2024 “Windy City” Chicago Major tournament preview!

“Windy City” Major


Carol Stream, Illinois 


May 31 – June 2


Tournament Preview

2024 Windy City bracket and team list link

The “Windy City” major is this Friday through Sunday.  On the men’s side there are 21 teams total and 14 of them are from Conference USSSA.  The double elimination tournament will be played in Carol Stream, Illinois in West Chicago starting at 5 PM Central time Friday and finishing with 3 teams on Sunday morning.  The infields at McCaslin park are artificial turf and the temperatures are only supposed to reach into the mid 70’s.  The ball usually flies at McCaslin park depending upon which field you are on and what the wind is doing.  Looking at the bracket there is only two Major teams, #1 seed RoofX and #3 seed Resmondo so they will be on opposite sides.  Resmondo has won 3 of the 4 tournaments they have played in this year and RoofX has won 1.  There will be 180 + (14 x 4) = 236 Conference points given to the winner, 196 to 2nd, 176 to 3rd, 166 to 4th and so on.

WOMEN’S WINDY CITY MAJOR: A Weekend of Surprises!

The Windy City is abuzz with anticipation as the ladies gear up for an action-packed softball weekend. But here’s the twist: none of the Major teams will be in attendance! 🥎

🏆 Unfamiliar Names Rising to the Top 🏆  With the absence of the usual heavyweights, it’s anyone’s game.
Last weekend, Legacy/Bellys/TSC/CC put up a strong fight, going 3-2. They stumbled against Derby Girls and Lady SNI but triumphed over the Angry Beavers/Ohio Heating team (final score: 13-8).🔥 Watch Out for These Contenders 🔥  Rogue/Steel Sports/Worth: Fresh from the Women’s Texas Legends tournament, they finished 4th and 7th. Can they dominate Windy City?
Khaos/LSR/BaughFord/SNI: Also Texas-bound last time, they secured 3rd and 7th place. Keep an eye on their game!

🌟 A Chance to Shine 🌟 This tournament offers a glimpse into the competition within each division.
Ladies, this is your moment to showcase your skills and gain valuable insights for the year ahead.

🥇 Summit of Softball Standouts 🥇  Meet the 5th place finishers from the Summit of Softball Tournament: DBBRAND/TREEDEM/NULIFE Women’s Conference “A” team.
Their only losses came against Monsta/LaFamiglia/GTL and Team 24/Native last weekend in Chattanooga.
Get ready for surprises, upsets, and unforgettable moments at the Windy City Major! 🌬️⚾️

USSSALive.com will livestream the event and the chat room on ConferenceUSSSA.com will be up for updates and to answer your questions.  And remember to check out all of the USSSA Videos on YouTube here.


The Windy City Teams

The Playing Fields

M1-M4 McCaslin Park – All McCaslin fields are 300 feet

McCaslin Park
27W650 North Avenue
West Chicago, IL 60185

Glasshagel Fields Park
27W345 St Charles Rd
West Chicago, Illinois 60185


Weather Report

Weekend Weather looks great!



Past Windy City Winner’s!

1st Place – Roofx/Revolution/Albicocco/AllHustle (IN-AA)

2023 Windy City tournament report link

1st Place – LSR (IN-B)



1st Place – SmashIt/Thunder/Chosen/Pure/RF/BD/TDB

2022 Windy City tournament report link



2021 Chicago Winner – Dan Smith/Proton

2021 Chicago tournament report link



2019 Chicago Winner – TDB/Racks/Athlon

2019 Chicago Tournament Report Link

2018 Chicago Winner – SmashIt/Thunder/Backman/TDB/S&S/Miken/Worth

2018 Chicago Tournament Report Link

2017 Chicago Winner – SIS/Thunder/Miken/Worth/Louisville

2017 Chicago Tournament Report Link

2016 Chicago Winner – Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth

2016 Chicago Tournament Report Link

2015 Chicago Winner – Smash It Sports/Compound/H Auto/Easton

2015 Chicago Tournament Report Link

2014 Chicago Winner – Resmondo Specialty-Tank/Worth

2014 Chicago tournament report link

2013 Chicago Winner – Laservision/Desertfalls/Boombah/Easton

2013 Chicago tournament report link

2012 Chicago tournament report link

2011 Chicago tournament report link

2010 Chicago tournament report link



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