2024 Hall of Fame Classic tournament preview!

Reminder on the ball rule:  Anyone taking a game ball can be removed from the park.

2024 “Hall of fame Classic”

 Conference USSSA!

April 11-14

Tournament Preview

2024 USSSA Hall of Fame Dual bracket and team list links

The 2024 Conference USSSA season continues this coming Thursday, April 11th at 8 AM Eastern time with a 24 team double elimination tournament which will end with the championship game being played late Friday afternoon.  Then starting Friday at 3 PM and ending Sunday the same 24 teams will play another double elimination tournament.  23 of the 24 teams are from the Conference USSSA league and they come from 14 different states!   If you are doing the math at home this tournament is worth 180 + (23 x 4) = 272 points to the winner of each event.  There are 4 Major teams this year and 16 AA/A teams.  The tournament is being held at the USSSA headquarters in Viera, Florida at the Space Coast Stadium Complex with its 5 baseball fields including the Stadium and all of the fields have 325-365-385-365-325 dimensions.  The 50 foot pitching rubber and 75 foot bases will be used on all men’s fields.  All games with a ‘AA’ or above team in it will have a 14 home run limit and games with 2 Major teams in it will have a 16 HR limit.  The HR limit does not normally come into play on these fields unless the wind is blowing out and they will use the Dudley Stadium ZN ball.  On the women’s side there will also be a Dual tournament with the 1st tournament starting Thursday evening and ending Friday evening with 11 teams and the 2nd dual starts Saturday morning and ends Saturday night.

This is the “Daytona 500” of softball, the most impressive team list of any Major level event in the World.  USSSA’s top league, the Conference, began last weekend with the Las Vegas Major where Nitro Circus won the “if” game over LSR.  The Major teams Resmondo, Sonny’s, Juno Athletics, and Roofx should be the heavy favorites on the big fields this week but upsets are the norm during these 4 days of softball where teams in the past have played as many as 19 games!  Just 3 years ago Sports Reach won one of the HOF Dual tournaments as a ‘AA’ team!  Can anyone stop Resmondo who won all of the big tournaments a year ago and improved their roster with the additions of Jason Matusik and the return of Bubba Mack?  Can Roofx take the next step as they combine with Competitive Edge?  Will Sonny’s give Resmondo a run with the addition of pitcher Bill Pinkham?  And can MPT (now Juno) re-tool with all of the younger ‘AA’ players they picked up or will a ‘AA’ team like Nitro Circus, JBL, or Sports Reach finish ahead of one of these Major teams in the points?  Here is a link to the 2024 rosters.

Check out Conferenceusssa.com and USSSALive.com for tournament previews, reports, picture albums, rankings, condensed games, live streamed games, stats, league leaders,  the Hit & Sit Show, and more each week throughout the 2024 season!  They will have multiple cameras on the Stadium field for select games and most other fields will be covered by a single stationary camera.  The Chat Room will also be open so you can ask Jason Rowe “JRowe” questions during his livestream broadcasts and DW as he walks around to the different fields collecting video clips, pictures, and condensed games.  All teams will need to have their team picture taken by DW at some point during the weekend.  Good luck!

Games will be streamed onUSSSALive.com

Live stats on BallClubz.com

Tournament Chat Room

Team Lists


Space Coast Complex
5800 Stadium Parkway
Viera, Florida 32940

Red Baseball Quad and Stadium Dimensions 325-365-385-365-325

The White Quad softball fields are 325 feet all the way around.

The Conference Stadium ZN ball will be used on the baseball fields.

Always check with the director for time and field assignments as well as rain delay information.

Weekend Weather


Past Winners

1st Place HOF #1 – Monsta/Sonny’s/Worsham/RedAthlete (NC-Major)

2023 Hall of Fame Classic tournament report link

1st Place HOF #2 – Resmondo/SIS/All-American/Menosse (FL-Major)

2023 Hall of Fame Classic tournament report link


1st Place Women’s HOF #1 – Lady SNI/DeMarini/D1 (FL-Major)


1st Place Women’s HOF #2 – LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/GTL/Worth (PA-Major)


1st Place HOF #1 – Smash It/Thunder/Chosen/PureRF/BD/TDB (NY-Major)

2022 Hall of Fame Classic tournament report link

1st Place HOF #2 – Monsta/Albicocco/Racks/Nitro Circus (CA-Major)

1st Place HOF #1 & HOF #2 – Smash it/Derby Girls/LaClear/Easton (WA-Major)



2021 Dual #1 winner – Sports Reach/Worth/CT/Grizzy (KY-AA)

2021 Hall of Fame Classic tournament report


2021 Dual #2 winner – SmashItSports/Newbreed/TDB/RF/BD/T3 tied Resmondo/Menosse/Thunder/AA/SIS/RDD

2021 Dual #1 and Dual #2 winner – T24/Klutch/Broughton (FL-Major)

2020 Dual #1 winner – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI

2020 Hall of Fame Classic tournament report

2020 Dual #2 winner – SmashIt/Thunder/Backman/Albicocco

2020 Dual #1 winner – FL-M Backman/Team24/Miken/Worth

2020 Dual #2 winner – WA-M Smashit/DG4L/Sonnys/Easton

2019 Dual #1 winner – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI

2019 Dual #2 winner – TDB/Racks/Athlon

2019 Hall of Fame Classic tournament report

2018 Dual #1 winner – Resmondo/RDD/HAuto/AllIn/Sprizzi

2018 Hall of Fame Classic tournament report


2018 Dual #2 winner’s – Resmondo/RDD/HAuto/AllIn/Sprizzi and Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith

2017 Dual #1 winner – Dan Smith/Menosse

2017 Dual #2 winner – Smash It/Albicocco/Miken/Worth

2017 Hall of Fame Classic Tounament Report

2016 Dual #1 and Dual #2 winners – Backman S&S Louisville Slugger

2016 Hall of Fame Classic Tounament Report

2015 Dual #1 Smash It Sports/Compound Athletics

2015 Dual #2 winner Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth

2015 HOF Tournament Report

2014 Dual #1 and #2 Winner – Laservision/H Auto/JJ’s/Easton

2014 HOF tournament report link

2013 Dual #1 and #2 Winner – Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth


2013 Video Highlites

2013 HOF tournament report link

2012 Dual #1 Winner – Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth

2012 Dual #2 Winner – Nordkap/Desert Falls/Easton

2012 HOF tournament report link

2011 HOF tournament report link


2010 HOF tournament report link

2010 Results Dual #1

2010 Results Dual #2

2009 HOF tournament report link

2009 Results Dual #1

2009 Results Dual #2

2008 Results

2007 Results

2006 Results


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