2023 Women’s Major World Series tournament preview

Major World Series Tournament Preview

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2023 Conference Photos – Includes photos from several conference tournaments throughout the year.

Women’s Major World Series features the top 16 conference teams, seeded based on Conference USSSA point standings. The top teams in the nation will battle head-to-head to see who’s taking home that world series title and hardware. Women’s Major World Series takes place at Space Coast Stadium in Viera, FL from October 6-8. The first round will start at 9:00am Friday, October 6. After the first round, all winner’s bracket games will take place at the stadium. The winner’s bracket final will take place at 6:40pm Saturday, October 7. The loser’s bracket will play late into Saturday night finishing around 11:00pm. Games will spill into Sunday morning with an 8:00am game and the loser’s bracket final game to follow at 9:20am. The Women’s Major World Series Championship game will take place at 10:40am. The “IF” needed game will take place at 12:00pm.

2023 Major World Series Bracket:
*highlighted #s indicates major teams*

Out of 19 Conference tournaments held in 2023, Major teams won 17 of 19. Statistics and numbers can show patterns and consistency, but we know with slowpitch softball, ANYTHING is possible. We’ve seen it several times in the past when Team 24/Monsta won the women’s major 4 years in a row and in most of those years, they were not leading in tournament wins or considered the “top dog”. It goes to show, they are noted as a team that perform best when it counts most.

2023 Conference Tournaments:

Below shows how many 1st and 2nd place finishes each major team had during the regular season

Smash It/Derby Girls/Rawlings

1st Place – 7
2nd Place – 4

La Famiglia/Fat Angelo’s/GTL/Worth

1st Place – 6
2nd Place – 2

Classic Glass/Nitro Circus/Rawlings

1st Place – 2
2nd Place – 3

Team 24/Monsta

1st Place – 1
2nd Place – 2

Lady SNI/DeMarini/D1

1st Place – 1
2nd Place – 3

Smash It/Derby Girls/Rawlings was the obvious powerhouse of the 2023 conference regular season with an overall record of 58-15. The 2022 reigning women’s major champions continue to lead in almost every stat category across the board and have come out on top in 7 conference tournaments this year.

La Famiglia/Fat Angelo’s/GTL/Worth is right behind Derby Girls with 6 conference tournament wins and an overall record of 56-21. Something that stands out about La Famiglia that we can’t avoid… they are also a team that is familiar to world title games. La Famiglia has won world titles in previous years and performs well in the big dance.

Last year, Classic Glass/Nitro Circus/Rawlings walked away with 2nd place finish in the women’s major world series tournament, falling to Smash It/Derby Girls in the championship game. They have placed in the top 5 in all but one conference event this year and hold an overall record of 43-21.

You must keep Lady SNI/DeMarini/D1 on your radar. They are a team that always puts up a good fight in the world series tournament. With a 3rd place finish in 2022 and 2nd place finish in 2021, they are hungry for a title. In 2023, they had a great start placing top 5 in their first 8 tournaments but have since fallen short of the mark the past few tournaments. Their overall record in 2023 is 34-21

Smash It/Incognito, although hasn’t been on the board with any conference tournament wins in 2023, they are still a force to be reckoned with. In 2022, they won the “A” world series title and placed 2nd in “AA”, so again, are very familiar with world title games and the pressure that comes with it. They have an overall record of 22-18.


2022 Major World Series Results:

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