Salt Lake City Classic Report

Nightmare hits against Seminoles in the Championship game of the Salt Lake City Classic!

Nightmare/Benefit the Badge/Miken went undefeated to win the 2021 USSSA Conference tournament in Salt Lake City this past weekend. They beat Seminoles/TPS/ 50-13 in the winner's bracket finals on Saturday afternoon and again 35-34 in the championship game. Precision was 3rd and Bay Area Legends 'A' team was 4th.

2021 USSSA Salt Lake City bracket and results links

Salt Lake City Major Results!

1st Place – Nightmare/Benefit the Badge/Miken (MO-A)

Nightmare had a 3% chance to win according to theoldscout pollers.

2021 Women's Salt Lake City Major

Smash It Sports/Derby Girls hits against Infamous in the championship of Dual #2

The women's Conference USSSA played Dual tournaments in Salt Lake City with the 1st on Friday, September 3rd and the 2nd on Saturday. Both tournaments were won by Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton a Major team based out of Washington and they went 8-0 on the weekend beating Infamous/Bay Area/Next Level (2nd) and Classic Glass (3rd).

2021 USSSA Women's Salt Lake City Dual bracket and results links

Women's Salt Lake City Dual #1 Major Results!

Women's Salt Lake City Dual #2 Major Results!

1st Place both Duals – Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton (WA-M)

2nd Place both Duals – Infamous/Bay Area/Next Level (CO-A)

3rd Place both Duals – Classic Glass/Easton/Dirty/Trojans (WA-A)

4th Place Dual #1 and 5th Place Dual #2 – NTL/GSSports/Worth (CA-A)

5th Place Dual #2 – VND/RA/Walk Off Sportz (CA-B)


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