2nd Annual Kut4 Sports Atlanta CUSSSA Preview


Atlanta Major

Conference USSSA!

May 28-30

Tournament Preview

2021 Atlanta bracket and team list link

The annual "Peach State" Shootout sponsored by Kut4Sports is at Al Bishop Park in Marietta, Georgia outside of Atlanta this Friday thru Sunday. Al Bishop has 5 – 300 foot fenced fields and the weather is looking like it will be good with a chance of thunderstorms Friday evening. There are no Major teams coming but there are 30 teams in the men's bracket from 10 different states including 3 'AA' teams, 8 'A' teams, 8 'B' teams, 1 'C' team, 2 'D' teams, and for the 1st time this year 8 'E' teams. Last year due to Covid-19 the Atlanta Major was played in August. This year it returns to Memorial weekend like normal. The winning team will get 150 + (16 x 4) = 214 points and the Dudley Pro-M ball will be used along with 240 bat compression testing. There is also a nice 14 team women's Major with 2 Major teams in it (Low Bob's and Team 24) at the same complex which starts Saturday and ends Sunday.

Livestreaming and Chat Room!

The SoftballCenter.com chat room will be up and running all weekend.


Team Breakdown: 30 Teams Overall 16 Conference USSSA Teams 3 'AA' Teams 8 'A' Teams 8 'B' Teams 11 'C/D/E' Teams

Shea Nations Picks

This weekend at the Atlanta Major in Marietta, GA will have 30 teams and 14 Nationwide Conference USSSA teams in attendance including 0 major, 3 AA, 8 A, 8 B and 15 local teams. PrimeTime Easton/F.A.I/RIOT/ is the #1 overall seed. The other teams looking to upset the #1 seed: Sports Reach/Worth/CT/Grizzy; Precision/3rd St./Red Athlete/Pure; and Albicocco/Riot/Klutch/Broughton. Atlanta Predictions: The tournament starts Friday night, and all teams play 2 games except for the top 2 seeds. The Elite 8 starts at 2:00 pm and should consist of great AA vs A matchups. Look for all the AA teams to make the Final 4 which should be: Sports Reach versus Competitive Edge and Albicocco versus Precision. Precision and Competitive Edge should make it to the undefeated game. Will the pitching of LC Watson or the power hitting of Precision prevail in the undefeated game? In the loser's bracket, I predict all teams to win their next game after dropping down. Watch Kut4 Sports/OI Livingston/D2E and Eagle Paint/RTS/Ricky's to upset some Conference teams. PrimeTime Easton/F.A.I/RIOT/ is 3-9 versus B or higher Conference teams. Precision/3rd St./Red Athlete/Pure showed signs of putting it together at the Lonestar Shootout Major then ran into 2 HOT A teams, Envy/Lifetime Diamonds/Legendary and NIGHTMARE/BENEFIT THE BADGE/MIKEN. Will they continue to improve or could be at risk of making the Major World Series? Shea's Final Picks for the Atlanta Major: 1. Precision/3rd St./Red Athlete/Pure 2. CompetitiveEdge/OlmitoHeat/Adiktiv 3. Sports Reach/Worth/CT/Grizzy 4. Albicocco/Riot/Klutch/Broughton 5. Baugh Ford S & E/FRIENDLYS TRANS/WORSHAM

OldScout poll results – Sports Reach 39%

The Fields

Al Bishop fields has 5 symmetrical 300 foot fields

1082 Al Bishop Dr Marietta, Georgia 30008

Weekend Weather

Past Winners!

2020 Winner – Premier/T&W/Easton/BAF (OH-A)

2020 Atlanta tournament report

2020 Results 1st – OH-A Premier/T&W/Easton/BAF 2nd – KY-A Sports Reach/Crunchtime/H&H/Grizzy 3rd – GA-A Primetime/Easton/F.A.I./Riot/Klutch 4th – FL-AA Riot/Klutch/Treedem/Pure

2019 Winner – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI

2019 Atlanta tournament report

2019 Results 1st CA-M Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI 2nd SC-A Beckham Brothers/Pure/Exclusive 3rd FL-AA Riot Sports/Hubs Pub/Klutch/Showtime 4th IL-AA Smashit/Precision/3rdStreet/Bulldawg

2018 Winner – Pure Sports/Monsta (SC-AA)

2018 Atlanta tournament report

2018 Results 1 SC-AA Pure Sports/Monsta 2 IL-AA Precision/3rd Street/Bulldawg 3 MO-AA Nightmare/Miken 4 FL-AA Riot Sports/Broughton/Beckham/Worth

2017 Winner – Baugh Ford/Adiktiv/Worth/Miken (GA-A)

2017 Atlanta tournament report

2017 Results 1 GA-A Baugh Ford/Adiktiv/Worth/Miken 2 NH-C CTC 3 TX-A All Out/Klutch/Worth 4 OK-A Seminoles/TPS/NACSF.INC/Miken

2016 Winner – Precision

2016 Atlanta tournament report

2016 Results 1 IL-AA Precision 2 NY-AA Scene/Albicocco/Worth/Miken/Monsta 3 FL-A ShirtDoctors/BombSquad/Combat 4 NJ-A Above All Landscaping/Evo9x/Miken

2015 Winner – Xtreme/Miken

2015 Atlanta Tournament Report

2015 Results 1 MN-A Xtreme/Miken 2 GA-D D2E Sports/K-Pow 3 MN-B Encompass/Eurotech/Easton/CA 4 GA-B Primetime/Easton

2014 Winner – Albicocco/The Scene/Easton

2014 Atlanta tournament report link

2014 Results 1 NY-A Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite 2 GA-B OI Livingston/Scotts Lawncare/MWA/Worth 3 AL-A Baugh Doerflinger National Pawn/Easton 4 NJ-B Above All Landscaping/GWS

2012 Winner – Demarini/Dirty

2012 Atlanta tournament report link

2012 Results 1 FL-A demarini/dirty/3n2/atwldesigns 2 TN-A SHOPPE / TEAM TPS / ELITE 3 NY-A TYJA – Suncoast Reebok 4 GA-B down2earthsports.com/sbc/worth

2013 Atlanta tournament report link

2013 Results 1 AL-A Baugh Ford/mojo/louisville slugger 2 GA-B Team Adiktiv/dynasty/d2e/ls/TYJA 3 GA-B Head Hunters / oi livingston / mwa 4 GA-C Eagle Paint

2011 Atlanta tournament report link

2011 Results 1 VA-A Team 454 Emerald/Worth 2 GA-B down2earthsports.com/worth 3 CT-A Darkside/TYJA/Easton 4 FL-B Wiley's/Supreme/Combat

2010 Results 1 GA-B LOGO EXPRESS 2 MI-A sinister/line drive/sss/worth/mojo 3 WA-A northwest combat/ cj financial 4 TN-A jean shoppe-easton-down2earthsports

2009 Results 1 FL-A T&R Stucco/Worth 2 TN-A jeanshoppe/chaneys/easton/sports55 3 VA-A taylormade / titan / pas / mizuno 4 FL-A suncoast/quick roofing/reebok

2008 Results 1 ID-A c-town/americanfunding/easton/elite 2 VA-B taylormade/floyd environmental/mizu 3 FL-A T&R Stucco 4 MD-A ABS/Easton


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