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2023 Texas Legends Dual Major

Euless, Texas 

April 27-30 


Texas, where legends are made!


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Thursday Dual #1 Recap

Chick-fil-a pitcher Kyle Center makes a big play in a close game vs Epic.

The 2023 Texas Legends Major in Euless, Texas at the Texas Star Parks was marred by travel delays due to weather in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, lightning delays on Friday, and LOOOOONG games throughout the weekend caused by a good batch of Dudley Pro-M balls – cool weather – and low humidity which made the core of the ball rock hard and the scoring and home runs were at an all time high.  It was smash mouth Conference softball at its best and stamina was at a premium as teams played through the night Friday, and Saturday.  The men’s dual began Thursday morning at 8 AM central time on the 4 – 300-305-310-305-300 fields at the old Softball World and 2 baseball fields across the street.  In the “Play In” games Infinity Contractors a non-conference team out of Oklahoma beat Conference ‘B’ team EAS (CO) 26-20 by scoring the last 24 out of 25 runs of the game.  Big Apple a non-conference Texas ‘B’ team beat Dirty Vegas (TX-TBD) 31-29 by scoring 6 runs in the bottom of the 7th to win!  Future 1’s another non-conference ‘B’ team from Texas scored 15 runs in the top of the 1st to beat Coursey Realty (CA-B) 28-24 as Matthew Rhodes, Steve Liollio, Damian Valdez, JP Seipel, and Derrick Bernard all were on base 5-6.  LSR (IN-TBD) beat Menace (TX-B) 29-6.  Vivid (TX-B) beat GNATS (AR-A) 29-7 scoring 13 in the 1st and 16 in the 3rd.  They out homered Gnats 8-3 as GNATS, a new conference team, was playing their first game of the season.  And Beechy Construction a new Conference ‘B’ team from Missouri scored 9 runs in the bottom of the 7th and beat Cornerstone (KY-B) on a walk off single by Scott Patterson to win 31-30.  Also VSS (TX-B) advanced by forfeit.

In the “Round of 32” in Dual #1 Epic (SC-TBD) beat Classic Glass (CA-AA) 27-15.  L&S Glass (CA-A) out slugged Aristotle (AR-A) 47-44.  TRU (MD-A) beat Cheap Suits (CA-A) on a walk off single 41-40 by Steven Hathaway.  The two teams combined to score 10 or more runs in 5 different innings and Cheap Suits lead off hitter Kameron King hit for the cycle and had 8 RBI.  Over on one of the big baseball fields Bay Area Legends (CA-A) held off Siteman (MO-A) 20-19 after Siteman scored 10 runs in the bottom of the 7th to make it close.  JBL (OH-AA) beat Rebel 40-39 after Rebel scored 21 runs in the top of the 2nd.  Both teams hit their 14 homer’s as it became evident the tournament may run out of the Dudley Pro-M balls between balls being lost in the parking lot, hit into local businesses, hit into the woods, and hit into the construction mud behind two of the fields.  Monsta (NC-Major) run ruled Big Apple 30-16 as 6 players had 4 hits each in 4 innings.  Nitro Circus (MD-AA) run ruled Future 1’s 41-8 in 3 innings scoring 20 runs in the top of the 3rd inning.  Primetime (GA-A) scored 11 in the top of the 4th and upset Sports Reach (KY-AA) 32-24 as pitcher Roderick Armour was on base 6-6 and 3 hitter Ira Brown had 9 RBI.  Chick-fil-a (VA-AA) and NFM Lending (AZ-A) both used up their 14 home runs early but Chick-fil-a won 38-28 as their 1st 5 hitters in the lineup each reached base 5 times and Cody Collins had 7 RBI.  Seminoles (OK-AA) scored double digit innings in the 4th, 5th, and 6th to beat Str8play (CA-A) 38-33.  Lead off hitter Michael Ortiz was on 6-7 and Oliver Odle had 6 RBI.  S&E (NC-AA) run ruled WestPoint (IN-AA) 39-24 in 5 innings as Joel Sanchez and Rich Racobaldo were each on 6-6, Rock had 8 RBI.  MPT Rentals (NJ-Major) got past Beechy Construction 26-17 scoring the last 8 runs out homering them 10-5.  Roofx (IN-AA) run ruled VSSI (TX-B) in 5 innings 24-9 as Arlis Miller, Jeremy Fry, and Terry Lambright all went 4-4.  Competitive Edge (FL-Major) scored 14 in the 2nd and 14 in the 4th to run rule Infinity Contractors in 5 innings 35-17.  Pitcher Mason Farmer batting last was 3-4 with 3 HR and 9 RBI.  Smash It/Bay Area (CA-AA) run ruled LSR in 5 innings 32-14 as lead off hitter Jason Branch was on 5-5 with 5 runs scored.  Resmondo (FL-Major) run ruled Vivid in 3 innings 55-16, scoring 32 in the bottom of the 1st, 23 in the bottom of the 2nd, and they didn’t even bat in the third.  Josh Riley, Kyle Pearson, Travis Clark, and Bradley Jones were all on base 6-6 and Resmondo as a team walked 19 times.

In the “Round of 16” Epic scored 9 in the bottom of the 3rd and hit 4 homer’s in a row in the 6th to beat Roofx 23-21.  Dan Sanchez, Lonnie Cheatwood, and Clayton Farrar each hit 2 HR.  JBL scored in every inning to beat Bay Area Legends 37-33 as David Johnson and Mike Williams were on base 5-6 and Adam Ussery had 7 RBI.  Smash It rolled through Seminoles 36-28 as Luis Reyna, Zane Migues, Josh Cardwell, Jason Martel, Kyle Fisher, and Brady Bate were all on base 5-6 and Cardwell had 8 RBI.  Chick-fil-a began their upset run scoring 10 runs in the bottom of the 5th to leave Competitive Edge on the field 37-20.  Pitcher Kyle Center 5-6, 2 HR, 7 RBI and Ricky Moyers 5-5, 4 HR, 8 RBI leading the way.  Monsta led L&S Glass 33-9 at one point but L&S scored 25 runs in the bottom of the 3rd to take a 34-33 lead.  Going into the 7th Monsta trailed 42-41 but out scored L&S in the final frame 6-2 to win 47-44.  Austyn Dawe was on 7-7 and Jason Matusik and Jeremy Yates each had 7 RBI.  Nitro Circus run ruled TRU 38-21 as lead off hitter Cabot Van Til, Chris Greinert, and Joseph Capparelli each had 5 hits.  I heard TRU hit 10 solo homer’s in that one.  Resmondo survived and advanced 41-40 over S&E as S&E managed just 1 run with no homer’s left in the bottom of the 7th.  An incredible catch by Resmondo defensive sub Zach St. Pierre in right field and a nice play by middle infielder Kevin Bazat helped win that one.  Resmondo’s Kyle Pearson was 7-7 with 7 RBI and Tyler Marshburn was on base 6-6 with 7 RBI in the win.  Primetime held onto an upset over MPT Rentals 32-31 after leading 24-9 early on as MPT failed to score in the top of the 7th with the homer’s gone.  Primetime lead off man Edmund Cheatham, Roderick Armour, James Scott, and Alonzo Fields all were 4-5 hitting and Rod had 4 HR and 8 RBI in the win.

In the “Round of 8” quarterfinals Thursday evening Resmondo and JBL had the highest scoring game of Dual #1.  Resmondo came out on top 63-50 as they drew 17 walks.  Greg Connell, Phil Matte, Bradley Jones, and Cory Briggs were each on base 7-8.  Chick-fil-a run ruled yet another Major team beating Monsta 37-15 in 4 innings scoring 15 runs in the top of the 2nd inning.  Tanai Alston and Jarod Kashner were each on 4-4 as they out homered Monsta 14-6.  At this point in the tournament going into the “Final 4” there was only 1 major team left in the winner’s bracket.  Epic run ruled Primetime 26-10 after Primetime was hot off their win over MPT.  Cory Hill and Sean Ulmer were 4-4 in the win.  And Smash It beat Nitro Circus 35-28 scoring 13 in the bottom of the 1st inning and leading the entire way.  Smash It is now 3-1 vs Nitro Circus this year and seem to have a little bit of a rivalry going.

The “Final 4” was played on Friday at 11:30 am central time.  Resmondo down 27-18 going into the top of the 6th, scored 10 in the top of the 6th and 7 more in the top of the 7th to take a 35-30 lead on Smash It Sports.  Resmondo had a base running error or they would have scored more.  But SIS walked Resmondo down with no homer’s left, getting 7 hits and 2 walks, and won on a walk off single by Brandon Traylor 36-35.  In the other semifinal the #fightingchickens (Chick-fil-a) led Epic 14-0 as Epic left the bases loaded in the 3rd and 4th innings.  More walks and a grand slam by Cody Collins and Chick-fil-a went on to win 30-28 when they got a no doubter walk off homer by John Brock in the bottom of the 7th!

Chick-fil-a super sub John Brock hits a no doubter to beat Epic in the semifinals.

In the winner’s final Chick-fil-a base hit and used their home runs well in the 1st inning to get out to a 13-3 lead.  Smash It did the same in the top of the 3rd scoring 9 runs and grabbed a 30-25 lead going into the bottom of the 4th with both teams out of home runs.   Chick-fil-a base hit a little better down the stretch and was tied going into the bottom of the 7th 35-35 where they got a walk off walk by Tanai Alston to win the game.

Smash Its Josh Cardwell scores ahead of the Chick-fil-a throw in the winner’s final.

In the loser’s bracket it was a late Thursday night and an early Friday morning for many teams.  Unknown Beechy Construction beat Classic Glass, L&S Glass, and upset Competitive Edge 35-34 before Nitro Circus dropped down and beat them 40-21.  And MPT Rentals beat Big Apple, Roofx, JBL, Nitro Circus, and Epic to finish 4th.  In the lower half of the loser’s bracket NFM Lending, Siteman, and S&E made runs to finish with good points but it was Sports Reach beating Cornerstone, Vivid, Seminoles, and Siteman, before losing to Monsta 37-36.  And then Monsta beat Primetime and lost to Resmondo.  Resmondo would end up beating MPT 40-39 and then got a revenge win over Smash It 39-36 to make it to the championship.

In the championship Friday night Chick-fil-a and Resmondo got started around midnight as Dual #2 was already underway for like 10 hours.  It also cooled off dramatically and in the loser’s final and championship they decided to use the Worth Hot Dot ball since they were running out of balls.  This ball made for a better, safer, and lower scoring game to be honest.  Chick-fil-a who was loose and focused jumped out to leads of 9-0 and 14-4 and never trailed as they beat Resmondo 28-20.  MVP pitcher Kyle Center was 5-6 with 5 runs scored at the leadoff spot.  Jacob Clifton and Jarod Kashner each had 4 hits.  And Zach Sanford had 7 RBI in the win.  Chick-fil-a out homered Resmondo 9-8 as neither team came close to using their 14 HR.  Looking back at Conference history this may be the 1st time a ‘AA’ team has won a tournament on 300 foot fields with 4 Major teams in the tournament?



Dual #2 Recap

Ryan Ramirez and Classic Glass take on MPT Rentals.

Dual #2 started early Friday and played practically through the night Friday into Saturday morning as some teams finished at 5 am and were back at the field at 7 am and your intrepid reporter (DW) was sound asleep in his hotel room.  But looking at the bracket and the BallClubz boxscore’s there were some upsets (defined as a lower class team beating a higher class team) and some interesting games.  L&S Glass beat Seminoles 19-9.  Beechy beat Gnats 33-21.  Dirty Vegas beat Smash It Sports 37-7.  Nitro Circus scored 9 in the bottom of the 7th and won on a walk off homer over Future 1’s 31-30.  Monsta beat LSR 65-52 in a game that was 20-17 after 1 inning…  Jason Matusik was on 9-9 with 8 hits and Mark Wik had 10 RBI.  Chick-fil-a scored 31 runs in the top of the 4th to come from behind and beat Cheap Suits 51-50.  This was in the wee hours of the morning after they had finished winning Dual #1!  Terrence Engles was on 8-8 and Jarod Kashner had 9 RBI.

In the “Round of 16” that was also played early Saturday morning/late Friday night MPT Rentals beat S&E 43-40 scoring 8 runs in the bottom of the 7th and winning on a 3 run homer by Josh Kirsten.  Competitive Edge beat Chick-fil-a 43-36 scoring 23 runs in the top of the 3rd.  Resmondo beat Westpoint 51-23.  Dirty Vegas beat L&S Glass 20-5 in 5 innings hitting just 2 home runs.  Monsta trounced Aristotle 36-6.  On Saturday the “Round of 16” finished up at 11 am with JBL run ruling Roofx 44-23 after scoring 19 in the top of the 1st inning.  Nitro Circus beat NFM Lending 24-9.  And Classic Glass beat Bay Area Legends 40-39.

In the quarterfinals a big crowd gathered Saturday afternoon as the local Dirty Vegas Texas team played Competitive Edge who also has sponsors and players from Texas.  Dirty Vegas took it to the Major team leading 12-8 after one inning.  But CE put up 10 in the 2nd and 15 in the 4th and led 38-28 going into the bottom of the 7th.  Dirty Vegas made it interesting scoring 8 runs in the bottom of the 7th and had the tying run on without any homer’s left when the CE pitcher Mike Thorbrogger made a nice play on a middle shot to end it.  CE shortstop Logan Rogers had 8 RBI in the victory.  MPT Rentals scored 13 in the 2nd and 15 in the 4th to beat Classic Glass in 5 innings 43-22.  Joe Joe Bennett was 6-6 with 5 extra base hits.  Nitro Circus came from behind to upset Monsta 24-22 as lead off hitter Cabot Van Til was 5-5 with 5 runs scored and 5 extra base hits.  Resmondo as if they needed to play more went 9 innings to beat JBL 49-46.

Competitive Edge pitcher Mike Thorbrogger makes a nice play to preserve a win over rival Dirty Vegas.

In the “Final 4” of Dual #2 Nitro Circus run ruled MPT Rentals in 5 innings leaving them on the field in the bottom of the 5th 36-21.  Joseph Capparelli was 5-5, with 5 extra base hits, and 9 RBI.  And Competitive Edge scored 23 in the bottom of the 2nd and 23 more in the bottom of the 3rd to 3 inning mercy rule Resmondo 48-18.  Ryan Honeycutt, Brian Zirkle, Mitch Lendenski, and Faron Miller were all either 5-5 or 6-6 hitting in the win.

In the winner’s bracket finals late Saturday night in very cool conditions Competitive Edge scored 23 in the bottom of the 1st, 13 in the bottom of the 2nd, and Nitro Circus scored 26 in the top of the 3rd.  But with the home runs gone Competitive Edge left Nitro Circus on the field in the 5th 50-34.  In the loser’s bracket LSR made a 3 game run, Roofx made a 3 game run, and Primetime made a 3 game run, but the major teams dropped into the loser’s bracket and squashed those runs.  But Sports Reach beat Gnats 31-6, Big Apple 28-13, NFM 44-40, Dirty Vegas 33-22, JBL 43-28, and MPT 36-32, before losing Sunday morning to Resmondo with a depleted squad and finishing an impressive 4th.  Resmondo meanwhile knocked off Monsta late Saturday night, Sports Reach Sunday morning, and Nitro Circus in the loser’s final to advance to the championship.



Sunday Dual #2 Recap

Bazat makes a play against Nitro Circus Sunday morning.

In the championship a “fresher” (if that’s a word) Competitive Edge team led the entire way and beat Resmondo 43-29 scoring 12 in the top of the 2nd and 11 in the top of the 4th.  Resmondo left 5 home runs on the table.  CE Lead off hitter Mitch Lendenski was MVP and was on base 7-7 in the championship game, hit for the cycle, and had 7 RBI and 6 runs scored!  It was CE’s first tournament win of the year and the 4th different winner in 5 tournaments for the Conference.  Resmondo finished 2nd twice in Texas but the huge points they earned pushes them out to a 170 point lead in the Conference standings!  The amount of close but high scoring games in this tournament was incredible because the ball was so good the offenses that were losing were able to focus and come from behind and put up a big number.

I want to thank the umpires for their tireless work day and night and day and night at this event.  Euless needs to go back to a single tournament event.  They just don’t have the fields to play a 38 team dual.  I also want to thank all of the teams that used the BallClubz scoring app.  We need all teams to use this going forward.  Eventually the player that is up to bat along with their stats will be displayed on the livestream if teams use the BallClubz app.  The conference travels to Myrtle Beach beginning Friday, May 12th and 3 of the Major teams are scheduled to be there (Resmondo, Monsta, and MPT Rentals).

CE pitcher Mason Farmer hits a grand slam against Resmondo in the championship.


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Long Bomber of the Week!

Chad Mullins wins the long bomber of the week.  It felt like he hit one the longest in a week of long homer’s!  Honorable mention is Bradley Jones who hit one line drive homer that actually looked like it was still going up when it passed the home run fence…



Texas Legends Results and Awards Dual #1

MVP – Chick-fil-a Pitcher Patrick Center

Defensive MVP – Chick-fil-a Middle Infielder Tanai Alston

Offensive MVP – Resmondo Infielder Kyle Pearson



Texas Legends Results and Awards Dual #2

Dual #2 MVP – Competitive Edge Outfielder Mitch Lendenski


Sorry I don’t have a picture of Faron.

Dual #2 MVP Defensive MVP – Competitive Edge Pitcher Faron Miller


Dual #2 MVP Offensive MVP – Resmondo Infielder Phil Matte



Team by Team Notes In Order of Average Finish


1st Place – Resmondo/SIS/All-American/Menosse (FL-Major)

Avg Finish: 2.0    Record: 12-4
Dual #1    2nd (6-2)    Runs: 43.3    Allowed: 36.4    Diff: 6.9
Dual #2    2nd (6-2)    Runs: 36.0    Allowed: 24.3    Diff: 11.8

Wins: Vivid(B), S&E(AA), JBL(AA), Monsta(M), MPT(M), SmashIt(AA), Beechy(B), WestPoint(AA), Monsta(M), SportsReach(AA), Nitro Circus(AA)
Losses: SmashIt(AA), Chick-fil-a(AA), CompEdge(M), CompEdge(M)

Resmondo is beat up and have played a ton of games this year, but their offense has been elite, the best we have seen in recent memory and they have earned a 170 point lead in the conference standings.  Kyle Pearson was .918 with 15 HR and a whopping 47 RBI in Dual #1.  Phil Matte was .838 with 16 HR and 44 RBI in Dual #2.


2nd Place – MPT Rentals / Juno Athletics (NJ-Major)

Avg Finish: 4.5    Record: 9-4
Dual #1    4th (6-2)    Runs: 34.1    Allowed: 28.0    Diff: 6.1
Dual #2    5th (3-2)    Runs: 33.8    Allowed: 30.2    Diff: 3.6

Wins: Beechy(B), BigApple(B), Roofx(AA), JBL(AA), NitroCircus(AA), Epic(TBD), Cornerstone(B), S&E(AA), Classic Glass(AA), 
Losses: PrimeTime(A), Resmondo(M),  Nitro Circus(AA), Sports Reach(AA)

It didn’t feel like MPT had the 2nd best average finish in Texas but they did.  And most of their losses were close, many by 1 run.  They also were banged up but also didn’t beat a Major team and only faced one.  It appears Argen Dodds left the team and Dale Brungardt (hand) and Jeff Roxby (arm/hand) are injured.  Ryan Harvey had 14 HR in Dual #1 and Josh Kirsten a .763 on base percentage.  Chris Anninos .786 in the 2nd dual.


Tied 3rd Place – Monsta/Sonny’s/Worsham/RedAthlete (NC-Major)

Avg Finish: 5.0    Record: 8-4
Dual #1    5th (4-2)    Runs: 35.0    Allowed: 33.2    Diff: 1.8
Dual #2    5th (4-2)    Runs: 33.0    Allowed: 22.3    Diff: 10.7

Wins: BigApple(B), LSGlass(A), Sports Reach(AA), Primetime(A), LSR(TBD), Aristotle(A), Primetime(A), Roofx(AA)
Losses: Chick-fil-a(AA), Resmondo(M), Nitro Circus(AA), Resmondo(M)

Monsta didn’t make a final 4 and lost to Resmondo twice.  Rumor is they cut one or both of their pitchers (LC Watson, and Mike Jacobsen) and picked up former Rock Run pitcher Erik Lehman.  Heath Barnes had a big weekend .750 with 29 extra base hits.  Jeremy Yates .848 in the 1st dual.  Steele Lewis was .893 in the 2nd dual even though he hated hitting the Worth Hot Dot.


Tied 3rd Place – Nitro Circus/Candy Shop/Ataraxis (MD-AA)

Avg Finish: 5.0    Record: 7-4
Dual #1    7th (3-2)    Runs: 33.0    Allowed: 23.6    Diff: 9.4
Dual #2    3rd (4-2)    Runs: 26.8    Allowed: 27.2    Diff: -0.3

Wins: Future1’s(B), TRU(A), Beechy(B), Future1’s(B), NFM(A), Monsta(M), MPT(M), 
Losses: SmashIt(AA), MPT(M), CompEdge(M), Resmondo(M)

2-2 against Major teams and highest finishing ‘AA’ team again.  Nitro Circus continues to grind.  Nick Day .840 and Jared Hunt .800 in Dual #1.  Capparelli .800 with 12 HR in Dual #2.  Cap is running for rookie of the year and is 3rd in the league in on base percentage behind Kyle Pearson and John Radich.



5th Place – Sports Reach/Demarini/CT/LLS (KY-AA)

Avg Finish: 6.5    Record: 11-4
Dual #1    9th (4-2)    Runs: 34.0    Allowed: 28.2    Diff: 5.8
Dual #2    4th (7-2)    Runs: 29.3    Allowed: 26.6    Diff: 2.8

Wins: Vivid(B), Seminoles(AA), Siteman(A), GNATS(A), BigApple(B), NFM(A), Rebel(A), DirtyVegas(A), JBL(AA), MPT(M)
Losses: Primetime(A), Monsta(M), WestPoint(A), Resmondo(M)

A big weekend for Sports Reach making runs in the loser’s bracket after losing their opening game in both tournaments.  Robert Blackburn was .853 with 9 HR in the 1st Dual.  Austin Mapes was .800 with 19 HR and 38 RBI in the 2nd dual, Tommy Melton .818, and pitcher Mark Blaziewske .880 with 10 HR.

6th Place – CompetitiveEdge/Suncoast/FBI/Olmito (FL-Major)

Avg Finish: 7.0    Record: 8-2
Dual #1    13th (2-2)    Runs: 31.0    Allowed: 26.5    Diff: 4.5
Dual #2    1st (6-0)    Runs: 45.0    Allowed: 29.3    Diff: 15.7

Wins: Infinity(B), VSS(B), Infinity(B), DirtyVegas(A), Resmondo(M), Nitro Circus(AA), Resmondo(M)
Losses: Chick-fil-a(AA), Beechy(B)

Competitive Edge lost to a ‘B’ team Beechy in dual #1 but then totally redeemed themselves by going undefeated and beating Resmondo twice in Dual #2.  Faron Miller injured a foot but young Mason Farmer pitched CE to a Sunday win over Resmondo from start to finish and hit a grand slam to boot!  Bubba Mack was .813 and Zirkle .917 in dual #1.  Joe Boland was .941 in dual #2 before food poisoning sidelined him.  Honeycutt was .808 and Conner Murray .917.  But it was MVP Mitch Lendenski was .923 with 11 extra base hits who stole the show.


Tied 7th Place – PrimeTime/Easton (GA-A)

Avg Finish: 8.0   Record: 7-4
Dual #1   7th (3-2)   Runs: 22.8   Allowed: 26.6   Diff: -3.8
Dual #2   9th (4-2)   Runs: 19.3   Allowed: 27.0   Diff: -7.7

Wins: SportsReach(AA), MPT(M), S&E(AA), Vivid(B), Beechy(B), L&S(A), Epic(TBD)
Losses: Epic(TBD), Monsta(M), S&E, Monsta(M)

Primetime made a couple of nice runs in the loser’s brackets to the point they are the highest average finishing ‘A’ team.  Roderick Armour their pitcher was .826 with 10 HR and 21 RBI in dual #1.  Alonzo Fields and Aaron Jackson led the offense in dual #2.  Primetime is averaging over 200 points per tournament and have laid the foundation for a Major World Series berth.


Tied 7th Place – JBL/D1/Tailgaters/Ignite (OH-AA)

Avg Finish: 8.0   Record: 5-4
Dual #1   9th (2-2)   Runs: 41.0   Allowed: 43.5   Diff: -2.5
Dual #2   7th (3-2)   Runs: 38.2   Allowed: 29.6   Diff: 8.6

Wins: Rebel(A), BayArea(A), Epic(TBD), Roofx(AA), LSR(TBD)
Losses: Resmondo(M), MPT(M), Resmondo(M), SportsReach(AA)

A solid weekend for JBL who came close to beating Resmondo in the 9th inning and had a nice win over Roofx.  Steve Edwards was .800 and John Radich .826 in Dual #1.  David Johnson was .885 and Brian McBryde .850 in Dual #2 as Radich hit 13 HR and had 28 RBI.  Radich is currently 2nd in on base percentage in the league.

Cody Roton may have found a new home at 3rd base for JBL


Tied 9th Place – Chick-fil-A/Slugger/BAF/Shore Irrig VA-AA

Avg Finish: 9.0   Record: 7-2
Dual #1   1st (6-0)   Runs: 34.2   Allowed: 24.3   Diff: 9.8
Dual #2   17th (1-2)   Runs: 38.7   Allowed: 43.7   Diff: -5.0

Wins: NFM(A), CompEdge(M), Monsta(M), Epic(TBD), SmashIt(AA), Resmondo(M), Cheap Suits(A)
Losses: CompEdge(M), Epic(TBD)

Chick-fil-a went on a historic run to win Dual #1 beating 3 different Major teams.  Matt Brady was .813 with 12 doubles in Dual #1.  Patrick Center .800 with 13 extra base hits.  In Dual #2 Cody Collins .938, Terrance Engles .800, and Jarod Kashner .882.  Some lofty numbers compiled for the #fightingchickens and a huge points weekend where they are 10th in the standings even though they have only played 4 tournaments.  They played without Aaron Stidham.

The team made a collage of their photographer pictures, nice!


Tied 9th Place – Epic/Haymak/Kilmans/FLS/Koval/Pure SC-TBD

Avg Finish: 9.0   Record: 5-4
Dual #1   5th (3-2)   Runs: 27.2   Allowed: 22.8   Diff: 4.4
Dual #2   13th (2-2)   Runs: 28.3   Allowed: 28.8   Diff: -0.5

Wins: Classic Glass(AA), Roofx(AA), Primetime(A), Siteman(A), Chick-fil-a(AA)
Losses: Chick-fil-a(AA), MPT(M), JBL(AA), Primetime(A)

A good weekend for Epic as they score good points towards the Major.  Clayton Farrar was .800 in Dual #1 with 8 HR.  He was also .800 in Dual #2.  They also have some new middle infielders to the Conference Eddie Hutchinson and Zach Pender who looked like interesting talents.


11th Place – Roofx/Revolution/Albicocco/AllHustl IN-AA

Avg Finish: 10.0   Record: 6-4
Dual #1   13th (2-2)   Runs: 33.3   Allowed: 27.0   Diff: 6.3
Dual #2   7th (4-2)   Runs: 26.7   Allowed: 23.8   Diff: 2.8

Wins: VSS(B), Str8play(A), Siteman(A), TRU(A), WestPoint(AA), Classic Glass(AA)
Losses: Epic(TBD), MPT(M), JBL(AA), Monsta(M)

Roofx is up to 6th in the points.  They lost close games to Epic and MPT and had a rough game against JBL.  But made a run in the 2nd dual in the loser’s bracket.  Jeremy Fry was .909 in the 1st dual and lead off hitter Arlis Miller was .818 with 11 HR.  Joey Miller led the 2nd dual at .808 and Arliss and Terry Lambright had 21 RBI.  Roofx is due to break through but are actually well ahead of what they did by this time last year.  They will take another shot at the major teams next weekend in Myrtle Beach.


Tied 12th Place – DirtyVegas/Steel/Envy TX-TBD

Avg Finish: 13.0   Record: 5-4
Dual #1   17th (2-2)   Runs: 30.5   Allowed: 24.8   Diff: 5.8
Dual #2   9th (3-2)   Runs: 27.6   Allowed: 17.4   Diff: 10.2

Wins: Aristotle(A), LSR(TBD), Menace(B), SmashIt(AA), LSGlass(A)
Losses: BigApple(B), S&E(AA), CompEdge(M), SportsReach(AA)

A nice weekend on their home turf for DirtyVegas.  They played Competitive Edge tough in an entertaining game and annihilated Smash It Sports in 3 innings.  Chris Roberts was .818 in the 1st Dual, Shawn Huseman .810, and the return of Billy Maggard to the Conference as he was .826 with 10 HR.  In Dual #2 Nick Perez was .800, Mario Maralez .808, and Jordan Harrison .750.  Dirty Vegas gets the “scrappy” tag.


Tied 12th Place – S&E NC-AA

Avg Finish: 13.0   Record: 4-4
Dual #1   9th (3-2)  Runs: 32.4   Allowed: 30.0   Diff: 2.4
Dual #2   17th (1-2)   Runs: 37.3   Allowed: 30.0   Diff: 7.3

Wins: WestPoint(AA), DirtyVegas(TBD), NFM(A), PrimeTime(A)
Losses: Resmondo(M), PrimeTime(A), MPT(M), LSR(TBD)

S&E played a whole bunch of 1 run games which is good for development.  They were so close to beating Resmondo and MPT and breaking through to the big points but came up short.  They parted ways with pitcher Sean Ramsey who went to Nitro Circus.  Casey Jones was .917 and Hunter Oliver had 11 HR in dual #1.  Dustin Burris .938, Bill Cullen .813, and Jacob Hoskins .944 in dual #2.  We are still waiting to see the best from S&E very much like Roofx but the foundation for a good season has been set.

Sponsor/Manager Elvin Herring once won the 1994 USSSA Major World Series as Sponsor/Manager of Converters.


14th Place – SmashIt/BayAreaLegends/BaughFord/BD CA-AA

Avg Finish: 14.0   Record: 4-4
Dual #1   3rd (4-2)   Runs: 34.5   Allowed: 30.2   Diff: 4.3
Dual #2   25th (0-2)   Runs: 18.5   Allowed: 41.5   Diff: -23.0

Wins: LSR(TBD), Seminoles(AA), NitroCircus(AA), Resmondo(M)
Losses: Chick-fil-a(AA), Resmondo(M), DirtyVegas(TBD), Str8play(A)

Smashit played great in Dual #1 scoring big points, beating Resmondo, and then playing Chick-fil-a and Resmondo in close losses.  But they got worked over in Dual #2 showing they will be inconsistent but good at times all year.  Duals are not their thing.  Luis Reyna was on it all weekend .871 in Dual #1 and 1000 in just a few at bats in dual #2.  Tommie Baugh left the team and went to LSR.

Josh Cardwell with another great diver.


Tied 15th Place – NFMLending/4TheFallen/KBasInc/Lund AZ-A

Avg Finish: 15.0   Record: 4-4
Dual #1   13th (3-2)   Runs: 32.4   Allowed: 28.0   Diff: 4.4
Dual #2   17th (1-2)   Runs: 30.0   Allowed: 33.3   Diff: -3.3

Wins: EAS(B), Future1’s(B), Bay Area(A), TRU(A)
Losses: Chick-fil-a(AA),  S&E(AA), NitroCircus(AA), SportsReach(AA)

NFM played a couple of those ‘AA’ teams close but just couldn’t break through going 0-4 against them.  Hunter Ramirez .808 11 HR 23 RBI led the offense in Dual #1.  Kade Christensen and John Sierra over .800 in Dual #2.  John Brown is still doing a lot of the pitching as Brian Therkildsen heals from an injury.

Tied 15th Place – Bay Area Legends CA-A

Avg Finish: 15.0   Record: 3-4
Dual #1   17th (1-2)   Runs: 25.7   Allowed: 31.7   Diff: -6.0
Dual #2   13th (2-2)   Runs: 37.3   Allowed: 28.0   Diff: 9.3

Wins: Siteman(A), BigApple(B), Future1’s(B)
Losses: JBL(AA), NFM(A), ClassicGlass(AA), LSR(TBD)


Tied 17th Place – Beechy Const/I-57 Roofing/Rocke OHD MO-B

Avg Finish: 17.0   Record: 5-4
Dual #1   9th (4-2)   Runs: 27.3   Allowed: 27.0   Diff: 0.3
Dual #2   25th (1-2)   Runs: 21.3   Allowed: 24.7   Diff: -3.3

Wins: Cornerstone(B), ClassicGlass(AA), L&SGlass(A), CompetitiveEdge(AA), GNATS(A), 
Losses: MPT(M), NitroCircus(AA), Resmondo(M), Primetime(A)

After a 1 run win against Cornerstone to start their Conference career, Beechy lost by 9 to MPT then beat Classic, L&S Glass, and then Competitive Edge by 1 to finish 9th!  5 wins on the weekend and by far the best performance by a ‘B’ team at a dual since Rock Run last year.  David Yoder .800 on base percentage and Scott Patterson .759 10 HR 27 RBI led the way in Dual #1.  Kyle Burkhardt .786 and Adam Harrington .786 led the 2nd Dual numbers.


Tied 17th Place – Classic Glass/Easton CA-AA

Avg Finish: 17.0   Record: 2-4
Dual #1   25th (0-2)   Runs: 15.5   Allowed: 25.5   Diff: -10.0
Dual #2   9th (2-2)   Runs: 26.0   Allowed: 32.5   Diff: -6.5

Wins: Rebel(A), Bay Area(A)
Losses: Epic(TBD), Beechy(B), MPT(M), Roofx(AA)

Classic Glass was missing 4 starters in dual #1 and it showed.  In Dual #2 many of those starters were able to play and they won 2 in a row to start the tournament.  Ryan Ramirez .789 10 HR 26 RBI (dual 2), Shannon Smith, Rucelle Consigny, Billy Wright, and Blake Lively led the offense.  Dan Kirkwood did some pitching.


Tied 17th Place – L & S Glass/MyAutoJack CA-A

Avg Finish: 17.0   Record: 2-4
Dual #1   17th (1-2)   Runs: 33.0   Allowed: 33.0   Diff: 0.0
Dual #2   17th (1-2)   Runs: 11.3   Allowed: 14.7   Diff: -3.3

Wins: Aristotle(A), Seminoles(AA)
Losses: Monsta(M), Beechy(B), DirtyVegas(TBD), Primetime(A)

L&S Glass had a really entertaining shootout with Monsta in which they lost 47-44 but otherwise an unremarkable 2 wins which will happen to ‘A’ teams when the field is so stacked with 14 Major and AA teams.



Avg Finish: 17.0   Record: 5-4
Dual #1   25th (1-2)   Runs: 21.7   Allowed: 21.0   Diff: 0.7
Dual #2   9th (4-2)   Runs: 31.3   Allowed: 31.2   Diff: 0.2

Wins: Menace(B), VSS(B), CheapSuits(A), S&E(AA), Bay Area(A)
Losses: SmashIt(AA), DirtyVegas(TBD), Monsta(M), JBL(AA)

LSR came alive in Dual #2 for the first time this season as they beat S&E and Bay Area in back to back 1 run wins and how about those 52 runs they scored against Monsta but lost.


Tied 17th Place – Str8play/Rebel/Franchise Apparel CA-A

Avg Finish: 17.0   Record: 4-4
Dual #1   17th (2-2)   Runs: 30.3   Allowed: 30.8   Diff: -0.5
Dual #2   17th (2-2)   Runs: 28.3   Allowed: 28.0   Diff: 0.3

Wins: Coursey(B), Infinity(B), VSS(B), SmashIt(AA)
Losses: Seminoles(AA), Roofx(AA), Aristotle(A), WestPoint(AA)

They sent home SmashIt which was probably the highlight of their weekend.  They did win 4 games.


Tied 17th Place – TRU/Riot/Timeless/LA VA-A

Avg Finish: 17.0   Record: 3-4
Dual #1   17th (1-2)   Runs: 21.7   Allowed: 38.7   Diff: -17.0
Dual #2   17th (2-2)   Runs: 29.8   Allowed: 33.5   Diff: -3.8

Wins: Cheap Suits(A), EAS(B), Infinity(B)
Losses: NitroCircus(AA), Siteman(A), NFM(A), Roofx(AA)

TRU won 3 games but didn’t really make the splash they wanted.  After the tournament they released Sport Williams their ‘B’ World MVP pitcher from last year so it will be interesting to see who they pick up.

Tied 23rd Place – Rebel/Str8play/Prime Threadz MI-A

Avg Finish: 19.0   Record: 3-4
Dual #1   25th (0-2)   Runs: 32.5   Allowed: 33.5   Diff: -1.0
Dual #2   13th (3-2)   Runs: 23.4   Allowed: 18.8   Diff: 4.6

Wins: Cornerstone(B), Aristotle(A)
Losses: JBL(AA), Siteman(A), ClassicGlass(AA), SportsReach(AA)


Tied 23rd Place – Siteman/Pure MO-A

Avg Finish: 19.0   Record: 2-4
Dual #1   13th (2-2)   Runs: 30.8   Allowed: 22.3   Diff: 8.5
Dual #2   25th (0-2)   Runs: 18.0   Allowed: 26.5   Diff: -8.5

Wins:  Rebel(A), TRU(A)
Losses: Bay Area(A), SportsReach(AA), Roofx(AA), Epic(TBD)

Lots of close losses and wins for Siteman who got stuck on those big baseball fields a number of times.


Tied 23rd Place – WestPoint IN-AA

Avg Finish: 19.0   Record: 3-4
Dual #1   25th (1-2)   Runs: 29.7   Allowed: 36.3   Diff: -6.7
Dual #2   13th (2-2)   Runs: 29.8   Allowed: 33.0   Diff: -3.3

Wins: GNATS(A), SportsReach(AA), Str8play(A)
Losses: S&E(AA), Roofx(AA), Resmondo(M), Roofx(AA)

A bit of an up and down weekend for Westpoint.  They do have the best uniforms in the conference if I haven’t already said that…


Tied 26th Place – Big Apple/NYPD/BC Apparel TX-B

Avg Finish: 21.0   Record: 3-4
Dual #1   17th (2-2)   Runs: 20.0   Allowed: 27.5   Diff: -7.5
Dual #2   25th (1-2)   Runs: 10.0   Allowed: 25.0   Diff: -15.0

Wins: DirtyVegas(A), CheapSuits(A)
Losses: Monsta(M), MPT(M), BayArea(A), SportsReach(AA)

The home town favorite got a couple big wins against ‘A’ teams.


Tied 26th Place – Future 1s / Proton / TruDomn8 TX-B

Avg Finish: 21.0   Record: 3-4
Dual #1   25th (1-2)   Runs: 25.3   Allowed: 35.0   Diff: -9.7
Dual #2   17th (2-2)   Runs: 29.5   Allowed: 28.3   Diff: 1.3

Wins: Coursey(B), EAS(B), Seminoles(AA)
Losses: NitroCircus(AA), NFM(A), NitroCircus(AA), BayArea(A)

Future1’s and Big Apple two non-conference Texas teams that played very well in the Dual.  Future1’s was trying to be a conference team it was rumored this past off season.


Tied 26th Place – Seminoles/Nacsf.Inc/TPS/RS/Anarchy OK-AA

Avg Finish: 21.0   Record: 2-4
Dual #1   17th (1-2)   Runs: 37.3   Allowed: 40.0   Diff: -2.7
Dual #2   25th (1-2)   Runs: 19.0   Allowed: 19.0   Diff: 0.0

Wins: Str8play(A), Coursey(B)
Losses: SmashIt(AA), SportsReach(AA), L&SGlass(A), Future1’s(B)

Another rough weekend for Seminoles.  So rough I evidently didn’t even get a picture of any of them…


Tied 29th Place – ARISTOTLE / FBI AR-A

Avg Finish: 25.0   Record: 1-4
Dual #1   33rd (0-2)   Runs: 13.0   Allowed: 34.5   Diff: -21.5
Dual #2   17th (1-2)   Runs: 13.0   Allowed: 29.3   Diff: -16.3

Wins: Str8play(A)
Losses: L&S(A), DirtyVegas(A), Monsta(M), Rebel(A)

1-4 against mostly ‘A’ teams.  We still need to get this teams stats straightened out.  Call me Monday.


Tied 29th Place – Cheap Suits CA-A

Avg Finish: 25.0   Record: 2-4
Dual #1   25th (1-2)   Runs: 36.3   Allowed: 32.0   Diff: 4.3
Dual #2   25th (1-2)   Runs: 32.0   Allowed: 30.3   Diff: 1.7

Wins: Menace(B), Menace(B)
Losses: TRU(A), BigApple(B), Chick-fil-a(AA), LSR(TBD)

They beat Menace twice and lost to Chick-fil-a 51-50.  A rough start to 2023 for the tuxedo men.


Tied 29th Place – Infinity Contractors OK-B

Avg Finish: 25.0   Record: 2-4
Dual #1   25th (1-2)   Runs: 23.3   Allowed: 28.3   Diff: -5.0
Dual #2   25th (1-2)   Runs: 26.3   Allowed: 34.3   Diff: -8.0

Wins: EAS(B), Coursey(B)
Losses: CompEdge(M), Str8play(A), CompEdge(M), TRU(A)

Played well for a non conference ‘B’ team.


Tied 29th Place – VSSI/SOLDADOS TX-B

Avg Finish: 25.0   Record: 2-4
Dual #1   17th (2-2)    Runs: 17.0   Allowed: 22.8   Diff: -5.8
Dual #2   33rd (0-2)   Runs: 15.5   Allowed: 23.0   Diff: -7.5

Wins: WestPoint(AA)
Losses: Roofx(AA), CompEdge(M), LSR(TBD), Str8play(A)

Nonconference VSS had a nice win over WestPoint in a game which featured a little bench clearing near scuffle.


Tied 33rd Place – Cornerstone/Rebel/Str8Play/Redeemed KY-B

Avg Finish: 29.0   Record: 1-4
Dual #1   33rd (0-2)   Runs: 20.5   Allowed: 27.5   Diff: -7.0
Dual #2   25th (1-2)   Runs: 23.0   Allowed: 26.0   Diff: -3.0

Wins: Vivid(B)
Losses: Beechy(B), SportsReach(AA), MPT(M), Rebel(A)

Tough place to start the Conference season as a ‘B’ team.  That rivalry game with Rebel was probably fun.


Tied 33rd Place – Vivid / Killbombers / Onyx / Klutch TX-B

Avg Finish: 29.0   Record: 1-4
Dual #1   25th (1-2)   Runs: 16.3   Allowed: 30.3   Diff: -14.0
Dual #2   33rd (0-2)   Runs: 24.0   Allowed: 32.0   Diff: -8.0

Wins: GNATS(A)
Losses: Resmondo(M), SportsReach(AA), Cornerstone(B), PrimeTime(A)

Kilburn is back with a new Vivid squad in Conference.


Tied 35th Place – CourseyRealty/EliteSecurity/Anarchy CA-B

Avg Finish: 33.0   Record: 0-4
Dual #1   33rd (0-2)   Runs: 15.0   Allowed: 30.0   Diff: -15.0
Dual #2   33rd (0-2)   Runs: 18.0   Allowed: 28.0   Diff: -10.0

Losses: Future1’s(B), Str8play(A), Infinity(B), Seminoles(AA)



Avg Finish: 33.0   Record: 0-4
Dual #1   33rd (0-2)   Runs: 20.0   Allowed: 26.5   Diff: -6.5
Dual #2   33rd (0-2)   Runs: 22.5   Allowed: 38.0   Diff: -15.5

Losses: Infinity(B), NFM(A), Future1’s(B), TRU(A)


Tied 35th Place – GNATS/Quad D Electric AR-A

Avg Finish: 33.0   Record: 0-4
Dual #1   33rd (0-2)   Runs: 18.0   Allowed: 31.0   Diff: -13.0
Dual #2   33rd (0-2)   Runs: 13.5   Allowed: 32.0   Diff: -18.5

Losses: Beechy(B), SportsReach(AA), Vivid(B), WestPoint(AA)

Vlad Gomez, Kyle Bullock, Myles McGhee, and Brian Bryles are some Conference names that are on GNATS roster.  Kind of an FBI/Gametime feel to the roster.


Tied 35th Place – MENACE TX-B

Avg Finish: 33.0   Record: 0-4
Dual #1   33rd (0-2)   Runs: 18.0   Allowed: 38.0   Diff: -20.0
Dual #2   33rd (0-2)   Runs: 3.5   Allowed: 24.5   Diff: -21.0

Losses: LSR(TBD), Cheap Suits(A), LSR(TBD), Cheap Suits(A)

Menace lost to the same teams in each dual and I don’t see a roster online?


Did anyone cash in on their free Fuzzy taco?

Players have been getting Iv’s during duals this year.

Guess the shoe wearer?

You can follow the live scoring for any team that uses the BallClubz app. All teams will want to start using this app because eventually your batter’s name and his stats will be shown on the livestream as they come up to hit.



Faces in the Crowd / More Pictures

Crowds were actually down, probably because the lack of local teams and the fact the local teams didn’t have many night games.

Hard to tell if Marshburn touched the bag.

Looks like Scoggins was safe.

Resmondo had a wind shield on their dugout.

Looks like Steve may have been tossed.

Dual #2 Championship Umpires – Bruce Guillory and Anthony Champion

They ran out of Dudley Pro-M’s

Worth Hot Dot was used in the loser’s bracket of Dual #2 and both championship games.

Bat bucket testing at 240 compression.

Rebel manager and Conference Cares organizer Ryan Tallon with DeMarini’s Mike Cornell.

Long time conference player Chris Potts stopped by.

If you buy an exclusive Monsta bat from Joey Daily some proceeds go to MDA research.


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