2022 Golden State Major tournament report!

2022 Golden State Major

Palm Springs, CA 

May 13-15 

Proton’s Brock Frentzel homer’s in the championship against Classic Glass


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Classic Glass middle infielder Mike Nino may have made the play of the year on this one!

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Nino completes the play and gets the out.

Golden State Team List



Friday Night Recap

BTR takes on RVCG on Friday night

The Golden State Major was played at the Big League Dreams in Cathedral City (Palm Springs), California this past weekend.  The tournament began on Friday, May 13th in 100+ degree temperatures which caused the scores to be lower as the core of the game balls “mushed up”.  21 teams all from the west with half of them being from Conference USSSA took to the fields in the heat all weekend.  10 of the non-conference teams played the “play in” games to get to the “Final 16” and there were no upsets to speak of.  In the “Final 16” which started at 7:45 PM Pacific time Bay Area Legends/Vivid (CA-B) battled and won over one of the top non-conference ‘B’ teams in the country Culture Athletics/Franchise Apparel (CA-B) 29-24.  L&S Glass (CA-A) run ruled Magz Premier (CA-B) 24-8.  Proton/Legacy Glove Co. (AZ-AA) run ruled Davis Dynasty/DB Sports/AMB Inc 29-6 in 4 innings scoring 13 runs in the bottom of the 3rd.  Will Dooley was 4-4 and Brock Frentzel drove in 8 runs for Proton.  Str8Play/JPS/SBT/SP (CA-B) upset LundMortgage/4theFallen (AZ-A) 27-22 scoring 14 runs in the bottom of the 3rd and holding on as Lund outscored them 17-9 down the stretch.  Str8Play out homered Lund 8-7 and 3 hitter Kyle Goethe, 6 hitter Jeffrey Redden, and 10 hitter William Marable were a combined 13-14.  In the lower half of the winner’s bracket Bay Area Legends (CA-AA) run ruled MAJ/Spire Financial/Rowley White RV (AZ-B) 35-20.  Cheap Suits/Dirty/Republic RE (CA-A) led the whole way in a 26-17 win over non conference Monsta/Carrillo Services (CA-B) as lead off hitter Chris Benigno went 4-5, 3 hitter Kirk Rocha went 5-5 with 6 RBI, and Ryan Dacko hit 3 home runs.  Classic Glass/Easton (CA-AA) scored the most runs of the tournament in a 46-32 win over Fatboy Apparel/Velocity Sports (CA-B).  And BTR (UT-B) (the old Lazer Sports team) run ruled RVCG/ACA/RSA (IN-B) 27-7 scoring 13 in the 3rd and 10 more in the 4th out homering RVCG 8-1 and Kameron King, Mateo Pacheco, and TJ Russon each went 4-4.

Culture Athletics takes on Bay Area Legends/Vivid Friday.



Saturday Recap

Classic Glass CF Greg Downing hits against BTR in the “Round of 8”.

The “Round of 8” through to the end of the winner’s bracket was played on Fenway field with its 265-304-300-288-262 field dimensions starting on Saturday morning at 9:45 AM.  Bay Area/Vivid jumped out to a 13-4 lead on L&S Glass and behind some great pitching by veteran John Brown held off an L&S comeback and advanced 20-15.  At 11:30 AM the Bay Area ‘AA’ team won a low scoring trash talking game 15-11 over Cheap Suits.  At 1:15 PM Proton run ruled Str8Play 24-5 jumping out to a 16-4 lead as lead off hitter Steve Edwards went 4-4 and infielder Adam Ussery 3-3.  They out homered Str8Play 10-0.  And at 3:00 PM Classic Glass down 16-14 in the bottom of the 5th scored 14 runs and got a grand slam from lefty center fielder Gregg Downing and beat BTR 28-21.

Str8Play vs Proton Saturday.

Cheap Suits right fielder Mike Bolen robs a homer against Bay Area.

L&S Glass hits against Bay Area/Vivid

L&S Glass outfielder Nick Guillen goes over the fence with a great catch.



Final 4 Recap

Chente Granados hits for Bay Area vs Classic Glass in the semifinals.

In the “Final 4” at 4:45 PM Proton’s defense and pitching continued to dominate as they beat Bay Area/Vivid 24-5 blanking Bay Area the last 3 innings as Brian Dezern, Chad Mullins, and Brock Frentzel were all perfect at the plate.  And Classic Glass went up early and got some more great defense from middle infielder Mike Nino to extend their lead until the top of the 6th when they “freed up” and put away Bay Area 30-18.

Classic Glass CF Greg Downing almost robs a homer.



Winner’s Final Recap

Proton’s Tyler Dickens hits a bases loaded walk off single to win over Classic Glass.

The winner’s final after dark Saturday was a big time battle between 2 of the top ‘AA’ teams in the country Proton and Classic Glass.  Proton got off to a 21-8 lead and were up 25-16 going into the top of the 6th when Classic Glass struck with a 14 run inning to take a 30-25 lead.  Proton answered with 10 of their own in the bottom of the 6th to go up 35-30 but Classic Glass got a home run by Jordan Spaulding to tie the game at 35-35 in the top of the 7th.  In the bottom of the 7th Classic got a ground out then Protons Chad Mullins doubled, Brad Lunda walked, Brock Frentzel grounded into a fielders choice which was nearly a double play, Adam Ussery was walked, and Tyler Dickens hit a walk off single and Proton won the game 36-35!



Loser’s Bracket Recap

Cheap Suits Mac Rio hits against Lund Mortgage in the loser’s bracket.

In the loser’s bracket LundMortgage beat the Str8Play ‘C’ team, Davis Dynasty, Cheap Suits, and Magz Premier before losing to the Bay Area Vivid team 16-13 and finished tied for 5th.  And in the bottom half of the bracket the Str8Play Conference ‘B’ team beat MAJ, L&S Glass, Bay Area ‘AA’ 38-10, and Bay Area Vivid 32-17, to make it to Sunday where Classic Glass beat them 30-5 and Str8Play finished an impressive 3rd!

Looked a little hot and dusty in that loser’s bracket



Sunday Recap

Proton’s Brad Lunda hits a 3 run homer to give Proton the run rule win in the championship!

On Sunday in the championship Proton trailed Classic Glass 11-5 going into the bottom of the 3rd when Proton exploded for 17 runs and ended up finishing Classic Glass by the run rule 32-16 by scoring 9 runs in the bottom of the 5th and leaving them on the field.

A special thank you to Eric McCarthy “EW” who did the video for me this weekend in Palm Springs as I was unable to attend because I was at my daughters college graduation.  Thanks Eric!  Look for 3 condensed games and a highlight video coming soon!



Long Bomber of the Week!

Proton slugger Jon Nelson was the Long Bomber of the week!  Check out the condensed game between Proton and Classic Glass or the video highlights later this week for his bomb!



 Results and Awards

MVP was Proton left fielder Brock Frentzel

Proton pitcher Jose Flores was Defensive MVP

Offensive MVP was Classic Glass pitcher Shawn Jones who stabs a liner here.



Team by Team Notes

1st Place – Proton/Legacy Glove Co.

AZ-AA  Record  5-0 

Proton moves to 4th in the Conference points standings after their 2nd tournament win of the season.  They looked healthy and went undefeated.  They are now 10-1 vs the ‘AA’ division and 2-4 vs Major teams.  Almost the entire lineup was .700 or better on base percentage with Frentzel leading the way at .864.  He also led in homer’s with 9 and RBI with 23.

Brady Stewart in with a double.


2nd Place – Classic Glass/Easton

CA-AA  Record  4-2 

Classic Glass finishes 2nd again to Proton but has been very close to winning both tournaments.  Shawn Jones at pitcher seems to get better with age.  They picked up Dan Kirkwood after his release from Monsta who seems to be a perfect fit.  Mike Nino defensively this year in the infield is playing as well as anyone in the game.

Classic Glass added Dan Kirkwood who gave it his all.


3rd Place – Str8Play/JPS/SBT/SparkApparel

CA-B  Record  5-2 

Str8Play was the surprise of the tournament finishing 3rd in their home state.  They are now 2-3 vs ‘AA’, 3-1 vs ‘A’, and 4-2 vs ‘B’ on the season.  They picked up pitcher Josh Jones from SVC as Cornerstone SVC and Rebel have now merged and Jones pitched very well from what I am told.  I was hoping they used their gamechanger so I could play up some stats for these guys since I wasn’t at the tournament but the gamechanger looks empty.

Josh Jones pitching vs Proton.


4th Place – Bay Area Legends/Vivid

CA-B  Record  3-2 

Bay Area/Vivid finishes a nice 4th and is now 1-2 vs ‘AA’, 2-4 vs ‘A’, and 2-1 vs ‘B’ on the season.  I did not see them play this past weekend outside of a few video clips but quality wins over Culture Athletics and L&S Glass got them into the final 4 and then they followed that up with a nice loser’s bracket win over Lund Mortgage.


Tied 5th – Bay Area Legends

CA-AA  Record  2-2 

A tough weekend for Bay Area’s ‘AA’ team.  Pitcher Justin Mucciarelli was unavailable (baby) and they picked up veteran Losson White to pitch.  They also picked up Corey Miller and Chente Granados showed up for the first time but the result was the same, nothing doing in the loser’s bracket when they get there and thus a 5th place finish.

Bay Area middle man Steve Whaley turns two.

Corey Miller showing some range at 3rd base makes a nice play.  Why Corey wasn’t allowed to join Lund Mortgage a team he helped build in the offseason is a mystery since he did not play for them.


Tied 5th – Lund Mortgage/4 The Fallen

AZ-A  Record  4-2 

Lund Mortgage was upset by Str8Play early in the tournament and again towards the end of the loser’s bracket by Bay Area/Vivid.  Looks like Walters and Wager led the team in hitting but their gamechanger scorer needs to finalize their game against Magz Premier in the app.



The view from the livestream Proton’s Jon Nelson hits against Classic Glass pitcher Shawn Jones in the Championship!

Fenway – 265-304-300-288-262
Yankee – 262-301-296-293-282
Wrigley – 293-300-305-301-288
Pawtucket – 293-303-314-295-275
Des Moines – 282-279-281-294-303


Women’s Golden State Major

Big League Dreams Park

Palm Springs, CA

NTL closes out Classic Glass in the bottom of the 7th by a run.

NTL/GS Sports/Worth/Miken a ‘AA’ team out of California went undefeated in the 11 team Golden State Major.  They knocked off SmashitSports/SFK/Easton/Miken (CA-AA) 22-7 in the semifinals, LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth (PA-Major) 17-7 in the winner’s final, and Classic Glass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans (WA-AA) 13-12 in the championship.  The tournament was played in its entirety on Saturday, May 14th.  Classic Glass fought through the loser’s bracket to finish 2nd, LaFamiglia was 3rd, and SFK 4th.

1st Place – NTL/GS Sports/Worth/Miken (CA-AA)

2nd Place – Classic Glass/Rawlings/Dirty/Trojans (WA-AA)

3rd Place – LaFamiglia/Fat Angelo’s/Worth (PA-Major)

4th Place – SmashItSports/SFK/Easton/Miken (CA-AA)


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