa AZ B Tunie Sports [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/beau-polvorosa/ 

P Jake Rushing FL B [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/jake-rushing/ 

OF Corey Soles FL B Militia/4TheFallen [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/corey-soles/ 

SS IF/OF Mike Welsh IN B Street Kids [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/mike-welsh/ 

MI IF/OF Matthew York TN B STL [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/matthew-york/ 

OF Matt Adams FL C Breaking Bad [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/matt-adams/ 

IF C William Blue FL C CSC [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/william-blue/ 

P 1B/2B James Boyle TX C Nine 1 Five/ASP [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/james-boyle/ 

P 1B/RF Erik Curry MD C Burch Bud [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/erik-curry/ 

3B/2B OF Leroy Dozal CA C CA Grow [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/leroy-dozal/ 

OF P Michael Holmes TX C ESP [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/michael-holmes/ 

1B C/3B/P John Hooks Jr OH C Titans [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/john-hooks-jr/ 

3B IF Tyler Martin MS C Karma [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/tyler-martin/ 

OF Scott McDermott FL C Southern Smoke [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/scott-mcdermott/ 

P CF Walter Rambo MO C [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/walter-rambo/ 

P Tyler Sander MN C Minnesota Miracle Foundation [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/tyler-sander/ 

P C/1B Royal Schoonover MN C Baggans [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/royal-schoonover/ 

MI 3B/2B Ricky Smith MS C [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/ricky-smith/ 

MI IF Allen Swedenburg AL C [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/allen-swedenburg/ 

SS MI Chad Ulogar OH C Nager Law [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/chad-ulogar/ 

P Corie Waldrep TX C Jokers [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/corie-waldrep/ 

1B C/EH Eric Wolfe DC C RSS [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/eric-wolfe/ 

SS 2B/MI Justin Charles CA Police Police Softball [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/justin-charles/ 

2B/P LF/RF/MI/IF Casey Alexander TN/VA D PTI [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/casey-alexander/ 

SS/3B/2B OF/IF Jason Barker VA D Mizuno Legacy [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/jason-barker/ 

IF P James H. Ellis NV D [email protected] / [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/james-ellis/ 

IF P Keith Lynn IN D Got Beef [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/keith-lynn/ 

IF OF Bill Maki MA D RDD [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/bill-maki/ 

CF OF Adam Mcphearson GA D mcpherson8888@gmail http://www.softballcenter.com/adam-mcphearson/ 

1B 3B Sherrod Sanders OH D Deppen Farms [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/sherrod-sanders/ 

OF IF James Smith DE PGH lafamilia [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/james-smith/ 

P 1B/OF Miguel Uribe AZ D Down N Dirty [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/miguel-uribe/ 

MI/SS Any Chris Waterman FL D Frankies [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/chris-waterman/ 

SS/2B Any Rod Hairston CA E So Cal Guzzlers [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/rod-hairston/ 

2B IF Damon Miller E Swiing Kiingz [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/damon-miller/ 

C 1B Scott Kaulaity MT [email protected] http://www.softballcenter.com/scott-kaulaity/ 

C RF Paul Ty Johnston NC M Backman Facebook http://www.softballcenter.com/paul-johnston/ 


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