Resmondo and SmashIt/Derby Girls big winner’s at the Chattahoochee Major!

Resmondo MVP Tyler Marshburn hits against Smash It Sports in the Championship

Resmondo/Smash It/All American/Menosse (FL-Major) won the 17 team Chattahoochee Major in Columbus, Georgia – their 1st tournament since the Conference USSSA opener in Las Vegas back in March.  16 of the teams were from the Conference USSSA and all 4 Major teams were there.  It wasn’t easy as Resmondo knocked off Sports Reach/Riot (FL-AA) 30-28 in their opener Friday night, then Major teams MPT Rentals/Juno Athletics (NJ-Major) 42-41 in the quartfinals, Smash It Sports/Thunder/Chosen/Pure/RF/BD/TDB (NY-Major) 29-14 in the semifinals scoring 24 runs in one inning, and Competitive Edge/Olmito/Suncoast (FL-AA) 35-15 in the winner’s final scoring 26 runs in one inning all on Saturday.  On Sunday morning they beat SmashIt again in the championship 51-30 scoring 19 runs on 6 homer’s in the top of the 1st inning.  Competitive Edge was 3rd losing by one run to SmashIt in the loser’s final on a Dale Brungardt walk off homer.  And Adiktiv/Throwbacks/CE (TX-A) beat Epic, Primetime, MPT Rentals, and Kut4 Sports in the loser’s bracket on Saturday to finish an impressive 4th.  Temperatures reached 98 degrees with high humidity but the Resmondo offense would not be slowed and games averaged over 1 hour and 45 minutes long throughout the tournament.

A full report, picture album, condensed games, video clips, and rankings coming this week on!

2022 Chattahoochee Bracket Link

2022 Chattahoochee picture album link

2022 Chattahoochee archived games link

2022 Chattahoochee Stats link (when available)

Winner’s Semi Final Condensed game link

Loser’s Final Condensed game link (when available)

Championship Condensed game link (when available)

1st Place – Resmondo/SmashIt/AllAmerican/Menosse (FL-Major)

2nd Place – SmashIt/Thunder/Chosen/Pure/RF/BD/TDB (NY-Major)

3rd Place – Competitive Edge/Olmito/Suncoast (FL-AA)

4th Place – Adiktiv/Throwbacks/CE (TX-A)


Women’s Chattahoochee Major

SmashIt/Derby Girls takes on Lady SNI in the winner’s final Saturday night.

Lady SNI/D1Apparel/DeMarini/Slugger (FL-Major) fought through the 98 degree heat and high humidity to roll through the winner’s bracket undefeated using line to line base hitting and a 4 woman outfield to beat Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton (WA-Major) 15-10 on Saturday night.  But Derby Girls beat Team 24/S&S Landscaping/Proton 16-15 on Sunday morning in the loser’s final and “double dipped” Lady SNI 22-14 and 12-2 to win the 15 team Chattahoochee Women’s Major in Columbus, Georgia at the South Commons softball complex 6/18-6/19/2022.  Lady Klutch/Broughton/TR/Nitro (AR-Major) finished 4th and all 15 of the teams were from the Conference USSSA and all 5 Major teams were there.

2022 Chattahoochee Results and Bracket Link

2022 Chattahoochee archived games link

2022 Chattahoochee Stats link (when available)

Winner’s Final Condensed game link (when available)

1st Place – Smash It/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton (WA-Major)

2nd Place – Lady SNI/D1Apparel/DeMarini/Slugger (FL-Major)

3rd Place – Team 24/S&S Landscaping/Proton (FL-Major)

4th Place – Lady Klutch/Broughton/TR/Nitro (AR-Major)


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