46th Annual Smoky Mountain Classic Report

The “if” game of the champioship of the 46th Annual Smoky Mountain Classic is being described as the greatest game in the Nationwide Conference USSSA’s 9 year existence!  This may be true.  For those fans that stuck around on Sunday, they watched Laservision/H Auto/JJ’s/Easton battle from 8 AM in the morning until 5 PM in the evening knocking off Baugh Ford/Doerflinger/Klutch Brand/Easton 65-33 in the loser’s semi final.  Then they dropped Team/Albicocco/The Scene/Easton in a “revenge” win 46-31 in the loser’s bracket championship game after Albicocco had sent them to the losers bracket 26-11 on Saturday.  Then in the championship which was one for the ages, Laservision knocked off Resmondo 37-27 in the first game setting up a showdown in the “if” game that would decide not only the Smoky champion but put one team in first place in the Nationwide Conference USSSA points!

The “if” game lasted over 2 hours.  There were 122 runs scored and 59 home runs were hit.  Bryson Baker had 5 homers for Laservision and Jeremy Isenhower had 6 for Resmondo.  Laservision grabbed a lead and held it most of the way.  Going into the bottom of the 6th, Resmondo trailed by 14 runs.  In that half of the inning Resmondo scored 23 runs, half of them with two outs to take a 9 run lead.  But in the top of the 7th Laservision who had been on the field for 9 hours in 90 degree heat and stifling humidity dug deep again and put up a “gut check” 14 run inning, batting around the lineup with 2 outs to take a 5 run lead to the bottom of the 7th where they got the first batter out.  With one out, Resmondo rallied to score 3 runs as Jeremy Isenhower and Greg Connell homered and then Andy Purcell and Jimmy Salas reached base safely on hits.  Bubba Mack was then intentionally walked to load the bases for Lee Powers.  With the longer 80 foot bases and an athletic Laservision infield, any ground ball would result in a doubleplay.  With Resmondo down two runs and the bases loaded in the bottom of the 7th with one out and a full count, Lee Powers drove a NO DOUBTER home run to center field making the 350 foot fence look like a t-ball field and Resmondo won their 10th Smoky Mountain Classic of their sponsor Travis Resmondo’s career!  Final score was 62-60!

Resmondo takes the lead in the points standings, most likely get the lead in the SoftballCenter.com Computer Rankings when they come out later this week, and position themselves for the #1 seed in Cincinnati this coming weekend.  But there were no losers in this one as the fans who stuck around for the “if” game were treated to one of the greatest games in softball history and more than a dozen players on both sides who left every ounce of energy, hustle, and effort at the hallowed softball grounds of Sandy Springs field #3 in what can only be described as a true instant classic!

1st Championship Game Notes:
Purcell getting mishits but Laservision up 11-4 after 2, Resmondo zero in 2nd
Laservision 11 in first, 9 in second left bases loaded.

Laservision bagel in the top of 6th up 11.
Running catch by Wegman to hold Resmondo to 1 run 31-21 in 6th

Kirby 3 run hr to give Laservision a 3 run lead in top of 7th  37-21..37-27 final

‘If’ Game Championship Notes:
Top 1st – Resmondo SS Don Dedonatis makes a great diving stop.
Bottom 1st – Laservision 3B Dale Brungardt makes a great diving play.
10-7 Resmondo after 1 inning

Top 2nd – Laservisions Steven Lloyd 2 run HR ties it at 10-10.  Resmondos 1B Bubba Mack makes a great diving stop.
Bottom 2nd – Resmondo HR’s by Salas, Mack, Powers, Dedonatis, Isenhower 12 run  inning.  22-13 lead.

Top 3rd – Laservisions Helmer, Umschied, and Travis Clark hit 3 run hrs for a 15 run 3rd.
Bot 3rd – Resmondo puts up a zero.

Top 4th – Laservisions Scott Kirby hits a grand slam 33-22. Kevin Bazat 2 out 2 run single after an intentional walk.  35-22 lead.
Bot 4th – Resmondos Lee Powers 2 run HR, Yates HR, Dedonatis HR, Isenhower HR, 35-27 Laservision up.

Top 5th – Laservisions Bryson Baker hits his 29th homer.  Kevin Filby pinch hit 3 run homer (sore wrist) 40-27 lead.
Bot 5th – Resmondos Jeremy Isenhower hits a bomb makes it 41-31 Laservision still leading.

Top 6th – Laservisions Brett Helmer hits a big homer to make it 46-32. Laservision gets 5 runs.  46-32 lead.
Bot 6th – Resmondos Jeremy Yates hits a grand slam. BJ Fulk gets a pinch hit single 2 rbi.  Isenhower 3 run homer for 48-46 lead. Resmondo scores 23 runs on 12 HR and lead 55-46.

Top 7th – Laservision scores 14 runs on 9 HR to take 60-55 lead including Bryson Bakers 30th homer.
Bot 7th – Resmondo – With 1 out, Isenhower HR, Rulli double, Connell HR, Purcell single, Salas single, Mack intentional walk, Powers grand slam to win 62-60


The festivities began on Thursday with a home run derby.  The local derby was won by Justin Teafteller who plays an impressive third base for Smokin Joes.  The Major players HR Derby was won by Bryson Baker.

Then on Friday at 10 AM the tournament began.  With its traditional unlimited homers and 80 foot bases the big upset was Crossfit a ‘C’ team out of North Carolina run ruling the Team Combat Major team over at Everett Park.  Team Albicocco won the little ‘A’ part of the bracket which included Baugh Ford, Reds Astros, and Taylormade.  Backman, Resmondo, and Laservision all held serve and made it to the round of 8.  And 3rd Street won the ‘B’ area of the bracket which included OI Livingston, Primetime, and Cooper to make it to the final 8.  My notes on the rest of the big games are below:

Saturday/Sunday Tournament Notes:


 Backman 40 3rd Street 17
– 3rd Street overpowered

 Resmondo 42 Line Drive 26
– Resmondo 17 run 2nd on 6 HR to lead 24-6 on Linedrive after 1.5 innings in the quarterfinals.

 Laservision 38 Buzini 8
– Laservision 20 run top of 2nd against Buzini in quarterfinals to win 38-8.

 Albicocco 33 Baugh Ford 30
– Baugh’s Sean Mcdonald out pulled muscle in leg.
– Baugh Ford 10 run top of 1st vs Albicocco who got 13 in bottom of 1st.
– Albicoccos pitcher Donald Plaisance linedrive stab in the 5th and a DP in the 6th gave Albicocco 30-23 after 6 innings.
– Albicocco grounded into dp in bottom of 6th
– Baughs Larsen hits homer ties game at 30 in top 7th.
– Albicoccos Terry Baggs wins it with a walk off pinch hit homer.


 Resmondo shuts down Backman 28-13.

Team Albicocco stuns Laservision 26-11.

Losers Semifinal

 – Top 1st – Laservisions Scott Kirby hits two grand slams in 15 run first.
– Bot 1st – Baugh gets a bunch of 2 run HR 15-6.
– Top 2nd – Laservisions Reyna 2 run HR, Clark HR, Baker HR, Wegman HR, Helmer 3 run HR, 11 runs 26-6
– Bot 2nd – Baugh gets 9 runs.  26-15
– 28-21 Laservision after 3
– Laservisions Baker, Wegman, Filby, Kirby homers make it 34-21.
– 35-28 Laservision after 4
– Baugh leaves em loaded in bot 5th down 46-33
– Laservision with a 19 run top of 6.  Up 65-33

Losers final
– Albicocco 7 runs on 3 HR early
– Laservisions Bryson Baker 2 HR and 4 RBI in first.  Team 10 HR.  7-14
– Laservision outlasts Albicocco 46-31
– Albicoccos Harvey 20 HR

1st Game of Championship
– Purcell getting mishits but Laservision up 11-4 after 2, Resmondo zero in 2nd
– Laservision 11 in first, 9 in second left bases loaded.
– Laser puts up a bagel in the top of 6th up 11.
– Running catch by Wegman to hold Resmondo to 1 run 31-21 in 6th
– Laservisions Scott Kirby 3 run hr to give Laser a 3 run lead in top 7  37-21..37-27 final!


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