2022 Salt Lake City Classic tournament report!

2022 Salt Lake City Classic

Salt Lake City, Utah 

September 2-4 


Tyler Ervine hit 26 HR in Competitive Edge’s two tournament wins!


Salt Lake City Hot Links

Competitive Edge middle infielder Jeff Roxby lays out in the championship game.  Check out all the great plays in the video clips.

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Salt Lake City Dual #1 Stats link (Updating throughout the week)

Salt Lake City Dual #2 Stats link (Updating throughout the week)




Dual #1 Recap

Arsenal a local ‘C’ team upset Classic Glass early Friday morning in Dual #1.

The 2022 Salt Lake City Classic began Dual #1 with 17 teams on Friday morning at 9 AM mountain time at the South Jordan Softball Complex on six 300 foot fields.  The light air and high altitude made for high scoring games even though they used the Dudley Pro-M ‘DV’ stamped ball for the most part and the temperatures reached 100 degrees, there just wasn’t any humidity so the ball absolutely flew!  The upsets started early and often as Arsenal Sports/TAF (UT-C) jumped out to a big lead on Classic Glass/Easton (CA-AA) only to see Classic come all the way back and take a brief lead before Classic lost in the bottom of the 7th 28-26 with plenty of homer’s left on the table.  In other 1st round action back on the back fields Anarchy/SmashItSports/Beloli/OA (NY-A) absolutely crushed BTR (UT-B) 32-7 as Brandon Streets went 5-5 with 3 HR and 9 RBI.  Nitro Circus/Klutch/199 BRC (MD-A) run ruled I-Stone/Cav’s Customs (UT-C) 25-4 holding I-Stone scoreless through the first 5 innings.  Chris Greinert, Dylan Shupe, and Aaron Conrad were all 4 for 4 hitting.  Back at the main quad Cheap Suits/Dirty/Republic RE (CA-A) broke open a close game with Bay Area Legends/Vivid (CA-B) by scoring 12 runs in the bottom of the 5th as two hitter Demario Boyd went 5-6 with 5 HR a grand slam and 14 RBI and 5 other players had 4 hit games!  Proton/Legacy Glove Co (AZ-AA) run ruled Klutch/Proton/79Brand/BSU (UT-C) as the first 7 batters in the Proton lineup all had at least 4 hits and Chad Mullins hit 4 HR.  Stars/NFM Lending/Arab $$$ (CO-A) scored 15 in the bottom of the 1st and 10 in the bottom of the 4th to beat Str8Play/JPS/SBT/HB (CA-B) 35-22.  For Stars Kyle Bradbury, Mark Deering, and Jon Donaldson each collected 5 hits and both teams hit their 12 HR limit.  #1 seed Competitive Edge/Olmito/Suncoast run ruled Remax/BCC (UT-C) who had won a play in game over Davis Dynasty.  Competitive Edge won 34-18 after trailing 14-10.  Ryan Honeycutt, Joe Boland, Mitch Lendenski, and Jeff Roxby all had 4 hits and they out homered Remax 14-9.  And in the highest scoring game of the “Round of 16” L&S Glass (CA-A) beat LundMortgage/4theFallen (AZ-A) 43-39 after Lund scored 13 in the 1st, 13 in the 2nd, and 10 in the 3rd!  Wow.  L&S two hitter Kenneth Duby was 5-6 with 5 HR and 11 RBI.

Stars takes down Str8Play.

Cheap Suits upsets Proton in Dual #1 “Round of 8”

In the “Round of 8” Nitro Circus scored 14 runs in the top of the 1st inning against Anarchy but by the 2nd inning Anarchy had taken a 3 run lead and Anarchy held on the rest of the way winning 38-33.  Brandon Streets for Anarchy was now 10-10 on the day adding to his league leading on base percentage.  Cheap Suits scored 14 in the top of the 1st and 13 more in the top of the 4th to 20 run mercy rule Proton 41-18.  Benigno, Lively, Cowles, and Bowlin each had 5 hits and Tyler Armstrong 6 hits and 3 HR in the upset victory.  In the lower half of the bracket Competitive Edge broke open a 17-13 lead by scoring 27 runs in the top of the 4th and beat Stars by the 20 run rule 44-22.  Jason Branch was 6-6 and Brandon Jackson had 5 hits and 7 RBI in the win.  And Lund Mortgage down 30-26 in the bottom of the 7th against upset minded Arsenal got a walk, then a pinch hit home run from Barnes, a single from Danny Higa, a single from Johnathan Sierra, a walk to Dustin Wager, and a walk off double from Isaiah Brown to win 31-30 and advance to the final 4!

Anarchy’s Brandon Streets went 14-14 to start the Utah Dual.



Dual #1 Final 4

Brandon Streets needing just a couple more plate appearances to secure the batting title had this massive collision with the Cheap Suits 1st baseman.  Luckily no one was injured.

In the “Final 4” Friday night Anarchy scored 12 runs on 5 homer’s in the top of the 1st inning vs Cheap Suits after hitting 4 solo’s to start the game and added 12 more in the top of the 2nd inning and went on to win 41-29.  Brandon Streets, Zane Migues, and rookie TJ Mccauley each had 5 hits in the win.  In the other semifinal Competitive Edge scored 10 in the top of the 2nd, 18 in the top of the 4th, and 17 in the top of the 5th to beat LundMortgage 47-17.  Ryan Honeycutt and Taylor Cobb had 6 hits each and Joe Boland 11 RBI in the win.

Comp Edge’s Mitch Lendenski hits a moon shot parking lot shot vs LundMortgage in the semifinals.


Dual #1 Winner’s Final Recap

Lendenski makes a big catch vs Anarchy in the winner’s final.

The winner’s final Friday night was a heavyweight battle between top seeded Competitive Edge and their league home run champion Tyler Ervine vs Anarchy who had to win a tournament to jump into the top 18 in Conference points to make the USSSA Major World Series and their league batting champion Brandon Streets.  Both players hit some absolute bombs measured at 470 feet.  Ervine went 5-6 with 4 HR 8 RBI and a walk.  Streets went 4-5 with 4 HR 7 RBI and a walk.  Their teams joined in the fun as well as each scored 10 or more runs in an inning twice each.  But as the home runs were used up the base hitting advantage went to Comp Edge and they pulled out a 44-32 laser show victory.

Brandon Streets sends one 470 feet!



Dual #1 Loser’s Bracket Recap

Remax takes down Str8Play in the loser’s bracket.

In the loser’s bracket non-conference ‘C’ team Remax beat Str8Play.  Non-Conference ‘C’ team Klutch beat Bay Areas ‘B’ team.  And BTR who remember lost to Anarchy by 25 in their opener came through the loser’s bracket playing all day Friday beating Davis Dynasty, I-Stone, Arsenal, Stars, and Cheap Suits before Lund Mortgage who had upset Proton then beat BTR late Friday night.  BTR finished an impressive 4th.

BTR starts their long run through the loser’s bracket.

On Saturday morning in the loser’s final Anarchy led by Brian Zirkle (pictured above) scored 18 runs in the bottom of the 2nd inning against Lund Mortgage and cruised to a 33-18 run rule victory.  Zirkle was 5-5 in the win.



Dual #1 Championship Recap

Zane Migues went 5-5 with 4 HR and 10 RBI in championship game #1 to force an “if” game.

In the 1st championship game Mrozek for Anarchy and Honeycutt for Comp Edge robbed home runs and Anarchy trailed 6-5 going into the top of the 3rd inning when a slew of Competitive Edge infield and outfield errors led to an 11 run Anarchy inning.  The defensive woes for Comp Edge continued and it affected their offense as well as they fouled out and grounded into doubleplays and before you knew it Anarchy had won the game by the run rule 31-12 and forced the ‘if’ game.  In the ‘if’ game Comp Edge scored 11 in the top of the 1st, 13 in the top of the 3rd, and 17 in the top of the 4th to win by the 20 run mercy rule!  Ervine was 6-6 with 8 RBI and MVP Ryan Honeycutt 5-6 with 2 HR and 5 RBI for CE.  It was their 1st tournament win of the season and left Anarchy one game short of making the Major World Series but it was a great run by Anarchy nevertheless.



Dual #2 Recap

Classic Glass takes on Anarchy in the final 8.

Dual #2 started Saturday afternoon as Dual #1 was finishing.  The same 17 teams were bracketed with some mixed up seeding so teams didn’t have to play the same teams as dual #1.  Anarchy’s offense continued to roll as they beat LundMortgage 41-14 scoring a whopping 22 runs in the top of the 5th inning.  Streets was 5-5 with 3 HR and 10 RBI in the win.  Classic Glass cruised past I-Stone 22-6.  Bay Area/Vivid beat Str8Play 27-9 in a battle of Conference ‘B’ teams.  Proton scored 18 in the top of the 4th to beat Davis Dynasty 38-15 as the top of the order Erickson-Lunda-Mullins-Nelson went 21-24 with 8 HR and 18 RBI.  In the lower half of the bracket Competitive Edge run ruled Remax 32-7 scoring 18 runs in the bottom of the 2nd as Mason Farmer went 4-4 with 4 HR and 10 RBI.  Cheap Suits used a walk off single by lead off hitter Chris Benigno to beat Stars 26-25.  Benigno was 5-5 in the game.  BTR beat L&S Glass 25-10 as Kameron King and Mason Moore each had 4 hits and Gavin Littledike was 5-5.  And Nitro Circus beat Arsenal 29-12 in 5 innings as Chris Greinert and Jake Ringold each had 4 hits.

Nitro Circus hits against BTR.

In the “Round of 8” a “fresher” Classic Glass team beat Anarchy 35-25.  Proton run ruled Bay Area/Vivid 33-12 as Erickson, Edwards, and Frentzel each had 5 hits.  Competitive Edge scored 13, 0, 14, 14 to leave Cheap Suits on the field 41-21 in 4 innings.  Ervine was 5-5 with 4 HR 9 RBI and Honeycutt had 5 hits.  And Nitro Circus punched their ticket to the Final 4 scoring 26 runs in the bottom of the 1st inning vs BTR!  But BTR answered in the top of the 3rd with 22 of their own but ended up losing 34-29.  Greinert was 6-6 and Tom Bloom had 5 hits in the win.

Cheap Suits battles Comp Edge



Dual #2 Final 4

Gregg Downing homer’s in the final 4 vs Proton

In the semifinals it was an early shootout as Proton scored 12 runs in both the top of the 1st and top of the 3rd against Classic Glass.  But Proton scored in every inning and pulled away to a 46-30 run rule win. Chad Mullins was 7-7, Brock Frentzel 6-6, and Chad Erickson 6-7 with 9 RBI in the victory.  In the other semifinal Competitive Edge with Mason Farmer on the mound trailed Nitro Circus 32-29 going into the top of the 7th.  Comp Edge scored 12 runs after a double play grounder hit the lip of the grass and bounced 15 feet high into the outfield and they held on to win 41-37.  Eventual MVP Joe Boland was 6-6 with 3 HR 7 RBI and Cody Roton was 5-6 with 6 RBI in the win.  Greinert had 6 hits and Tom Bloom 4 HR in the loss.



Dual #2 Winner’s Final Recap

Winner’s Final Brad Lunda hits against Mason Farmer.

In the winner’s final Sunday afternoon in near 100 degree temperatures with 10% humidity both teams put up some early zero’s but the meat of the Comp Edge order Ervine-Honeycutt-Boland went 14-18 with 7 HR and 14 RBI to lead CE past Proton in 7 innings 32-27.



Dual #2 Loser’s Bracket Recap

Remax beats Stars on a walk off single.

Lund Mortgage wins on a walk off homer over Klutch.

In the loser’s bracket Lund Mortgage beat Klutch on a walk off homer then scored 50 against I-Stone before BTR sent them home 40-26.  Then BTR beat Cheap Suits 35-30 before Classic Glass dropped down and beat BTR 24-17.  In the lower half of the bracket Arsenal upset L&S Glass before Anarchy dropped down and beat Arsenal and Bay Area before losing to Nitro Circus.  Classic Glass then finished in 4th place losing to Nitro Circus 43-23 and Nitro Circus then lost the loser’s final to Proton 38-27.

Davis Dynasty comes from behind to beat Str8Play.



Dual #2 Championship Recap

Cody Roton with another hit in the championship vs Proton.

In the championship game early Sunday evening Comp Edge put on a base hitting clinic scoring 25 runs in the 1st two innings on just 4 home runs.  They took advantage of some Proton defensive lapses as well as the sun being in the right fielders eyes and shut down Proton as well to earn a quick 29-7 run rule victory without having to bat in the bottom of the 4th.  It was Competitive Edges 2nd tournament win of the weekend and 3rd in the teams short conference existence.



Long Bomber of the Week!

There were many long bombs hit by many players in the light air in Salt Lake City but these two Brandon Streets and Tyler Ervine were hitting the 470 foot shots consistently.  I used the video and google earth to check the distances.  Streets was 54-63 .857 and essentially wrapped up the Conference batting title.   And Ervine was 47-59 .797 26 HR 61 RBI to give him 150 HR on the season, 5 short of Ryan Harveys all time single season record.



Salt Lake City Classic Results and Awards

Dual #1 Standings and Awards

Dual #1 MVP – Competitive Edge Right Fielder Ryan Honeycutt

Dual #1 Defensive MVP – Competitive Edge Pitcher Loyd Watson

Dual #1 Offensive MVP – Anarchy’s Brandon Street



Dual #2 Standings and Awards

Dual #2 MVP – Competitive Edge 3B Joe Boland

Dual #2 Defensive MVP – Competitive Edge Pitcher Mason Farmer

Dual #2 Offensive MVP – Proton Catcher Chad Mullins



Team by Team Notes


1st – Avg Finish: 1 Record: 10-1
Dual #1 1st (5-1) Runs: 37.3 Allowed: 22.8 Diff: 14.5
Dual #2 1st (5-0) Runs: 35.0 Allowed: 21.8 Diff: 13.2

As with most conference tournament wins this was a true team effort.  Manager Brandon Miller used just about every player in one tourny or the other and they all stepped up and played well.  The defense imploded in that one loss to Anarchy but otherwise played well enough to allow the offense to take over.  Honeycutt and Roton were over .800 for the weekend.  Ervine, Jackson, Boland, Roxby, Farmer, Cobb, Ramsey, Branch, Delagarzza, and Filoteo were all over .700.  Ervine had 26 HR and Boland 23.  CE has taken a step forward as the best ‘AA’ team in the country and is the #1 seed for ‘AA’ Worlds and it was well earned and a long time coming for sponsor Mark Patterson.  They played without pitcher Faron Miller.

Branch got to 3,000 career hits/walks in Conference and Major World Series play.  In the offseason I hope to create a page with career stats for all players.



Anarchy/SmashItSports/Beloli/OA NY-A

2nd – Avg Finish: 3.5 Record: 8-4
Dual #1 2nd (5-2) Runs: 31.9 Allowed: 26.6 Diff: 5.3
Dual #2 5th (3-2) Runs: 33.4 Allowed: 22.4 Diff: 11.0

Anarchy needed to win one of the tournaments and came up just one game short of doing just that.  They did play the best they have all season.  Thorbrogger was a machine on the mound in those long games.  Streets probably led the tournament in hitting and locked up the batting title.  Vanstratten and Migues coming over from Nightmare has bolstered the offense and they are now 6-7 vs ‘A’ teams and have 7 wins vs ‘AA’ teams this year.  They had a number of new faces like Mike Rauma, Chad McCarthy, SS William Marable, and rookie 3rd baseman TJ Mccauley.

P Thorbrogger, 2B Mike Snyder, RF Vanstratten, MI Migues

Mrozek makes a great catch



Proton / Legacy Glove Co. AZ-AA

2nd – Avg Finish: 3.5 Record: 7-4
Dual #1 5th (3-2) Runs: 32.6 Allowed: 28.0 Diff: 4.6
Dual #2 2nd (4-2) Runs: 31.5 Allowed: 24.2 Diff: 7.3

Proton got upset early in dual #1 by Cheap Suits and they were playing catchup the rest of the weekend and couldn’t get over the hump against Competitive Edge.  They played without Rettenmeier who was at the USA winning the ‘A’ but had everyone else.  Chad Mullins was .879 with 22 HR and 49 RBI.  Nelson hit 23 HR.  And Dickens, Lunda, Dezern, and Erickson all hit double digit HR.  The team on base percentage was .702 and they are still 15-4 vs ‘AA’ teams this year.

P Jose Flores and 2B Brian Dezern

3B Stewart, SS Dickens, MI Ussery, RF Lunda




4th – Avg Finish: 4.5 Record: 8-4
Dual #1 4th (5-2) Runs: 23.3 Allowed: 18.1 Diff: 5.1
Dual #2 5th (3-2) Runs: 29.2 Allowed: 24.8 Diff: 4.4

BTR played 11 games which for a ‘B’ team is incredible.  They had a .674 on base percentage as a team and were led by Gavin Littledike .774, Hoffman .795, Moore .755, and King .755.  Moore had 15 HR and 43 RBI.  Gonzalez had 21 HR and 42 RBI.  Pitcher Mateo Pacheco continues to lead this team to victories over higher level opponents with wins over Cheap Suits twice, Stars, Lund Mortgage, and L&S Glass.

3B Moore, SS Nielsen



Nitro Circus/Klutch/team 199/BRC MD-A

5th – Avg Finish: 5 Record: 6-4
Dual #1 7th (2-2) Runs: 30.8 Allowed: 29.0 Diff: 1.8
Dual #2 3rd (4-2) Runs: 33.7 Allowed: 27.5 Diff: 6.2

Nitro Circus finished best in class in Dual #2 but was tripped up early in Dual #1 by Anarchy after scoring 14 runs in the top of the 1st.  They played without Bishop Harris, Howard Deemer, and Robbie Fow but really didn’t miss a beat.  Herren who formerly played with Anarchy was .806.  The team on base percentage was a staggering .708.  Greinert, Conrad, Bloom, and Hall were all 12 HR or more – Bloom had 16 and 42 RBI as a workhorse pitcher!  They are now 7-6 vs ‘AA’ and 13-6 vs ‘A’ this year and are the favorites for USSSA ‘A’ Worlds a few weeks from now.


Conrad played with Chick-fil-a last year and was all tourny Dual #2


LundMortgage/4theFallen AZ-A

6th – Avg Finish: 6 Record: 6-4
Dual #1 3rd (4-2) Runs: 28.3 Allowed: 33.3 Diff: -5.0
Dual #2 9th (2-2) Runs: 32.0 Allowed: 38.5 Diff: -6.5

I did not realize Lund Mortgage played 10 games.  They played without Zach Walters, AJ Montano, Chad Augustin, and others.  Therkildsen their normal pitcher was hurt.  But they won 6 games with what they had and beat Proton (maybe a little grudge match there) and L&S Glass.  Sierra led the team offensively .846 17 HR 52 RBI and the team on base was .698.  Brown, Ramirez, and Wager were double digit HR.  They are 5-4 vs ‘AA’ and 3-3 vs ‘A’ this year and will need to be healthy to have the depth they need to win games at ‘A’ Worlds.

Game winner!

Sierra had a monster weekend.



Cheap Suits/Dirty/Republic RE CA-A

6th – Avg Finish: 6 Record: 4-4
Dual #1 5th (2-2) Runs: 33.3 Allowed: 29.5 Diff: 3.8
Dual #2 7th (2-2) Runs: 33.5 Allowed: 33.3 Diff: 0.3

Cheap Suits needed a miracle to make the major and after upsetting Proton in the “round of 8” probably thought it could come true.  But it wasn’t meant to be.  They did finish 4-4 and got to play a lot of softball.  Blake Lively was .841.  Demario Boyd hit 19 HR and had 55 RBI.  Mike Bowlin, Tyler Armstrong, and Tyler Cowles all hit double digit HR and the team OBP was .712.  They are 6-9 vs ‘A’ this year.  They played without Ryan Dacko who was probably at USA Nationals and I see Donald Hollingsworth on the roster…nice.

Benigno and Boyd made a great 1-2 punch at the top of the lineup reminiscent of Dedonatis and Connell for Resmondo for all those years.  🙂

Boyd with the signature bat flip.



Classic Glass/Easton CA-AA

8th – Avg Finish: 8.5 Record: 3-4
Dual #1 13th (0-2) Runs: 27.0 Allowed: 33.5 Diff: -6.5
Dual #2 4th (3-2) Runs: 26.8 Allowed: 27.4 Diff: -0.6

Classic Glass went 0-2 in the 1st dual and missing Mike Nino and Ryan Ramirez didn’t help.  In the 2nd dual they recovered some with a nice win over Anarchy but lost to Proton for the 6th time this year and then Nitro Circus sent them home.  They have the talent to win games at the ‘AA’ World, they just need a refocus.  They are 3-3 vs non Proton ‘AA’ teams this year.

HR robbing.  Is that Kirkwood?  I think.

3B Farrar, SS Castaneda, MI Josh Brown



Remax/BCC UT-C

9th – Avg Finish: 9 Record: 4-4
Dual #1 9th (2-2) Runs: 23.0 Allowed: 30.8 Diff: -7.8
Dual #2 9th (2-2) Runs: 23.5 Allowed: 31.5 Diff: -8.0

Remax has a nice little ‘C’ team.  They beat Str8Play and Stars.  I don’t know if they played but I see Mike Gibbens and Tyson Steele on the roster who were former Conference players.



Arsenal Sports/TAF UT-C

9th – Avg Finish: 9 Record: 2-4
Dual #1 9th (1-2) Runs: 24.0 Allowed: 24.0 Diff: 0.0
Dual #2 9th (1-2) Runs: 25.3 Allowed: 31.0 Diff: -5.7

Arsenal hung on to upset Classic Glass in their opener then lost to Lund and BTR by a run.  Nice job in Dual #1!  In Dual #2 they followed that up with a 46-26 win over L&S Glass!  I don’t recognize any players but they have two sets of brothers on the roster which is always fun.



Stars/ NFM Lending/ Arab $$$ CO-A

11th – Avg Finish: 10 Record: 2-4
Dual #1 7 (2-2) Runs: 23.0 Allowed: 29.5 Diff: -6.5
Dual #2 13th (0-2) Runs: 30.0 Allowed: 31.0 Diff: -1.0

Stars had it rough after a nice win over Str8Play they lost to Competitive Edge, Cheap Suits on a walk off single, and Remax on a walk off single.  They had a .663 team on base.  Culbertson led with an .840 11 HR 20 RBI.

Bay Area Legends/Vivid CA-B

11th – Avg Finish: 10 Record: 2-4
Dual #1 13th (0-2) Runs: 18.0 Allowed: 30.5 Diff: -12.5
Dual #2 7th (2-2) Runs: 20.0 Allowed: 25.5 Diff: -5.5

Bay Area beat California rival Str8Play but that was it.

P John Brown


L & S Glass CA-A

13th – Avg Finish: 11 Record: 1-4
Dual #1 9th (1-2) Runs: 35.3 Allowed: 35.7 Diff: -0.3
Dual #2 13th (0-2) Runs: 18.0 Allowed: 35.5 Diff: -17.5

L&S Glass beat Classic Glass for their only win.  I didn’t see much of them but I believe Duby had a big weekend offensively.


Davis Dynasty/ DB Sports/ AMB Inc. CA-C

14th – Avg Finish: 13 Record: 1-4
Dual #1 17th (0-2) Runs: 17.5 Allowed: 27.0 Diff: -9.5
Dual #2 9th (1-2) Runs: 26.3 Allowed: 37.7 Diff: -11.3

Davis Dynasty came back and beat Str8Play after being down by the run rule.  Nice comeback!


Klutch/Proton/79Brand/BSU UT-C

14th – Avg Finish: 13 Record: 1-4
Dual #1 9th (1-2) Runs: 22.3 Allowed: 25.7 Diff: -3.3
Dual #2 17th (0-2) Runs: 34.0 Allowed: 35.0 Diff: -1.0

Klutch had one good win over Bay Area’s ‘B’ team and lost to Remax and Lund Mortgage by 1 run.



14th – Avg Finish: 13 Record: 0-4
Dual #1 13th (0-2) Runs: 26.0 Allowed: 33.0 Diff: -7.0
Dual #2 13th (0-2) Runs: 18.5 Allowed: 29.5 Diff: -11.0

Str8Play didn’t have their normal pitcher and went 0-4.  They are 11-8 overall vs ‘B’ teams this year, 8-3 vs ‘A’, and 6-6 vs ‘AA.  wow

Goethe is going for Rookie of the Year.

I-Stone/Cav’s Customs UT-C

14th – Avg Finish: 13 Record: 0-4
Dual #1 13th (0-2) Runs: 7.0 Allowed: 25.0 Diff: -18.0
Dual #2 13th (0-2) Runs: 21.0 Allowed: 36.0 Diff: -15.0



Faces in the Crowd / More Pictures

There were a number of food trucks and equipment trailers.

DV code ball.

I may have been watching Ohio State vs Notre Dame and Rock Run win the USA ‘B’ on my iphone….maybe

Suncoast bat bucket.

Utah State Director Tim Yamashita thanks for the hospitality and a well run event!

It was a good atmosphere Saturday night.

The “barnacle” bat…Bolands

Ervine missed the tag even though the video looks like he got it, I think there is space between the glove and the player.

Looks like Lively had the ball and the base…maybe?

Livestream was good except for one camera that got hit by a ball and wouldn’t focus.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of mountains.  🙂


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