Easton Seattle Dual Major tournament report!

2018 Nationwide Conference USSSA

Easton Seattle Dual Invitational

Kent, Washington 

June 21-24

Dan Smith closes out Smash It Sports to win the "if" game of the 1st Dual 31-30!

2018 Seattle Major bracket and results link


Resmondo's Jeremy Yates hits a walk off gapper to beat Dan Smith

and Greg Connell hits a walk off run rule homer to beat Smash It Sports in Dual #2

Dual #1:

The Seattle Dual is a grueling 4 days of softball played in the beautiful Northwest.  The first Dual started with 11 Conference teams and 26 teams overall at 11 AM Pacific time on Thursday morning.  California Conference 'B' team Cheap Suits/Republic Realty/CDZ was upset in their play into the bracket game 24-19 by C&B Painting LLC.  But otherwise there were no other play in or first round upsets and the final 8 of the winner's bracket was all of the top 8 conference teams in the tournament – Smash It Sports (NY-Major), Dan Smith (CA-Major), Resmondo (FL-Major), Newbreed (WA-AA), Bay Area Legends (CA-TBD), Tradesmen (UT-A), Primetime (GA-A), and Classic Glass (CA-A).  This first dual was played with normal conference home run limits and the classic M ball on 300 foot fields  The weather was perfect but cooler than normal with temperatures in the 60's all 4 days. 

In the round of 8 in the winner's bracket for Dual #1, in the top part of the bracket Resmondo 20 run ruled Classic Glass 29-9 and Primetime pulled off their biggest upset in years as they beat Dan Smith 26-19 as Primetime outscored them 18-5 in the last 3 innings!   But Primetime lost in the semifinals to Resmondo 48-18.  In the lower part of the bracket Smash It Sports who won both Seattle Duals a year ago crushed Tradesmen 36-5 and Bay Area Legends beat rival Newbreed 41-37 before Smash It smoke Bay Area 29-5.  It was Smash Its 3rd game in a row holding their opponents to 10 runs or less!  The winner's bracket finals were then played the next day on Friday at 12:30 PM and Smash It Sports found themselves down 27-13 until they scored 15 runs in the top of the 6th inning.  Resmondo had many chances to make tough plays on hard linedrives and grounders at the end of the game but did not come up with them, although Resmondo shortstop Brett Rettenneier and Smash It Sports Luis Reyna both made great plays to keep their respective teams in the game.  In the bottom of the 7th Smash It Sports rallied again as Josh Riley tied the game with a big homer, and Brian McBryde hit a walkoff homer to win the game 31-29.

Meanwhile in the loser's bracket Dan Smith was making one of the all time epic runs after their loss to Primetime.  At 8 AM Friday morning they beat Exclusive 30-4, then Classic Glass 47-22, Bay Area Legends 33-29, got their revenge on Primetime 33-18, then outlasted Resmondo 47-44, and still had enough left in the tank to "double dip" Smash It Sports Friday evening 35-20 and 31-30.  In the "if" game they came up with great infield defensive plays from third baseman Dale Brungardt, 2 by first baseman Davis Bilardello, and a final play by middle infielder Joe Spaulding with Smash It having homers to hit and Dan Smith pulled off the victory!

A Scuffle breaks out during the handshaking line between SIS and Dan Smith

Dual #2:

Dual #2 started well before the first Dual ended and even the 3 major teams still had to play a game on Friday night to get the first round completed.  The 2nd dual winner's bracket was played on the baseball field with no temp fence and its 330-370-395-375-370-330 dimensions, using the stadium ball (47/450), and unlimited homers.  The losers bracket was played with unlimited homers on field #3 with the classic M ball and its 300 foot fences.  And only 11 conference teams and 5 non conference teams played in this second dual.  In the first round all of the conference teams won as Classic Glass beat Infamous/Salt Riot 16-15.  Cheap Suits upset Primetime 26-19.  Tradesmen slipped past L&S Glass 15-12.  And Dan Smith, Bay Area Legends, and Smash It Sports all won by the run rule.  In the nightcap Resmondo trailed non-Confrerence 'A' team Dirty Sports 11-6 but shut down Dirty in the late innings and somehow came out on top 16-14 as Dirty scored just 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th.  Resmondo's Bubba Mack hit a big grand slam at the end of that one to help save Resmondo.

On Saturday the loser's bracket started over on field #3 and the winner's bracket final 8 played out on the baseball field.  Even though the temperatures were in the 60's, the scores were not that high as the big baseball field has some huge gaps.  Resmondo made short work of Classic Glass 23-2.  Dan Smith shut down Cheap Suits 22-8.  Smash It Sports struggled with Tradesmen and went to the 7th inning tied at 18-18, but Andy Purcells pitching shut down the Tradesmen and he came in and won the game himself with a walk off gapper to left center field and Smash It advanced 19-18.  The best game of the final 8 may have been Bay Area Legends and Newbreed as the Legends pulled out their 3rd straight win over Newbreed this year, 30-29.

In the semifinals Resmondo dominated a tired Dan Smith team 33-6 as Travis Clark hit 3 home runs.  And Smash It Sports beat Bay Area Legends by 20, 34-14.  In the winner's bracket finals on Saturday night it was Smash it Sports outlasting Resmondo in the highest scoring game on the baseball fields 42-37.

In the loser's bracket it was Cheap Suits the California 'B' team making an unlikely run over on field #3 with unlimited home runs as they beat Steel Sports/Vortex 33-24, fellow hometown California teams Classic Glass 22-6 and Bay Area Legends 34-31 as they made it to Sunday's Final 4!!!  On Sunday morning the magic run ended at the hands of Dan Smith 26-11 as Andrew Collins went 5-5 with 9 RBI.  In the loser's bracket finals Dan Smith trailed Resmondo 22-19 going into the 5th where they were outscored 12-3.  But Dan Smith scored 5 in the top of the 6th, blanked Resmondo in the bottom of the 6th, and scored 13 in the top of the 7th to take a 40-34 lead!  Steven Lloyd was 6-7 in the game and pitcher Mike Nino 6-6.  But Resmondo came back and scored 8 runs in the bottom of the 7th including a walkoff double by Jeremy Yates to win it 42-40.  Pitcher Travis Clark was 5-5 with 4 HR and Buddy Wolf was 4-4 with 3 HR and 8 RBI for Resmondo.  Resmondo out homered Dan Smith 16-14.

In the first championship game Resmondo batted around in top of 1st inning but led just 17-15 Resmondo after 3 complete innings.  Resmondo stretched their lead in the middle innings and went to the top of the 6th up 27-16.  Resmondo shut down Smash It in the bottom of the 6th and scored 7 more in the top of the 7th to take a 34-16 lead and won 34-18 to force the "if" necessary game.  In the "if" game Resmondo continued their offensive onslaught and led 10-1 Resmondo after 2 innings.  They stretched their lead to 21-11 going into the 4th and with victory in sight needing 10 to end it by the 20 run rule, they did exactly that and left Smash It on the field 31-11 to win their 4th tournament of the year!

Team Breakdown:
 26 Teams Overall
 11 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
3 Major Teams
1 'AA' Teams
9 'A' Teams
5 'B' Teams
8 'C/D' Teams

Smash Its Bryan McBryde hits a game winning homer to walk off Resmondo in the Dual #1 winners finals

Steve Whaley and Dan Smith wins Dual #1 – Some on Oldscout must be so upset…

Resmondo infield defense Umschied, Rettenmeier, Bazat, Reckart

Resmondo and Smash It Sports under the lights on a baseball field with unlimited homers!!!

Dan Smith's Argen Dodds hits against Resmondo in the semifinals

Smash It takes on Bay Area Legends in the Dual #2 semifinals

Newbreed and Primetime in the 2nd Dual


Smash Its Andy Purcell hits a walk off gap shot to beat Tradesmen 19-18

Newbreed kept running into Bay Area Legends

The baseball field had 330-370-395-375-370-330 dimensions

Stadium ZN's for the 2nd Dual

Lots of bats failing

 Seattle Major Final Standings and Awards

Dual #1

Dual #2


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