2022 Pocket City Dual tournament preview!


Pocket City Dual Major


Deaconess Sports Park


Evansville, Indiana 


August 11-14


Tournament Preview

2022 Pocket City bracket and team list link

Conference USSSA heads to Evansville, Indiana’s Deaconess Sports Park for the Pocket City Dual Major this week starting Thursday morning at 8 AM CENTRAL time.  There is a record or near record 37 Conference teams from 19 different states!  The weather looks perfect, they turfed the infields on the 8 fields at the main complex, and the fences are 300-315-300.  Since this is the most Conference teams ever on 300 foot fields I am personally calling this the “300 foot Softball Worlds!”   🙂   The winner will be the team with the highest average finish in the two tournaments.  But what these teams are really after is points!  This is a special 180 point event so there will be 180 + (37 x 4) = 328 points to the winner which could actually be 332 if they count the team that dropped out recently?  Proton the #4 team in the country dropped out so they will drop in the standings at least down to 7th place it appears, thus giving up their #1 seed for the USSSA ‘AA’ Worlds in October.  And there is about 5 teams on both sides of the bubble that will be fighting for a USSSA World Series berth so as we say in racing there will be “comers and goers”.

There is also a 16 team Women’s Dual with 3 Major teams Lady Klutch, Lady SNI, and LaFamiglia being the top teams.  The women begin Thursday evening.

USSSALive.com will livestream the event and the new chat room on ConferenceUSSSA.com will be up for updates and to answer your questions.

The Livestream at this park last year was very stable so it should be a good feed and a good view.

Don’t forget to play the weekly pickem game on softballcenter.com

And watch the new Hit & Sit Show #8 on your way to the games.  Should be up Tuesday afternoon.

They turfed the infields since these pictures from a year ago when MPT and Dan Smith won.


The Pocket City Teams


The Pocket City Playing Fields

Deaconess Sports Park
6800 N Green River Road
Evansville, IN 47725

All 8 fields are 300-315-300 feet


Weather Report

Weekend Weather looks PERFECT!



Monsta and Resmondo both getting 37% of the vote!



Past Pocket City Winner’s!

2021 1st Place Dual #1 – MPT Rentals/Juno Athletics (NJ-Major)

2021 Pocket City Dual tournament report

2021 1st Place Dual #2 – Dan Smith/Proton (AZ-Major)