2023 Seattle Dual “Who Won” Report —> Added Dual #2 Classic Glass vs Seminoles

Classic Glass vs Seminoles condensed game link

Seattle Dual #1 Video Clips link

Cheap Suits vs NFM Lending condensed game link

NFM Lendings Michael Gibson hits a walk off grand slam to beat Classic Glass Thursday night.


Men’s Seattle Dual #1 Major

The annual Christan Dowling derby dual was played at the Hogan park in Kent, Washington just outside of Seattle.  They used 300 foot fields and the Dudley Pro-M ball with regular 8-12-14 home run rules.  On the men’s side in Dual #1 which started early Thursday morning NFM Lending/4The Fallen/KBasInc/Lund (AZ-A) rolled through the tournament undefeated knocking off Cheap Suits (CA-A) 25-24 in the winner’s bracket finals Friday morning and again 34-29 in the championship Friday afternoon.  Seminoles/Nacsf.Inc/TPS/RS/Anarchy (OK-A) played 7 games to finish 3rd, and Classic Glass/Easton (CA-AA) the only AA team in the 17 team tournament finished 4th.

2023 Seattle Dual Bracket Link

2023 Seattle Dual Picture Album Link (adding action photos daily)

2023 Seattle Dual archived games link

A full report, picture album, condensed games, video clips, and rankings coming this week on ConferenceUSSSA.com!

1st Place – NFMLending/4TheFallen/BasInc/Lund (AZ-A)

2nd Place – Cheap Suits (CA-A)

3rd Place – Seminoles/Nacsf.Inc/TPS/RS/Anarchy (OK-A)

4th Place – Classic Glass/Easton (CA-AA)


Men’s Seattle Dual #2 Major

Dual #2 began Friday as the 1st Dual was concluding and they used unlimited home runs and 80 foot bases even on the 300 foot fields and most of the winner’s bracket was played on the turf baseball field with its 327-367-362-360-331 dimensions.  Classic Glass/Easton (CA-AA) was the “class” of the field going undefeated and beating EAS/GSSports/Suncoast (CO-B) 18-12 in the winner’s final Saturday night and again 21-5 in the championship on Sunday morning.  Tranont/Klutch/BSU a non-conference ‘B’ team finished an impressive 3rd knocking off NFM, Skangers, J&I, and Seminoles.  And Seminoles was 4th.

1st Place – Classic Glass/Easton (CA-AA)


3rd Place – Tranont/Klutch/BSU (UT-B)

4th Place – Seminoles/Nacsf.Inc/TPS/RS/Anarchy (OK-A)


Women’s Seattle Dual #1 Major

Smash It/Derby Girls/Rawlings powered their way to win both tournaments!

Smash It/Derby Girls/Rawlings (WA-Major) the #1 women’s team in the country lost the winner’s final of Dual #1 to Classic Glass/Nitro Circus/Rawlings (WA-Major) 13-7 on Friday then rolled through LaFamiglia/Fat Angelos/GTL/Worth  (PA-Major) 15-3 before “double dipping” Classic Glass 9-4 and 28-18 late Friday night to win the tournament.  On Saturday the 12 teams played the 2nd Dual and Smash It Sports went undefeated beating LaFamiglia in the winner’s final 23-22 and then 21-16 in the championship game.

1st Place – Smash it/Derby Girls/Rawlings (WA-Major)

2nd Place – Classic Glass/Nitro Circus/Rawlings (WA-Major)

3rd Place – LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/GTL/Worth (PA-Major)

4th Place – MAJ/SD Lighting/4Him/NVH (AZ-A)


Women’s Seattle Dual #2 Major

1st Place – Smash it/Derby Girls/Rawlings (WA-Major)

2nd Place – LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/GTL/Worth (PA-Major)

3rd Place – Classic Glass/Nitro Circus/Rawlings (WA-Major)



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