Hall of Fame Classic Home Run Derby – April 17th 2013

The 2013 Slow Pitch season and the Nationwide Conference USSSA is getting off to a great start this week! Softball fans, tune in and check out the 2013 Hall of Fame Classic Home Run Derby as it is broadcast live on USSSALive.com from Osceola County Stadium in Kissimmee, FL

There are currently around 100 participants so it is going to be a fun long night of big guys hitting the long ball!

Here is the most current list of home run derby hitters:

Player Name Team
Brett Helmer Laservision
Brian Wegman Laservision
Bryson Baker Laservision
Travis Clark Laservision
Sam Lopez Laservision
Geno Buck Laservision
Kevin Filby Laservision
Kyle Moyer Laservision
Chad Durick Laservision
Jason Kendrick Laservision
Kevin Kennington Laservision
Mike Umscheid Laservision
Billy Messina Laservision
Scott Kirby Laservision
Jake Stambazze P & P
Kenny Geiersbach P & P
Archie Pemberton P & P
Dave Andrus P & P
Johnny Bailey 4 the Fallen
Brett Melton 4 the Fallen
Alex Puskarich 4 the Fallen
Ed Kid Vega 4 the Fallen
Shaun Ballard Albicocco The Scene
Tanner Talley Albicocco The Scene
Josh Riley Albicocco The Scene
Chris Moon Albicocco The Scene
TBD S & S Pools
TBD S & S Pools
TBD S & S Pools
TBD S & S Pools
TBD S & S Pools
Andrew Collins DeMarini Dirty
Josh Kohrs Nightmare
Nick Santana Resmondo
Andy Purcell Resmondo
Greg Connell Resmondo
Nick Salas Resmondo
Dennis Rulli Resmondo
Bubba Mack Resmondo
Donny DeDonatis Resmondo
Jeremy Yates Resmondo
BJ Fulk Resmondo
Jeremy Isenhower Resmondo
Billy Moran Taylormade
Steve Allen Albicocco The Scene
Shannon Smith BWW
Isaac Gonzalez Famous/Premier
Cliff Williamson Famous/Premier
James Kulovitz OC Swats
Mark Holstein Line Drive
Francois Henry Team Combat
Jason Legault coming with Francois
Matt Dugstad Visiting
Peter Korfhage Visiting
Jarrett Korfhage Visiting
Jeff Marx Visiting
John McGavic Buzini
Jake Mays Buzini
Kelly Webb Buzini
Jason Bridges  
Cory Newman Fence Brokers
Charles Cunningham Sonny’s
Vincent Granados Shoppe
Kyle Cowart Shoppe
Robert Blackburn Shoppe
Brett McCollum Shoppe
Jason Magnum Team Addictiv
Branden Blake GTL
Paul McGee ABC Supply
Bryan Baylis ABC Supply
Curtis O’Brien emailed/flying from Canada
Kyndrich Doggett South Texas Posse
Donnie Hammonds per Nick
Scott Brown Team Combat
Francois Henry Team Combat
Brandon Perry Team Combat
Dave Moore Baugh Ford
Davis Bilardello Baugh Ford
Laurence Fenske Canada player via email
Christopher Hazel per email from Paul McGee
Brandon Gooding 4 the Fallen
Dustin Roberts Suncoast
Jason Baxter Suncoast
Chris Greinert Suncoast
Matt Crawford Suncoast
Cory Boothe Suncoast
Jason Branch Suncoast
Brian Zirkle Suncoast
Timmy Mickey B & B Sears
Sean Hussey DEI
Matt Indell DEI
Chad McCarthy DEI
John Hickey DEI
Dyland Davidson DEI
LC Watson Resmondo
Jackie Corn Taylormade
Mike Dill Line Drive
Jess Maloney B & B Sears
Steve Wilson  
Reggie Schulte Fence Brokers


USSSA Slow Pitch is where it all started. In 1968 USSSA was founded, originally called the United States Slo-Pitch Softball Association. While USSSA has since changed their full name to the United States Specialty Sports Association in order to include all of its sports programs, USSSA Slow Pitch is still a huge portion of the USSSA brand, with more teams and participants in USSSA Adult Slow Pitch than any other youth or adult sport program in USSSA. USSSA Slow Pitch ranges from Major Teams to purely Recreational Teams and offers several specialty divisions based on the common interests, experiences, and backgrounds of players.

The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA), headquartered in Osceola County, Florida, is the World’s Largest Multi-sport Athletic Organization. Founded in 1968, USSSA has grown to over 3.7 million participants, competing in 13 nationally sanctioned sports including Baseball, Fastpitch, Slow Pitch, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Karate and more! For more information on USSSA and to register your team visit USSSA.com. Also be sure to visit USSSAToday.com for the latest USSSA News!


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