Nationwide Conference: “Music City Major” Preview

The “Music City” Major will be held in Gallatin, Tennessee at the Triple Creek Park. There is 34 teams entered, with 30 of them from the Nationwide Conference USSSA. I believe this is the third largest tournament in the Nationwide Conference’s 8 year history as far as the number of league teams entered. There are 4 ‘C’ non-conference teams entered as well. All 4 Major teams, all 8 ‘A’ teams, 14 ‘B’ teams, and 8 ‘C’ teams are entered overall.

Looking at the bracket, the two “play in” games and the 16 first round games are all on Friday night. Also Resmondo and Laservision if they win their first game they play a second game on Friday night. So everyone plays on Friday night starting at 5:30 PM Central time.

This tournament which has always had a solid showing as far as the number of quality teams has really grown into a monster. The round of 32 games are quality games with some great matchups.

How about two hot hitting teams at 5:30 on F10 – Albicocco coming off their Maryland championship vs Team Adiktiv who has been a pleasant surprise in 2013.

At 5:30 on F9 you have Pure Romance vs Sonny’s. A re-match of the PRI 39-37 win at the Hall of Fame Classic.

At 5:30 back on F7 a ‘B’ vs ‘B’ matchup P&P 333 vs Baugh Ford should be a good one.

At 5:30 a big matchup between Head Hunters and 4 The Fallen. Both teams really needing a win here to get moving in the right direction.

At 6:45 on F12 you have Red’s Astros who is off to a solid start taking on the red hot who finished 1st in Houston and 4th in Euless.

At 6:45 on F9 you have Team Combat taking on Precision/Hangrite. Precision has beaten Combat twice this season. To be honest they probably shouldn’t have been bracketed together again but you have to play the team in front of you. There aren’t many easy games in this tournament in the winner’s or loser’s bracket.

At 6:45 on F10 you have Taylormade who finished 2nd in Maryland taking on Xtreme who hasn’t made a run this year and is set to explode.

At 6:45 B&B Sears vs FBI, another great ‘B’ matchup.

The rest of the matchups in that round are more 70/30 type matchups with heavy favorites but that just leads to the “round of 16″ and each round just ratchets up the tension. You could argue that this set of teams is as good or better than what the Smoky will get this year.

This tournament produces so many Nationwide Conference points that every game is important as the winner will receive a few more points than the loser and points that can never be gained again.

Remember field #9 and #11 are the baseball fields using the stadium ball.

The other 4 fields used are smaller and play small and will use the regular conference ball.


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