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2024 Texas Legends Major

Euless, Texas 

April 26-28 

RoofX middle infielder Ryan Mcclanahan lays out for a hard grounder vs JBL in the 7th of a tie game.


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Friday Night Recap

JBL’s Steve Edwards hits a walk off homer against upset minded LevelXUp!

The annual Texas Legends began on Friday at 4 PM Central time at the Parks at Texas Star (formerly known as Softball World) with 30 men’s teams of which 20 were from the Conference USSSA.  There were 2 Major teams and 6 ‘AA’ teams in the double elimination bracket.  They used the Dudley Pro-M ball with 8 to 16 HR limit on three – 300-305-310-305-300 foot fields at the main park and they played on one baseball field over at the park down the street which played big at 325-370-380-370-325.  All of the fields had artificial turf infields and grass outfields and the weather was threatening rain, tornado’s, and thunderstorms all 3 days but somehow the tournament was only delayed for 45 minutes one time due to lightning and hail.  Wind affected game play depending on which field you were on.  The top two teams in the Conference Points Standings received byes – Nitro/Beloli/Ataraxis/SBT/SOL/BAF/K (MD-AA) and LSR/BaughFord/TRU/Slugger/Riot (IN-A) while the other 28 teams played in the 1st round.  Long gone are the days of Conference teams getting “easy” early round games against local C, D, and E teams and the tournament opened with some good matchups.  Seminoles/NACSF.INC/TPS/RS (OK-A) leading 20-18 going into the top of the 7th against Nally’s/Q Solutions/One Shot (KS-A) scored 8 runs to win 28-21 in a battle of ‘A’ teams.  Seminoles out homered Nally’s 12-10 as Elijah Christenson and Sa-Mory Collier each went 5-5.  Colton Leet hit 4 HR and drove in 8 runs in a losing cause for Nally’s.  WestPoint (IN-A) blanked Future1’s/Proton (TX-B) for the 1st 4 innings over on the baseball field winning easily 11-4.  They hit just 2 home runs on the big field as Kyle Johnson and Tyler Cowles each went 3-4.  Classic Glass/Easton (CA-AA) rolled over the new Conference ‘B’ team PurePressure/DownSouthSports/AxeBat (TX-B) 43-13 by the 30 run rule with the wind blowing out.  Van Wert Frickers (OH-A) opened with a 39-33 win over NFMLending/KB/Chasse/BeHappy (AZ-A) as Drew Kortokrax and Quentin Walker each were on base 6-6 and their top 6 batters all reached base safely at least 5-6.  Both teams hit 12 HR and Daulton Cabacungan from NFM had 4 HR and 12 RBI in the loss.  Legendz/CE/Adiktiv (OK-A) trailing the new Conference ‘B’ team Thunder/Beloli/Chosen/RF/KL&R/LS (NY) 28-13 and needing to score to keep the game going in the top of the 5th inning, scored 10 in the 5th and 15 in the 6th while blanking Thunder in the 6th and 7th innings to win 39-31.  For Legendz, leadoff hitter Jason Branch was 6-7, hit for the cycle and drove in 5 runs while Luke Boyster was 6-7 with 3 HR and 10 RBI.  Dirty Vegas/Steel/Ark Fab (TX-A) held off Impact Reloaded / T3 Apparel (NM-B) 15-10 over on the baseball field as Jared Hunt hit the only home run for DV and Nick Day was on base 4-4.  Cheap Suits/Republic Realty/ESP (CA-A) run ruled Elevate&Celebrate/JMI/JB Guttering (OK-C) 27-12 in 5 innings after scoring 13 runs in the bottom of the 4th.  Orlando Cano at leadoff, Ken Duby, Matthew Valencia, and Demario Boyd were all on base 4-4 and Duby hit 3 HR and had 9 RBI.  In the best game of the 1st round LevelXUp/BC Apparel/TSC a north Texas non-conference ‘B’ team gave JBL Roofing/Pauer (OH-AA) all they could handle when their middle infielder made a spectacular diving stop and turned a double play in the bottom of the 6th with LevelXUp leading 27-17!  JBL wasn’t done though and trailing 28-21 with 6 HR to hit in the bottom of the 7th they got a clutch 2 out solo pinch hit home run from Brian McBryde and a walk off game winner by pinch hitter Steve Edwards who had arrived to the game late due to flight delays and had no BP!  I-57 Roofing/Beechy’s/Royce Geo/SA (IL-A) scored 20 runs in the bottom of the 3rd and 20 run mercy ruled Nerds/Vivid Customs DFW (TX-B) 37-17 as leadoff hitter Mitch Carriger and shortstop Jake Hathaway each were on base 5-5 and they out homered Nerds 12-6.  RoofX/BadDraw/CE/Pure/Envy (IN-Major) the first major team to take to the field scored 11 in the top of the 1st and 20 in the top of the 2nd beating Prime/Redwood/BC Apparel (TX-B) in 6 innings 46-25.  Leadoff hitter Arlis Miller led the way going 7-7 with 2 HR and 6 RBI.  PrimeTime/Easton/BallHawk (GA-A) and Rooftop Solutions (TX-B) exchanged double digit innings in the 2nd inning but PrimeTime separated by scoring 15 in the bottom of the 3rd inning to win 26-18.  Tanai Alston was 5-5 as PrimeTime hit 8 HR in the game.  Str8play / Rebel / MAJ (CA-AA) opened with a 23-7, 6 inning win over SOLDADOS/VSSI (TX-B) as Anthony Acevedo went 5-5 over on the baseball field and Misael Tavarez, Cole Campbell, Bryan Dezern, and Tyler Dickens all homered.  Due to bad weather and delayed flights across the USA Sports Reach/Demarini/Grizzy/SMHS (KY-AA) had 3 players walk in at game time for their 10 PM central time game and 4 more were still flying to the tournament when they played BigKids/SteveSmith/TSA (CA-B) in their opener.  Leading just 11-10 going into the bottom of the 5th they scored 7 runs to take an 18-10 lead and ended up winning 25-10.  Austin Mapes and Travis Houseman were each on base 4-5.  And Juno Athletics (NJ-Major) the other Major team in the tournament who added the Texas Legends Major to their schedule at the last minute scored 11 in the bottom of the 3rd and ended up run ruling WiseGuysPizzeria/WesternSonVodka (TX-B) 21-4 in 5 innings over on the baseball field as Brandon Jackson, Andrew Collins, and Mason Farmer hit home runs.

The delay for hail was only 45 minutes.

Van Wert Frickers and Drew Kortokrax try to upset LSR Friday night.

The “Round of 16” was also played on Friday night in cool conditions.  Classic Glass scored 17 in the bottom of the 1st and 10 in the bottom of the 2nd and only hit 3 times in a 30-10 win over fellow northern California team Cheap Suits and out homered Cheap 10-3.  WestPoint scored 11 in the bottom of the 1st and 8 in the bottom of the 3rd and run ruled Dirty Vegas 23-7 on the baseball field out hitting them 22-8.  There were no home runs hit in the game as Travis Tucker and Daryl Yoder each were on base 4-4.  Nitro Circus the #1 seed played their 1st game against Seminoles.  Both teams scored 15 runs in the 1st inning with the wind gusting out on Champ field, Nitro did it on 4 HR and Seminoles 6 HR.  Seminoles went up 28-26 in the bottom of the 3rd scoring 11 runs.  But Nitro Circus put up 11 in the top of the 5th and out scored Seminoles down the stretch 15-6 and won a shootout 41-34.  Filip Washington and Josh Kirsten were each on base 6-6 and Chris Greinert hit 4 HR and had 10 RBI in the win.  Conner Murray was 6-6 in the loss as he returns to Seminoles this season.  Nitro Circus out walked Seminoles 16-1 in the game?  Van Wert Frickers took it to LSR jumping out to a 29-14 lead going into the top of the 5th.  LSR having to score to keep the game going put up 10 runs to cut the lead to 29-24 but Van Wert out scored LSR 7-2 down the stretch and blanked them in the top of the 7th to win 36-26 out homering them 12-11.  Van Wert also had 11 doubles.  The I-57 Roofing team continued their hot hitting as they run ruled Legendz 31-17 in 4 innings out homering them 10-4 and out hitting them 30-8.  Jake Hathaway, Brandon Keene, David Yoder, and Zac Perkins were all on base 4-4 with Keene hit 3 HR and had 9 RBI.  In the best defensive game of the season JBL had a 21-10 lead on RoofX going into the bottom of the 5th but RoofX scored 8 in the bottom of the 5th, 5 in the bottom of the 6th, and after throwing out two JBL runners on the base paths in the top of the 7th, RoofX won on a walk off single by Brandon Yoder 27-26.  Just about every player on both teams had a great defensive play at some point during the game.

There were some close calls in a tight JBL vs RoofX game “Round of 16” game.

RoofX lefty Brandon Yoder hits a walk off single to beat JBL.



Saturday Recap

Sports Reach and Rich Racobaldo take down PrimeTime with a 19 run 2nd inning.

The final two games of the “Round of 16” were played on Saturday morning at 11:30 AM.  Sports Reach jumped all over PrimeTime 22-0 scoring 19 runs in the top of the 2nd and they cruised to a 31-16, 5 inning run rule win out homering PrimeTime 11-6.  Rich Racobaldo had the home run stroke going as he went 4-5 with 3 HR a double and 8 RBI.  And Juno Athletics played a long game against Str8play where both teams scored double digits in both the 2nd and 3rd innings.  Juno led 32-16 at one point using all 14 of their HR going into the bottom of the 3rd.  Str8play with 7 HR left slowly pulled away as Daniel Herren the Str8play 2nd baseman hit 2 grand slams, was 6-6, had 3 HR total, and a whopping 14 RBI in the 40-36 upset win!  Juno walked 10 batters in the loss.

Str8play’s Dan Herren knocks in 14 RBI as they upset Juno Athletics.

The “Round of 8” played out late afternoon on Saturday in windy conditions.  RoofX scored 14 runs on 4 HR in the bottom of the 1st and 13 in the bottom of the 4th to separate and beat Classic Glass 43-28 in 5 innings after a Logan Rogers grand slam.  Tyler Ervine and Terry Lambright were each 6-6 and lead off hitter Arlis Miller hit for the cycle.  I-57 Roofing used overwhelming offense to beat WestPoint 46-32 scoring 14 runs in both the 1st and 4th innings.  Nic Perkins, Jake Hathaway, and David Yoder were each on base 6-7 and Orlando Olivera provided a lot of the power with 3 HR and 10 RBI.  Sports Reach in one of the better games of the tournament scored 12 in the 4th and 10 in the 5th to separate from Nitro Circus 27-20 and they held on defensively to win 32-29.  Tyler Kahlke was 5-5 on base and they out homered Nitro 14-12 as Nitro left 2 on the table down 3 at the end with the hammer.  Zane Migues had 4 HR and 10 RBI in the loss.  And Str8play scored 14 in the top of the 1st, 9 in the 2nd, and 10 in the 3rd to take a 33-2 lead on Van Wert Frickers.  But Van Wert never gave up forcing the game to go 7 innings in a 41-29 loss where both teams hit all 14 HR.  Brandon Streets had 10 RBI, Ike Worlow was 6-7 on base, and Tyler Dickens 6-6 with 7 RBI in the victory for Str8play.

Westpoint’s Josh Vance hits against I-57 Roofing in the “Final 8”.

Sports Reach continues their run with an upset of #1 seeded Nitro Circus!



Final 4 Recap

Ervine drives in one of the 111 runs in the game.

The “Final 4” of the winner’s bracket was played on Saturday night under the lights in cool conditions.  I-57 Roofing jumped out to a 13-1 lead in the bottom of the 1st inning against Sports Reach.  And I-57 led 23-14 going into the top of the 7th when Sports Reach just could not get any big innings going.  But Sports Reach with 7 HR to hit in the top of the 7th scored 10 runs on 6 HR taking a 24-23 lead into the bottom of the 7th.  I-57 needing 1 to tie and 2 to win with 4 HR to hit got a one out single from Nic Perkins and a walk off homer from Orlando Olivera to win the game and put the ‘A’ team in the winner’s bracket finals!  In the other semifinal RooX and Str8play played a 3 hour long game which was the highest scoring game of the season.  RoofX put up 17 on 4 in the top of the 1st with the wind blowing straight out to left field at 15 mph and Str8play answered with 17 runs on 6 HR in the bottom of the inning.  Both teams used all 14 home runs and there were 111 runs scored between the two teams as Str8play scored 12 runs in the bottom of the 6th to go up 53-47.  But RoofX answered with a clutch 9 run inning in the top of the 7th to go up 58-53 and held Str8play scoreless in the bottom of the 7th to win it.  Arlis Miller, Tyler Ervine, and Terry Lambright were each on base 8-8 in the game with Lambright hitting 3 HR and driving in 13 runs.  RoofX out walked Str8play in the wind 14-12.  All of the starters for Str8play hit at least 1 homer.



Winner’s Final Recap

Mitch Lendenski and RoofX take on I-57 Roofing in the winner’s final after midnight Saturday.

The winner’s bracket finals played until 1:30 am Sunday morning and was marred by some rain and wind between I-57 Roofing and RoofX.  I-57 was up 14-7 early on but RoofX scored in all 6 innings they hit and put up 9 in the bottom of the 4th and 12 in the bottom of the 5th to take a 33-27 lead.  There was a crucial misplay on a tough chance by the I-57 left fielder on a foul ball that the wind and rain blew over his head and that was kind of the momentum swing which led to RoofX separating and winning 39-34.  The game oddly had no real rhythm to it at all with weather, wind, pitching changes, and some crazy plays.  Arliss Miller, Tyler Ervine, and Brandon Yoder were all 6-6 in the game and Yoder hit 3 HR and drove in 10 RBI.  I-57 left 2 HR on the table.



Loser’s Bracket Recap

The grudge match between Juno and Nitro Circus in the loser’s bracket.

In the top half of the loser’s bracket which played out all day on Saturday, Primetime won 4 straight and Nally’s 3 straight before Classic Glass beat them both and then Sports Reach dropped down late Saturday night and beat Classic Glass 17-14 to make it to Sunday.  The wind must have been blowing in on that last game as Classic out homered Sports Reach just 3-2.  In the lower half of the loser’s bracket Pure Pressure got their first win of the season over Elevate&Celebrate 10-9 on a walk off single by Garrett Stowe and then upset LSR 12-11 on another walk off single by Kevin McEnery before losing to Juno Athletics 14-7.  All 3 of those games were over on the baseball field, hence the low scores.  JBL Roofing beat Soldados 22-7, NFM Lending 24-8, and Westpoint 10-5 all over on the baseball field and then came back over to the All Star softball field to beat Nitro Circus 19-18.  Nitro had just knocked out Juno 36-33 in a bit of a grudge match.  Then Str8play dropped down late Saturday night and beat JBL 50-21 to make it to Sunday.



Sunday Recap

Str8play 3rd baseman makes a great play to beat Sports Reach by 1 run!

On Sunday morning Sports Reach and Str8play played an entertaining back and forth high scoring game but when Str8play zeroed with no HR left in the top of the 7th the game was Sports Reach for the taking as they were only down 41-10 with 1 HR to hit.  But Sports Reach went down in order 1-2-3 with the first two batters being pinch hitter’s and Str8play won the game on a nice play in the 5-6 hole by 3rd baseman Bryan Dezern.  Tyler Dickens was 5-6 with 4 HR and 10 RBI in the win.  In the loser’s bracket finals a “fresher” I-57 team scored 11 in the bottom of the 1st and 12 in the bottom of the 4th to leave Str8play on the field 29-9 with a 20 run mercy rule.  Jacob Hoskins, Orlando Olivera, and Jake Hathaway were all on base 4-4.

I-57 Roofing’s Zac Perkins hits a walk off run rule of Str8play to advance to the championship.

In the championship RoofX seemed to be relying on their home team advantage (by coin toss) to stay ahead 20-12 when they went 7 on 3 in the bottom of the 3rd.  But I-57 validating their run throughout the tournament scored 7 in the top of the 4th to pull to within 1 run 20-19 going into the bottom of the 4th where I-57 changed the momentum by holding RoofX scoreless.  But in the top of the 5th I-57 managed just 3 runs and in the bottom of the 5th and 6th RoofX with still 8 home runs to hit “freed” up and scored 20 runs total and separated to a 40-27 lead and won with some good defense in the top of the 7th 40-29.

The tournament was hard fought with good upsets and RoofX really had to gut out some long wins to take the tournament.  The infield turf was fast and the batted ball speeds high and teams had to adjust to each fields wind conditions and size to be successful.  Thank you to the umpires for their tireless efforts and also all of the BallClubz scorekeepers who gave us some great live scoring!

I-57 Roofing’s Jake Hathaway hits against RoofX pitcher Kyle Center in the championship game Sunday.



Long Bomber of the Week!

The Long Bomber of the Week was hotly contested by RoofX slugger Tyler Ervine hit one at night when a lot of players were hitting bombs.  But he also hit one over the light pole in left center field in the championship on Sunday.  I heard Jimmy Ward hit one on top of the roof in left field on the Hall of Fame Field which is 373 feet plus however far it travels on its way down.  And I-57’s Orlando Olivera hit a bunch of “lasers” and bombs as well as many other players that probably had some good distance on their homer’s.  The ball was flying!



Texas Legends Results and Awards

MVP – RoofX 1st Baseman Tyler Ervine 30-34, .882, 11 HR, 30 RBI

Defensive MVP – RoofX pitcher Kyle Center

Offensive MVP – I-57 Roofing Shortstop Jake Hathaway 32-35, .914, 11 HR, 26 RBI



Team by Team Notes

1st Place – RoofX/BadDraw/CE/Pure/Envy

IN-Major  Record  6-0 

RoofX played team ball, at times great defense, and they had a team on base percentage of .732 with 83 HR in 6 games.  Granted the wind was blowing out in most of their games but they continue to be very good at adjusting to the conditions.  They did have to really grind out their wins and struggled to close opponents out like Major teams usually do.  Manager Spencer Sangster though pushed the right buttons and went with the hot hitters using all 15 players effectively to win the tournament in his home state.


2nd Place – I-57 Roofing/Beechy’s/Royce Geo/SA

IL-A  Record  5-2 

I-57 Roofing finished 2nd as an ‘A’ team in a tournament that had 2 Major teams and all 6 ‘AA’ teams.  That is AWESOME.  They had a .708 on base percentage and in their wins, which were against all teams not named RoofX, they did it with big double digit early innings.  Jake Hathaway on the left side of the infield and with the stick is underrated.  Orlando Olivera nearly took some infielders heads off with line drives and knocked in 38 RBI, Mitch Carriger sets the table nicely so Hathaway and Hoskins can eat, the two Perkins brothers? continue to get better, and Marcus “don’t call me Lynn” Yoder as the last batter in the order leads the team with a .786 on base percentage for the year!  Steve Myers and Carriger did the pitching.  A real team effort and some timely defense in the right spots make this team a contender for the ‘A’ and they still have that upset mentality when playing higher level teams like they did in 2023.  Congratulations to the sponsorship and management group.  You are what you thought you were!  🙂

Marcus Yoder leads the team in on base percentage rolling the top of that order over.

3B/P Mitch Carriger, SS Jake Hathaway, MI Marcus Yoder


3rd Place – Str8play / Rebel / MAJ

CA-AA  Record  5-2 

Str8play gave everything they had to beat RoofX in that 58-53 loss in a 3 hour long game.  But they didn’t sulk about it and turned around and beat JBL 50-21 late Saturday night and then turned around Sunday morning at 8 am and beat Sports Reach 41-40 in the bottom of the 7th inning with pitching and defense at the end of the game to finish 3rd.  Dickens, Acevedo, and Worlow as you can see below were over .800 on base and Daniel Herren knocked in 42 RBI!  Jones and Nino did the pitching.  Dan Herren and Ike Worlow seem to be underrated.

Anthony Acevedo may be a bit underrated as well and seemed to be a fan favorite.  🙂


4th Place – Sports Reach/Demarini/Grizzy/SMHS

KY-AA  Record  4-2 

Sports Reach fought through flight delays but still found themselves winning their game on Friday night short handed.  On Saturday they followed that up with a big “upset” win over Nitro Circus before losing a close one to I-57.  They beat Classic Glass late Saturday night and on Sunday morning in the loser’s bracket they came up short with the sticks in the bottom of the 7th to Str8play 41-40 so they were frustrated at not getting a chance to revenge the I-57 loss.  Kampfer led the on base at .750 and Racobaldo, Pena, and Mapes provided the HR with 9 each.  Mark Blaziewske did most of the pitching.  Dagmar Pena leads the offense for the season at a blistering .772.  They were without Robby Speer their sponsor.  I hope you are feeling better Robby!


Tied 5th – JBL Roofing/Pauer

OH-AA  Record  5-2 

JBL Roofing/Pauer (OH-AA) lost to RoofX Friday night in a heart breaker when they got two runner’s thrown out on the bases in the top of the 7th.  In the loser’s bracket they beat NFM, Westpoint, and Nitro Circus before losing to Str8play to earn some points and a 5th place finish.  But what could have been if they had beaten RoofX?  Steve Edwards will be out with a bad back it appears.  Brian McBryde has come through with some big pinch hit homer’s.  And Jon Dombrowski is doing most of the pitching.


Tied 5th – Classic Glass/Easton

CA-AA  Record  4-2 

Classic Glass/Easton (CA-AA) won 2 on Friday, lost to RoofX in the Final 8 and then beat Nally’s and PrimeTime holding each to just 8 runs before losing to Sports Reach the last game of the night on Saturday 17-14.  Pitcher Dan Kirkwood, Ryan Ramirez, Gregg Downing, Brandon Hooks, and Brady Stewart led the offense and Scott Hartling hit 11 HR and had 27 RBI.

3B Brady Stewart, SS Pedro Sanchez, MI Blake Lively


Tied 7th – PrimeTime/Easton/BallHawk

GA-A  Record  4-2 

PrimeTime/Easton/BallHawk (GA-A) walked off Thunder on an Angel Ortega home run 30-29 and did enough damage in the loser’s bracket to finish 7th and move to 12th in the points standings.  Tanai Alston and Jarvis Riggins were over .700 and led the offense.

P Rod Armour, MI Tanai Alston, SS Angel Ortega


Tied 7th – Nitro/Beloli/Ataraxis/SBT/SOL/BAF/K

MD-AA  Record  2-2 

Nitro/Beloli/Ataraxis/SBT/SOL/BAF/Koval (MD-AA) won a hard fought game over Seminoles Friday night and then lost a close one to Sports Reach by 3 when they left home runs on the table.  In the loser’s bracket they won that grudge match over Juno, who many on their roster have played for in the past, and then lost by 1 to JBL.  Martel was .850 and Filip Washington .783 but overall they didn’t close out close games maybe like they have earlier this year.  They are still #1 in the points standings though.

3B Josh Cardwell, SS John Williams, MI Jordan Robinson, 2B Cody Collins, CF Josh Kirsten


More Teams

Tied 9th – Nally’s/Q Solutions/One Shot

 Nally’s/Q Solutions/One Shot (KS-A) were 2-2 overall and 2-1 vs fellow ‘A’ teams so definitely a step in the right direction.  Dooley led the team with an .889 on base percentage.



Tied 9th – Juno Athletics

Juno Athletics (NJ-M) was 1-2 vs Conference teams and lost that big grudge match to Nitro Circus who has many of their ex-players like Flip, Big John, and Josh Kirsten among others.  Joe Boland led the offense at .826 but they were without pitcher Brandon Jonas and gave up too many walks in the wind.


Tied 9th – Van Wert Frickers

Van Wert Frickers (OH-B) brought some good energy Friday knocking off NFM Lending and LSR in long close games.  In the Final 8 on Saturday they lost to Str8play by 12 and PrimeTime by 2 in a shootout 36-34.  Drew Smith who came over from Westpoint leads the offense .721 and lead off hitter Greg Popatak and Drew Kortokrax are .700+.


Tied 9th – WestPoint

WestPoint (IN-AA) was trying to make a run when they went 2-0 Friday night beating two Texas teams Future 1’s and Dirty Vegas by a combined 33-11 over on the baseball field.  But on Saturday they ran into a buzz saw offense in I-57 which happened to a lot of teams this past weekend and then lost in the loser’s bracket to JBL Roofing over on the baseball field 10-5.



Cheap Suits/Republic Realty/ESP (CA-A) went 1-2 losing to both Conference teams they played Classic Glass and NFM Lending.  They looked like they are still playing a little short handed this year.

DIRTY VEGAS / STEEL / ARK FAB (TX-A) playing on their home turf went 1-2 losing to both Conference teams they played, WestPoint and Nally’s.  Steve Paramore the 1st baseman leads the teams offense this year .780 and Erik Kanaby and Nick Day are over .750.

LevelXUp gave JBL all they could handle losing on a walk-off and the shortstop put on a show defensively, check out the highlight video when it comes out.

Seminoles/NACSF.INC/TPS/RS (OK-A) got their first win of the year over Nally’s 28-21, lost to Nitro Circus by 7, and lost to Impact Reloaded a non-conference team 22-21.  BallClubz shows Impact scoring 9 in the bottom of the 7th to win it?  Elijah Christenson led the offense .938, 6 HR, 10 RBI.

Thunder/Beloli/Chosen/RF/KL&R/LS (NY-A) played their first event of the year and they played Legendz tough but lost 39-31.  They came from behind to beat Nerds 26-25.  And then lost to PrimeTime on a walk off homer.  So some good solid long conference games to get their feet wet with their mix of youth and veteran players.

NFMLending/KB/Chasse/BeHappy (AZ-A) lost to Van Wert in their opener, beat Cheap Suits, and lost to JBL.  Rookie Ryan Murphy continued his hot on base percentage .800 and CJ Shepherd had 17 RBI. 

This was my only picture of PurePressure/DownSouthSports/AxeBat the new Conference ‘B’ team from Texas that went 2-2 and finished 13th as they beat LSR and won 2 games on walk off singles!  Pure Pressure played most if not all of their games on the baseball field and had just 7 HR in 4 games which is why I didn’t see much of them.

LSR/BaughFord/TRU/Slugger/Riot (IN-A) went 0-2 in Texas after those great runs in Las Vegas and Florida.


Legendz/CE/Adiktiv (OK-A), not pictured, beat Thunder 39-31, lost to I-57 big, beat Rooftop Solutions 33-16, and lost to Nally’s 29-10.  Not a great weekend and I read on Facebook that Jason Branch their leadoff hitter tore a muscle and was bruised up pretty badly.

300-305-310-305-300 for the main men’s fields a the Parks at Texas Star

The Pats Arlington baseball field had 325-370-380-370-325 field dimensions and used the Pro-M ball.

A view from center field.


Faces in the Crowd / More Pictures

Tito and Greg Jones were the championship umpires.

Long time park director Chris Thames pushes water after overnight rains.

Thank you Chris for all of your help with the tournament.

Celebrity watch.  Retired softball magazine creator Stafford Connor.  He did the softball magazine for 43 years and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame.

Too close to call on Kade’s fair extra base hit.

The ever present catcher “switch”…

After booting the grounder, Racobaldo kicks the ball to 1st base for the out.

Celebrity Watch: Cheap Suits Demario Boyd and Darrell Leonor

Celebrity Watch:  Long time Conference players, now semi-retired?  Steve Whaley and Cory Large who won worlds with Linedrive back in the day.


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