Nationwide Conference USSSA points battles coming down to last weekend!

Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth has locked up their 9th consecutive regular season points championship!

The regular season Nationwide Conference USSSA champion has already been decided with one tournament left.  Resmondo-Specialty Tank/Worth has locked up their 9th consecutive regular season league title.  But the battle for the top 16 in points, the teams fighting to get that coveted berth to the USSSA Major World Series in September, is coming down to the wire!

The chart above shows who is playing the Michigan “Last Chance” Major which is the last regular season Nationwide Conference USSSA event of 2014. At the end of the Michigan Major the top 16 in points will be offered a berth into the USSSA Major World Series.

Teams #1-13 currently in the points seem to be a lock to make the Major World Series as most of the teams #17-28 would have to finish in the top 4 or top 3 in Michigan to displace them. Teams #14-16 however are on the bubble.

Here are some points observations:
– #1 Resmondo cannot gain points as the maximum score even if they win is 262 points and their current lowest score they could drop is 270. Remember each team keeps its best 6 tournament scores for the regular season to count towards their total.

– #2 Laservision can gain enough points by winning Michigan that they could then be in a position where by if they won the Conference Championships over Labor Day weekend they could still get the #1 seed for the major but only if they win both tournaments.

– The positions #3-13 can still shuffle around up or down by a few spots but it is doubtful any of them can fall out of the top 16.

– #14-16 are on the bubble with Above All Landscaping having the lowest current score total of 1033. Since Above All Landscaping isn’t playing in Michigan it is likely they will be bumped out of the top 16.

Teams in positions #17-28 that are going to Michigan can beat the score of 1033 if they get a finish in “green” on their row of the chart. But of course if more than one team in 17-28 gets a green score then it depends who gets a higher green score and that team will make the Major World Series.

And of course there is always the possibility that one or more teams may not be able to accept the berth if given.

How is that for complicated?

Finally, teams that finish #17-32 after Michigan will be invited to the Conference Championships in Kissimmee, Florida on September 29-31 to participate in the Conference qualifier. The winner of this tournament will earn the #17 seed to the USSSA Major World Series!


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