2024 Womens Texas Legends Tournament Report

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2024 Texas Legends Women’s Tournament

Euless, Tx

April 26-28 


Texas Legends Women’s Team List


2024 WUSSSA Texas Legends Results & Bracket Tournament 1 Link

BallClubz team stat reports



The Parks at Texas Star

The Parks at Texas Star
1375 W Euless Blvd
Euless, Texas 76040



Friday Recap


2024 Conference USSSA Women’s Texas Legends Tournament: A Softball Showdown in Euless, Texas

Euless, Texas – The softball world converged upon the sun-soaked fields of The Parks at Texas Star from April 26th to April 28th, 2024, for the highly anticipated Conference USSSA Women’s Texas Legends Tournament. With fierce competition, strategic plays, and unwavering determination, this event showcased the best of women’s softball teams from around the nation.

The ladies of WCUSSSA took to the Texas fields in hopes of capturing the title of the Queens of the Texas LEGENDS Tournament this past weekend. The ladies definitely showed up and did not disappoint with Homeruns, diving plays and Texas sized shootouts when it came to the scoreboards and results.


Windswept Battles and Higher Seeds Prevail

The 1st of the 2 grueling duals kicked off on a crisp Friday morning. But Mother Nature had her say—the winds in Texas played a role, influencing plays on the field. Undeterred, the higher seeds from each matchup asserted their dominance, advancing into the next round.

In the winners bracket opener, #5 seeded INCOGNITO outplayed #4 seed LADY SNI/Demarini, securing a 9-4 victory and sending Lady SNI into the losers bracket early.

Meanwhile, the formidable #1 seeded MONSTA/LaFamiglia/GTL faced off against #8 Derby Girls/OA/Miken/Easton/Worth. The result? A lopsided 16-5 triumph for Monsta, leaving no doubt about their championship aspirations.

Texas-Sized Shootouts and Unbeaten Streaks

The quarterfinals witnessed a clash of titans. #6 Khaos/LSR/Baughford/SNI pulled off a Texas-sized upset, defeating the #3 seeded Rogue/Steel Sports/Worth in a thrilling 23-20 showdown. Their reward? A face-off against the formidable #2 seeded Team24/Native, who had earlier dispatched #7 seeded Prime/Smash It Sports with a 23-10 scoreline.

The stage was set for the unbeaten teams to collide, vying for a coveted spot in the WINNERS bracket final.

Monsta’s Dominance and Khaos’s Upset

#1 Monsta/LaFamiglia continued their relentless march. Alyssa Schreiner, wielding her bat like nobodies business, hammered 2 out of 7 doubles in their 23-9 victory over #5 Incognito. Monsta’s momentum showed no signs of slowing—a force to be reckoned with.

On the other side of the Winners Bracket, #6 Khaos/LSR scripted one of the tournament’s biggest upsets. They toppled the mighty #2 seeded Team24/Native, securing their place in the winners bracket FINAL. The Red Hot Monsta/LaFamiglia awaited them—a clash that promised fireworks.

Final Showdown: Khaos vs. Monsta

As the sun dipped low, casting long shadows across the diamond, the stage was set. Khaos/LSR/BaughFord/SNI vs. Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL—a battle for supremacy. The echoes of cheers, the scent of freshly mowed grass, and the thrill of competition hung heavy in the air.

Who would emerge victorious? The answer awaited under the Texas sky.



Ladies on a Mission

The stakes were high. Some had already tasted defeat, knowing that redemption was their only path forward. It was go time or face elimination in the 1st dual on Texas soil.

Top Seeds Mean Business

The top-seeded teams wasted no time. Quick work was their mantra. But amidst the dominance, a valiant fight emerged from #16 TEXAS SPORTS/MIZUNO, who battled hard against #3 Rogue/Steel Sports, ultimately falling 12-9. Their spirit was unyielding.

Next up, a nail-biter: #7 PRIME/Smash It Sports versus the formidable #3 Rogue/Steel Sports. The scoreboard blinked, and Rogue scratched out a 10-9 win. The intensity was like no other.

Derby Girls vs. Lady SNI/Demarini: A Championship Clash

The ensuing matchup could pass for a championship showdown anywhere. #8 Derby Girls squared off against #4 Lady SNI/Demarini. Lady SNI struck early, putting up 5 runs in the top of the 1st inning. But Derby Girls welcomed the pressure, responding with 11 runs of their own in the bottom half. A seesaw battle ensued.

Lady SNI roared back in the top of the 4th inning, scoring a whopping 15 runs to seize the lead. Yet, Derby Girls held them scoreless in the top of the 5th, answering with 10 runs of their own. The final score: Derby Girls 37, Lady SNI 27. A statement victory.

Derby Girls vs. Team24/Native: Clash of Titans

But Derby Girls weren’t done. They faced the highly anticipated clash against Team24/Native. Onlookers gathered, hungry for action. Derby Girls started strong with 4 runs in the 1st inning, followed by a solitary run in the 2nd.

Then came Team24/Native’s hitting clinic. In the 2nd inning alone, they unleashed a barrage, scoring an astonishing 19 runs. Power, speed, and athleticism—Team24/Native had it all. Derby Girls fought back, holding Team24 to just 4 runs through the 3rd and 4th innings.

As the sun dipped low, Derby Girls stood tall, refusing to yield. Their battle cry echoed: “Not yet.” The final score: Derby Girls 37, Team24/Native 23.



Derby Girls Strike First

As the visiting team, the Derby Girls wasted no time. In the opening inning, they tallied 3 runs. Monsta/LaFamiglia, playing on home turf, responded with a modest 3 runs in the first 3 innings.

The Battle Heats Up

The 4th inning ignited the bats of these fierce competitors. Derby Girls posted a 5-spot, but Monsta/LF countered with 7 runs of their own. The Texas night witnessed a back-and-forth battle, with swirling winds above—the unseen players in this drama.

Derby Girls showcased their power, launching 6 home runs—Baltzell (2), Finau, Langoni, and Richie (2). But Monsta/LaFamiglia relied on speed and precision. They notched 3 triples (Schreiner, Davis, Garcia) and 5 doubles (Schreiner, Rocha (2), Garcia, Sherriff).

Feeding Off Each Other

This shootout wasn’t just about runs; it was a clash of wills. Both teams hungered for victory. In the top of the 6th, Derby Girls unleashed a 6-run inning, seemingly enough to secure the win. But Monsta/LF had other plans, responding with 2 runs in the bottom half.

The Dramatic Finale

Tied at 17 apiece in the top of the 7th, the tension was palpable. Two outs, runners on base—the Monsta/LaFamiglia hitter swung freely, aiming to end the game. The ball soared, centerfielder camped under it… and then, the unthinkable—the ball hit the turf. Schreiner sprinted home, securing Monsta/LaFamiglia’s 1st Dual Texas Legends victory18-17.

The swaying trees in the backdrop whispered secrets—the winds, perhaps, playing their part in Friday night’s dramatic triumph.


Texas Legends Champs Dual 1

Texas Legends Runner-Ups Dual 1
Derby Girls/OA/Miken/Easton/Worth


Texas Legends 3rd Place Dual 1


Texas Legends Dual 1 All Tournament Selections

MVP – Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL’s
Amanda Clark

Defensive MVP – Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL’s
Kasey Britt

Offensive MVP – Derby Girls/OA/Miken/Easton/Worth’s
Megan Baltzell




2024 WUSSSA Texas Legends Tournament 2
2024 WUSSSA Texas Legends Results & Bracket Tournament 2 Link
BallClubz team stat reports



Texas Legends Dual 2 Winner’s Bracket

Euless, Texas – The 2nd leg of the Dual bracket unfolded like a mirror image of the 1st dual. Higher seeds surged past their initial games, and the ladies kicked off Saturday’s tournament segment with a resounding bang.

INCOGNITO vs. Rogue/Steel Sports/Worth

#5 INCOGNITO faced off against #4 Rogue/Steel Sports/Worth. INCOGNITO came out swinging, posting an impressive 15 runs in the bottom half of the 2nd inning. Their squad dominated, securing a 26-8 victory. Patrika Barlow led the charge with a homerun and a pair of doubles, sealing the team’s triumph.

Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL vs. MYAUTOJACK

The mighty #1 Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL clashed with #8 MYAUTOJACK, leaving no room for doubt. Monsta/LF’s Karina Rocha delivered a stellar performance, going 3 for 4 with 3 homeruns in their commanding 23-3 win.

Khaos/LSR/Baughford/SNI vs. Lady SNI/Demarini

#6 Khaos/LSR/Baughford/SNI faced a formidable opponent in #3 Lady SNI/Demarini. Despite Khaos’s strong showing on Friday, Lady SNI proved dominant, securing a commanding 25-1 victory.

Winners Bracket Finals: Team24/Native vs. Derby Girls/OA/Miken/Easton/Worth

The highly anticipated rematch between #2 Team24/Native and #7 Derby Girls/OA/Miken/Easton/Worth did not disappoint. Derby Girls, hitting only 1 homerun, managed to hold off Team24/Native in a nail-biting 15-14 game. Dani Wayt’s solo homerun sealed the deal for her squad.

Unbeaten Showdowns

The 4 undefeated teams clashed. INCOGNITO faced the Dual #1 Champs, Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL. What seemed like a low-scoring game changed dramatically in the bottom of the 4th inning. Monsta/LaFamiglia exploded, scoring 12 runs to win by the mercy rule. Alyssa Schreiner’s pair of homeruns and the squad’s 6 doubles (including Tylia Sylestine’s 2) propelled them to the Winners bracket Final.

Lady SNI/Demarini took on the powerful Derby Girls/OA/Miken/Easton/Worth. Lady SNI showcased a hitting clinic, but the outcome remained a cliffhanger…


Loser’s Bracket

As the clock struck 3 PM on Saturday, the Losers bracket came alive. The ladies knew they had only one more loss before heading home, and they left nothing on the field.

Higher Seeds and Determination

The higher seeds fought to survive in the loser bracket matchups. As the dust settled, a select few teams remained in the Texas Legends Tournament.

  • Team24/Native missed the unbeaten mark, falling to Derby Girls. But they weren’t done. They overpowered Momentum/GameFace Sports 18-4 and faced Dual 1’s 3rd place finisher, Khaos/LSR/Baughford/SNI, whom they defeated 13-0.
  • The sleeper team, MyAutoJack/Bluepearl, upset Lady DB/BatFlip in a nail-biter, winning 9-8. Their momentum continued as they toppled Rogue/Steel Sports/Worth 15-4. But the Derby Girls proved their mettle, narrowly winning the matchup 23-21.
  • Team24/Native faced Incognito, securing an 18-14 victory to keep their hopes alive.

The Final Three

The losers bracket narrowed down to the final three teams. Team24/Native squared off against Derby Girls/OA/Miken/Easton/Worth. The winner would face the red-hot Lady SNI/Demarini squad immediately after.

Team24/Native started slow, going scoreless in the 1st inning. But a spark ignited them. They exploded for 20 runs in the top of the 2nd and added 12 more runs in the 3rd inning. Derby Girls managed only 5 more runs for the remainder of the game. The final score: Team24/Native 32-12, sending Derby Girls home for the weekend in Texas.

The Losers Bracket Final brought familiar foes together once more. Team24/Native and Lady SNI/Demarini knew each other’s game inside out. Both squads had showcased exceptional softball throughout the weekend, but Team24/Native’s relentless march through the losers bracket was impossible to ignore. They dismantled Lady SNI/Demarini with a 22-12 victory, setting the stage for the ultimate showdown.

Woman’s Championship: Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL vs. Team24/Native

This was the game that mattered most—a culmination of days of fierce competition. Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL and Team24/Native locked horns, staying neck-and-neck throughout. As the 5th inning approached, the score stood at 22-15 in favor of Monsta/LaFamiglia. But then, Team24/Native faltered, failing to score in the inning for the first time in the contest. Monsta/LaFamiglia seized the opportunity, erupting for 8 runs in the bottom half.

Chelsea Showers led Team24/Native, going 5 for 5 with 2 doubles. Angelia Jones, Patsy Erwin, and Katrya Traylor added their own firepower, including the team’s sole homerun. But the question remained: Was it enough?

Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL soared over the outfield fence, launching 5 homeruns. Alyssa Schreiner (2), Tylia Sylestine, Sarah Davis, and Mariah Garcia showcased their powerful swings. The 7th inning arrived, and Team24/Native trailed Monsta/LaFamiglia 25-23. They fought valiantly but fell short, scoring only 1 run in the top half.

Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL went a perfect 5-0, capping off an impressive 10-0 weekend.

The women arrived in Texas with fierce determination, and they certainly lived up to the hype. The Women’s Conference USSSA promises an exhilarating season, with top teams showcasing their strength. INCOGNITO, KHAOS, and ROGUE have already made their mark, setting the stage for an exciting year. So, stay tuned and let’s make 2024 the best Women’s Conference USSSA season yet!



Texas Legends Champs Dual 2

Texas Legends Runner-Ups Dual 2

Texas Legends 3rd Place Dual 1
Lady SNI/Demarini


Texas Legends Dual 2 All Tournament Selections

MVP – Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL’s
Adriana Sanders

Defensive MVP – Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL’s
Alyssa Schreiner

Offensive MVP – Team24/Native
Annie Rardin




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