OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP wins 2015 USSSA ‘B’ Worlds!


OC Swats Mike “BramZILLA” Brambilla hits a big 3 run homer in their epic championship game comeback!


2015 USSSA ‘B/Walk Off’ World Tournament


Kissimmee, Florida


August 21-23

OC Swats Charlie Hinojosa hits the game tying homer to start the bottom of the 7th in the championship game.

Then Caezar Camarillo dubbled and Matt Fox hit the winning hit!


Link to the picture album of the USSSA B World

USSSA B World tournament info and bracket link

The 2015 USSSA ‘B’ World is over and it is being coined the “Walk Off Worlds”.  The USSSA post season is off to a wild start as 11 of the 52 games were won in the last at bat of those games.  17 of the 52 were determined in the last at bat and 19 games were won by 3 runs or less.  At any given time 3 of the 4 games being played were great games to watch.  What also was amazing is the number of games won by the top seeded teams in their last at bat.  OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP from southern California the eventual champion won 2 games in their last at bat including the championship game.  2nd place Compound Athletics/Easton won the loser’s bracket championship in their last at bat, and 3rd place Encompass/Eurotech/Easton/CA won 3 of their 4 wins in the last at bat!

The tournament began on Friday at 4 PM eastern and the whole weekend it was 90+ degrees with high humidity and there were a pair of lightning delays during the event.  All games were played at the Fortune Road complex in Kissimmee, Florida with its daunting 310-325-325-325-310 field dimensions.  They did have a lot of conference umpires and used a .375 compression ball rather than the normal .325 compression ball.  This did make for some higher scores but the competition was perfect and teams adjusted quickly after some initial worries.  Here is a scoring comparison between the .375 ball used this year and the .325 ball used the past couple of years.

24.35 2015 ‘B’ winning teams runs scored per game
16.35 2015 ‘B’ losing teams runs scored per game
40.70 2015 ‘B’ average runs per game

18.78 2014 ‘B’ winning teams runs scored per game
10.83 2014 ‘B’ losing teams runs scored per game
29.61 2014 ‘B’ average runs per game

19.31 2013 ‘B’ winning teams runs scored per game
11.09 2013 ‘B’ losing teams runs scored per game
30.40 2013 ‘B’ average runs per game

Team Breakdown –  Teams Total (21 Conference)
22 ‘B’
7 ‘C’
1 ‘D’

On Friday the great games started early as T’s 13 from Nebraska the best non-conference ‘B’ team knocked off Semper Athletics U.S. military team 22-21.  T’s would then be struck by the injury bug in their second game when Chaun Demars was out with a bad back and two T’s outfielders collided with each other.  #3 seeded Encompass/Eurotech/Easton/CA from Minnesota narrowly escaped with a win over local ‘D’ team Cuttin Up when Encompass right fielder Patrick Ellwanger hit a walk off homer to win it!  Pure Romance a conference ‘B’ team from Ohio came from a 14 run deficit against S2S/REM a local ‘C’ team to win.  PRI pitcher Brandon Jonas was carted off after being hit by a linedrive in the left chest.  Luckily he had no broken ribs.  Smash It Sports/DirtDawgs a 2014 ‘C’ to ‘B’ mandatory bumped team from Rhode Island upset 3rd Street from Ohio 19-18 on a walk off single.  3 teams advanced by forfeit as Peak Softball was never coming to the tournament, Team Reebok ‘C’ team had an illegal roster and was removed, and New Jersey ‘B’ team Deluxe Bakery had cancelled flights out of Philadelphia due to weather Thursday night.  The rest of the favorites Broughton/Bad Draw (NC), OI Livingston (GA), VCH Worth (TX), Classic Glass (CA), Primetime (GA), Compound Athletics (IL), Above All Landscaping (NJ), and Newbreed (WA) all advanced fairly easily.

All second round games were also played on Friday night:  #1 OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP struggled but came from behind to beat a very good Texas Conference ‘C’ team called Steel.  KG/Slayer/Wilson/Louisville Slugger an Indiana ‘B’ team who has struggled all year got a walk off homer from left hander Brandon Sisson in the bottom of the 7th to beat #2 seeded TG Brand 27-25.  Broughton/Bad Draw got past T’s 13 with their injuries 28-11.  OI Livingston beat VCH Worth 26-23 in a close game that could have went either way.  Encompass/Eurotech used another walk off homer, this one by center fielder Colin Baartman to beat Classic Glass 14-13.  Compound Athletics held down Primetime 22-13 after Primetime had just scored 27 runs on AZM in a run rule shortened game.  Above All Landscaping run ruled Pure Romance 28-13 for one of their biggest wins of the season.  And Smash IT Sports beat Newbreed 13-12 after midnight Friday in the tournaments biggest upset to make the final 8 undefeated.

The final 8 on Saturday took place at 12:30 PM on all 4 fields simultaneously.  There were 4 relative surprises in the final 8 teams:  Non Conference B team Smash It Sports, Broughton, OI Livingston and Above All who had all had rough years.  Broughton/Bad Draw separated and beat KG Slayer 24-13.  Encompass/Eurotech hammered OI Livingston late to win 31-18 after OI had gotten out to a 10-6 lead early on.  The Encompass offense taking off after a Patrick Ellwanger homer gave them a 15-10 lead.  Compound Athletics beat Above All Landscaping in a marathon game 32-25 in a game that was stalled by a lightning delay.  Compound putting up 15 runs in the top of the 1st inning.  And OC Swats who had an early 9-3 lead on Smash It Sports after one inning was down 19-9 late after Smash scored 16 runs in the 2nd and 3rd innings combined and OC Swats came all the way back and won the game on a Charlie Hinojosa home run in the bottom of the 7th after a Mario Granados double 26-23.

The final 4 of the winner’s bracket started around 6:30 PM Saturday evening under overcast skies and 90 degree temperatures.  OC Swats made quick and efficient work of Compound Athletics with leads of 11-0 and 19-4 and won easily 22-7.  The game, although a blowout was highlighted by three great defensive plays:  Ben Dunn in center field for Compound made some great catches and showed the best range of the tournament of any outfielder.  Compound middle infielder John Sullivan ranging to the shortstop side of 2nd base made a twisting leaping throw to first for an out that was one of the best plays of the year.  And Chente Granados for OC Swats mad a sliding backhand and LONG throw/quick release for an out to first showing off his quickness and cannon.  In the other semi-final the best game of the tournament was a brewing.  Broughton/Bad Draws infield made a couple of miscues and Encompass took advantage and pulled out to a lead.  Broughton would fight back and both teams were putting up big numbers with clutch hitting.  Towards the end of the game Encompass/Eurotech manager Mike Beardsley pinch hit his backup pitcher Dirk Updike for his starting pitcher Allan Ouellette and Updike hit a huge 3 run homer!  In the top of the 7th though Broughton came back from 7 runs down and got clutch hits from pitcher Danny Lopez, and Matt Bunn to take a lead and force Encompass to score in the bottom of the 7th.  With two outs and a runner on second and the score tied at 23-23 Broughton walked Ehnstrom to get to Allan Oullette who had been reentered at pitcher.  Ouellette “clutched up” and roped a solid single to center field where Broughton’s Freddie Bynum (who played for the Orioles in the Major Leagues) unleashed an incredible throw to the plate, but the throw drifted high and Encompass runner Brandon Newman scored on a head first slide to win the game 24-23.  It was one of those games neither team deserved to lose but in the end Broughton just did not make the plays defensively.

In the winner’s bracket finals on Saturday night OC Swats quickly separated from and emotionally drained Encompass team and beat them 29-12.

Meanwhile in the top half of the loser’s bracket there was great softball being played all over the park.  Pure Romance won 3 nice games in a row before upstart Steel sent them home 30-25.  Steel had gotten there by beating AZM when Justin Mark got the game winning hit 24-23.  Then Steel beat Newbreed on a game winning hit by middle infielder Nick Mitschke and finally beat KG Slayer on a winning hit by Nate Brock.  In the lower half of the loser’s bracket it was Classic Glass who won 3 games in a row and TG Brand winning 3 in a row including a walk off winning hit from Ryan Disbennet to beat Smash It Sports 14-13.  Late on Saturday evening though it was Compound Athletics outlasting Steel 27-24 with Steel having a chance in the bottom of the 7th and Broughton beating Classic Glass in a high scoring game 35-27 to advance to Sunday.

Sunday morning the loser’s bracket started at 8 am where Compound Athletics battled Broughton to a tie in the bottom of the 7th on a Ross Heubner pinch hit and a Ben Dunn tying hit setting up Zach Messer who painted the 3rd base line for a game winning hit with two outs to advance 22-21.  In the loser’s bracket finals Compound Athletics then beat Encompass 25-17 in a gutty performance by everyone on the Compound team who just outplayed a very good Encompass team.  In the championship Compound jumped out to such a big lead on OC Swats that the sentiment in the park was just to end the game and start the “if” game.  Compound was up 21-4 in the bottom of the 5th.  But OC Swats got 7 runs mostly on base hits in the bottom of the 5th and a whopping 15 runs in the bottom of the 6th.  Brambilla and Vega each hitting 3 run bombs to take a 2 run lead to the top of the 7th.  In the top of the final inning pitcher/sponsor Jason Wilkins hit a clutch 3 run homer to center field with two outs to give Compound a 1 run lead but it would not be enough.  Swats Defensive MVP second baseman Pilar Amaya making a big ranging catch on a grounder and twisting throw for a key out in the top of the 7th.  Then in the bottom of the 7th OC Swats 9 hitter Charlie Hinojosa a new talent to slowpitch softball hit a no doubter solo homer to tie the game at 27-27.  That was Swats last homer as they had reached the ‘B’ limit of 6.  Then 10 hitter Caezar Camarillo hit a double in the gap and 11 hitter Matt Fox hit an rbi single into left center field to win the game 28-27!

Congratulations to sponsors Henri Nuber and Ric Doerflinger and the entire OC Swats team that has had such an incredible 2015 season!  A well deserved championship.  And congratulations to Compound Athletics who persevered and made a run Saturday night and Sunday in the loser’s bracket reminiscent of the Nordkap and Linedrive runs that earned those teams USSSA ‘A’ World titles the last two years.  Impressive to do in the heat.

The USSSA ‘B’ Worlds was an incredible start to the USSSA post season.  The hard hitting play, the close wins, and the great defense played throughout was fun to see by all teams. 



Compound Athletics pitcher Jason Wilkins hits the go ahead homer in the to of the 7th of the championship game!

Compound Athletics takes on Encompass/Eurotech in the loser’s finals

Compounds Kyle Pearson hits against Broughtons Danny Lopez in the first game Sunday morning


Encompass/Eurotech pitcher Allan Ouellette hits the walk off single to plate Brandon Newman

and beat Broughton/Bad Draw/Worth in the winner’s semi finals!

Above All Landscapings Jesse Campanelli starts off the tournament against Nightmare Friday

SmashItSports/S&SDirtDawgs/RPN/PCHW’s gets a walk off game winning hit from Seth Lobbosiere vs 3rd Street in the bottom of the 7th

Newbreeds Cole Patterson hits against HB Sports


KG/Slayers Brandon Sisson hits a walk off homer to send #2 seeded TG Brand to the loser’s bracket

TG Brands Steve Whaley bats against T’s 13

AZM’s Mike Rauma homers against Steel

 USSSA ‘B’ World Awards and Final Standings

Player Tournament Awards Players Name Plays For
Tournament MVP Paul Winner OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP
Offensive Tournament MVP Kyle Pearson COMPOUND ATHLETICS/EASTON
Defensive Tournament MVP Pilar Amaya OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP
All Tournament Team Ed Vega OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP
All Tournament Team Ryan McClanahan OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP
All Tournament Team Cory Hines Encompass / Eurotech / Easton / CA
All Tournament Team Daniel Lopez Broughton Pharmacy/Bad Draw/Worth
All Tournament Team Steven Lopez OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP
All Tournament Team Zach Messer COMPOUND ATHLETICS/EASTON
All Tournament Team David Forbes Broughton Pharmacy/Bad Draw/Worth
All Tournament Team Allan Ouellette Encompass / Eurotech / Easton / CA
All Tournament Team Patrick Ellwanger Encompass / Eurotech / Easton / CA
All Tournament Team Matt Fox OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP
All Tournament Team Mike Brambilla OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP
All Tournament Team Johnathon Williams COMPOUND ATHLETICS/EASTON
All Tournament Team Eli Aguilar OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP
All Tournament Team Charlie Hinojosa OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP
Place State Team Team
Wins Losses Ties Runs
1 CAS – Yorba Linda oc swats doerflinger/miken/lcp USSSA-Mens-B 5 0 0 127 88 25.4 17.6 7.8 29 650
2 IL – CHICAGO COMPOUND ATHLETICS/EASTON USSSA-Mens-B 6 2 0 186 156 23.2 19.5 3.75 32 350
3 MN – Champlin encompass / eurotech / easton / ca USSSA-Mens-B 4 2 0 119 127 19.8 21.1 -1.3 31 300
4 NC – Greenville broughton pharmacy/bad draw/worth USSSA-Mens-B 3 2 0 131 97 26.2 19.4 6.8 35 250
5 TXS – Corpus Christi Steel Qualified USSSA-Mens-C 4 2 0 138 121 23 20.1 2.83 30 200
5 CAN – San Jose Classic Glass/Easton USSSA-Mens-B 4 2 0 125 121 20.8 20.1 0.66 27 200
7 OH – Cincinnati pure romance/foulks adjusting/headl USSSA-Mens-B 4 2 0 149 133 24.8 22.1 2.66 33 150
7 MI – Flint TG Brand USSSA-Mens-B 3 2 0 114 96 22.8 19.2 3.6 30 150
9 NJ – Jackson above all landscaping/evo9x USSSA-Mens-B 2 2 0 96 84 24 21 3 28 110
9 GA – Peachtree City oi livingston/tnt hauling/brother’s USSSA-Mens-B 2 2 0 85 91 21.2 22.7 -1.5 26 110
9 RI – North Smithfield smashitsports/s&sdirtdawgs/rpn/pchw Qualified USSSA-Mens-B 2 2 0 70 71 17.5 17.7 -0.2 23 110
9 IN – Lanesville kg/slayer/wilson/louisvilleslugger USSSA-Mens-B 1 2 0 44 68 14.6 22.6 -8 27 110
13 NE – Omaha T’s 13 / Demarini Qualified USSSA-Mens-B 2 2 0 77 92 19.2 23 -3.7 28 95
13 TXN – Dallas VCH Worth USSSA-Mens-B 2 2 0 80 62 20 15.5 4.5 23 70
13 WA – Bothell newbreed/all american athletics/dem USSSA-Mens-B 2 2 0 78 62 19.5 15.5 4 23 70
13 GA – Macon Primetime/Easton USSSA-Mens-B 1 2 0 59 48 19.6 16 3.66 27 70
17 MO – Branson Nightmare/Miken USSSA-Mens-B 1 2 0 58 63 19.3 21 -1.6 27 40
17 CT – Enfield RDD/ATWL/EASTON Qualified USSSA-Mens-B 1 2 0 51 62 17 20.6 -3.6 27 65
17 OH – West Chester 3rd street/hubs pub/louisville slug USSSA-Mens-B 1 2 0 42 57 14 19 -5 18 40
17 AR – Rogers bear hollow ranch/cl/buzini/easton USSSA-Mens-B 1 2 0 78 60 26 20 6 43 40
17 AZ – Gilbert AZM/Easton USSSA-Mens-B 1 2 0 40 62 13.3 20.6 -7.3 23 40
17 NJ – Runnemede Deluxe Bakery USSSA-Mens-B 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 40
17 CO – Colorado Springs peak softball/rockland llc USSSA-Mens-C 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 40
17 DC – Washington Semper Athletics/Demarini USSSA-Mens-B 0 2 0 25 41 12.5 20.5 -8 21 40
25 FL – Kissimmee Cuttin Up Qualified USSSA-Mens-D 0 2 0 32 66 16 33 -17 22 45
25 FL – Palm City HB Sports Qualified USSSA-Mens-C 0 2 0 18 37 9 18.5 -9.5 10 45
25 FL – SEMINOLE S2S/R.E.M. Qualified USSSA-Mens-C 0 2 0 48 60 24 30 -6 27 45
25 FL – TAMPA TEAM REEBOK DUDLEY USSSA-Mens-C 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 45
25 FL – Miami Easyway/One Payment/ATWL Qualified USSSA-Mens-C 0 2 0 19 42 9.5 21 -11. 11 45
25 FL – Gainesville beckham brothers construction Qualified USSSA-Mens-C 0 2 0 27 49 13.5 24.5 -11 15 45

MVP – OC Swats pitcher Paul Winner and Defensive MVP – OC Swats 2nd baseman Pilar Amaya

Offensive MVP – Compound Athletics Kyle Pearson



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