2024 Women’s Windy City Major Tournament Report

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Kolossal Fireworks Reigns Supreme at the Women’s Windy City Major!

The Windy City witnessed an explosive showdown as Team Kolossal Fireworks/Red Athlete blazed through the weekend, going a flawless 4-0 to claim the coveted title of Women’s Windy City Major Champs. 🏆

🔥 An Open Field of Contenders 🔥

  • With the Major Women’s teams absent, the tournament was wide open—a true battle of skill and determination.

🌟 Quarter Finals Showdown 🌟

  • Rogue/SteelSports took down DDBrand/TreedEm with authority (final score: 16-5).
  • Meanwhile, Kolossal Fireworks faced off against the formidable Khaos/LSR team, securing a decisive victory (final score: 14-3).

🏅 Winner Bracket Final 🏅

  • The clash between Rogue/SteelSports and Kolossal Fireworks was intense. Initially close, Kolossal Fireworks pulled away, winning the bracket final 25-12.

🔥 Losers Bracket Resurgence 🔥

  • Angry Beavers/Ohio Heating, after an early loss to Kolossal Fireworks, rallied with three dominant wins.
  • Their showdown with Rogue/SteelSports was a slugfest, ending 25-21 in favor of Rogue/SteelSports.

🏆 The Championship Duel 🏆

  • Kolossal Fireworks/Red Athlete squared off against Rogue/SteelSports.
  • Kolossal Fireworks surged ahead early, leaving Rogue/SteelSports in the dust with a commanding 21-6 victory.

🌟 A New Powerhouse Emerges 🌟

  • This triumph propels Kolossal Fireworks/Red Athlete to 7th place nationally in Women’s points.
  • They’ve firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Women’s Conference “A” Division.


Women’s Windy City Major Tournament Results & Bracket Link




WINDY CITY MAJOR Tournament Champions
Kolossal Fireworks/Red Athlete (VA-A)

Windy City Major Tournament Results & Bracket Link


Women’s Windy City Major Runner-Ups


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