Chattahoochee Major Preview

Chattahoochee Major

Nationwide Conference USSSA!

August 28th

Columbus, Georgia

Tournament Preview

2021 Chattahoochee bracket and team list link

The Conference returns to Columbus, Georgia this weekend for a 13 team Major which will start on Saturday morning at 8 am and end late on Saturday night. SmashItSports is the only Major team, there are 10 Conference teams from 8 different states, and they will use the Dudley Pro-M ball on 300 foot fields. SmashItSports should get a challenge from S&E who won their last tournament in Cincinnati and Sports Reach who won the Hall of Fame Dual #1 back in April. Teams will fight for those last Conference points before the regular season ends next weekend in Utah. Here are the points scenarios.

There is also a GSL World tournament playing at the same park and a 12 team women's tournament that is a special 180 base point event. . Livestream Link

Link to Chat Room

Team Breakdown: 13 Teams Overall 10 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams 1 Major Teams 2 'AA' Teams 5 'A' Teams 5 'B/C' Teams

Shea Nations picks!

This weekend at the Chattahoochee Major in Columbus, GA will have 1 major team and 2 AA teams, 5 A, 4 B teams and 1 C team. The tournament will begin on Saturday morning at 8 am with the play-in games then immediately following with the first-round games. SmashItSports/Newbreed/TDB/RF/BD/T3 is the #1 overall seed based on Conference points and the favorite. The other teams looking to upset the #1 seed and favorite are: Sports Reach/Worth/CT/Grizzy and S & E/FRIENDLYS TRANS/WORSHAM. On a side note: Smash It Sports can only gain 4 points if they win the tournament so will they play their starters and risk injury? The Chattahoochee Major Predictions: The "Final Four" starts at 12:30 pm which should be Sports Reach versus S & E/FRIENDLYS TRANS/WORSHAM and Nightmare versus Westpoint. Immediately following the "Final Four" is the undefeated game and should be Sports Reach versus Westpoint. In the loser’s bracket, look for teams that drop down to win their next game in the heat of Georgia with the highs expected over 90 degrees. Shea's Final Picks for the Chattahoochee Major: 1. Sports Reach/Worth/CT/Grizzy 2. S & E/FRIENDLYS TRANS/WORSHAM 3. WestPoint Softball 4. NIGHTMARE/BENEFIT THE BADGE/MIKEN 5. SmashItSports/Newbreed/TDB/RF/BD/T3 Juno Athletics/MPT Rentals  

Oldscout pollsters went with SmashItSports

South Commons Softball Complex

All fields at South Commons are 300 feet

South Commons Softball Complex

400 4th St, Columbus, GA 31901

Weekend Weather


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