Miken Technology Proves To Be A Difference Maker

Going into any season there is always a question in the back of every players head… how is this year’s bat going to be? Is it going to have the durability of the Pyscho? Is it as hot as my original MV1? Will it hold up to compression testing? Am I going to like the end load Miken has promised? This will actually start to stress a guy out.

All my questions were answered in the first tournament of the year. We were in the main stadium in Kissimmee, where the ball never seems to travel well for lefty’s. We were playing Shoppe and I came up with guys in scoring position. I knew in the back of my head the ball didn’t travel all that well, so instead of trying for a home run, I decided to go for a base hit up the middle. Well, the pitch ended up being a little short, so I had to reach a little to hit it good. When I first hit it, I knew I hit it well, but not great. As I started to round 1st, Tony told me that the ball had gone out of center. I was in shock.

The fields in Kissimmee are 410ft to center…. all my question were answered. The new technology Miken came out with is the best on the market. No doubt. I’ve heard it straight from guys that can’t be named in this article cause they have their names on other compa¬nies’ bats. The feel of hitting the sweet spot of a Miken is like no other feel in the game.

After that at bat, I knew it would be a great offensive season. And that it was. It didn’t matter where I was, what the conditions were, I knew I could do whatever I needed to do at the plate with my bat. Whether it be a home run or a base hit, my bat was hot enough and had the perfect end load that I felt comfortable enough do what¬ever I wanted to in every ab. It led me to career bests at the Smoky’s and Disney for home runs and a career high for my season avg.

Now the season is done and I just recently had a chance to test next year’s bats for Miken. I had no idea they could get better, but they have. In fact the bat I was hitting was all black, so I couldn’t tell exactly what I was hitting. So after about 5 swings, I tossed it to the side and started laughing. AP asked what was so funny and I told him as bad as I wanted to use, and especially after seeing the results of those 5 swings, but I’m not allowed to swing Ultras in the Conference. With the most serious look he’s had on his face all day, he said” thats your bat next year!!” Thats a utrip bat!! Unreal… they did it again.. I don’t know how they do it, but they did it. Miken came up with another fire cracker… Thank you!

I can now rest easy this winter knowing that I have a great product going into the season… Knowing this motivates me to do my end. Time to start training and hitting to get ready for next season.. A little tip to anyone and everyone wanting to be a better hitter… get strong hands.. A lot of guys think hitting is about how much a guy can bench or squat. At the end of the day, the guy with the strongest hands usually wins out. Strong hands create bat control and bat speed… This is what makes you great!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy off season. See you in Kissimmee real soon.


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