2022 Mid Season Major Player All Tournament Team

2022 Mid Season Major Player All Tournament Team by Eric McCarthy

The 2022 Conference USSSA Season is about halfway through, so it seemed like a fun idea to do a mid season all tournament team amongst the major players. It will be composed of 15 total players(11 starters, 1 bench P/C/IF/OF), all players are currently eligible to be league leaders, and will be in their primary position played this season (not three shortstops at SS/MI/2B). This list is totally weighted towards OBP, minus the pitcher position since they get a free pass on offense for the most part. There is an argument to be made for putting more weight into defense, but none of these guys are terrible at their position. Feel free to comment and let me know who you feel was snubbed from the team.

Without further adieu, here are my picks for a Mid Season All Tournament Team
*Numbers pulled fromĀ advanced statistics page on 6/13/22

P- Andy Purcell (.525 OBP 6 HR 32 RBI)
C/DH- Josh Riley (.813 OBP 60 HR 162 RBI)
C/DH- Everett Williams (.741 OBP 44 HR 126 RBI)
1B- Kyle Pearson (.803 OBP 36 HR 110 RBI)
2B- Greg Connell (.690 OBP 37 HR 116 RBI)
3B- Bubba Mack (.745 OBP 44 HR 113 RBI)
SS- JoJo Bennett (.765 OBP 44 HR 110 RBI)
MI- Conner Murray (.764 OBP 18 HR 54 RBI)
LF- Jason Matusik (.762 OBP 52 HR 124 RBI)
CF- Steele Lewis (.743 OBP 41 HR 97 RBI)
RF- John Radich (.770 OBP 15 HR 46 RBI)

RF- Andrew Collins (.753 OBP 46 HR 110 RBI)
3B- Dale Brungardt (.741 OBP 49 HR 128 RBI)
C/DH- Joe Dorton (.740 OBP 20 HR 49 RBI)
P- Travis Clark (.746 OBP 24 HR 72 RBI)

Player Breakdown by Team
Monsta- 2
MPT- 4
Resmondo- 4
SIS- 5


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