2022 “Battle on the Chesapeake” Maryland Major tournament report!

2022 “Battle on the Chesapeake” Major

Presented by Nitro Circus!

Glen Burnie, Maryland

June 11th 


Chick-fil-a’s Tre Porter homer’s in the championship vs Cash House.



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Maryland Major Team List




WestPoint Softball takes on AMI in the “Round of 16”

This years “Battle on the Chesapeake” had 18 teams from 8 different states playing what turned out to be a one day tournament which started at 6:30 AM Saturday morning due to forecast rain on Saturday and Sunday.  The real rain never fully materialized and the tournament for the most part was played in cooler overcast conditions with temperatures between 60 and 72 degrees with a light drizzle at times and no real wind to speak of.

In the 3 “play in” games CFA/HD/BAF (VA-C) or as we call them the Chick-fil-a ‘C’ team beat Alpha (MD-C) 12-5 on the main field.  That game showed that even though the fields were 300 feet and the temperatures were in the low 60’s that the humidity was effecting the Dudley Pro-M ball and it just wasn’t flying that great.  AMI/Fathom/JimmysFamousSeafood (MD-C) beat Hollyrock Customs (MD-D) 20-18 when Hollyrock grounded out with the winning run at the plate.  And Direct Mortgage Loans/BAF Sports (MD-D) beat Anchor Lawn Care/Winter Plumbing (VA-C) 26-25.

In the “Round of 16” S&E/Dan Smith (NC-AA) run ruled MPT Rentals/Juno Athletics (NJ-C) 28-3 scoring 11 runs in the top of the 3rd inning.  Peter Seiden was 4-4 with 2 HR and 5 RBI for S&E.  Anarchy/SmashItSports/Beloli/OA (NY-A) beat Nitro Circus/Wilsons/Spirits/West (MD-C) 28-18.  Nitro Circus had 3 teams in the tournament, their TBD team, their ‘B’ team, and this ‘C’ team and of course they sponsored the tournament as well.  Nitro Circus/Klutch/Team 199/BRC (MD-TBD) beat CFA just 7-6 on the main field.  This Nitro Circus team with their recent 2nd place finishes in Virginia and Chicago was the Maryland tournaments #1 seed.  They failed to score in 4 separate innings giving the Chick-fil-a ‘C’ team a chance.  Both teams hit 2 home runs and Nitro’s Kevin Miller was 3-3.  Cash House/JBL Roofing/Titans (OH-B) knocked off Franchise/CLA/BAF (VA-B) 9-8 in a battle of ‘B’ teams.  TRU/StubTerminal/Timeless/LA/ES (NC-B) beat Yeti Softball (MA-C) 39-7 scoring 12 in the top of the 2nd and 14 in the top of the 3rd of the 4 inning game.  Corbin Hunt was 3-5 with 3 HR a grand slam and 11 RBI.  David McDowell and Derek Knight were each 4-4.  WestPoint Softball (IN-A) getting with the theme of the tournament wore Nitro Circus colors as they stomped AMI 22-7 – Drew Smith was 4-4.  #2 seed Chick-fil-a/Slugger/BAF/LBT (VA-AA) beat Direct Mortgage Loans 27-3 scoring 14 runs in the 2nd inning as Tre Porter, Jacob Clifton, Terrance Engles, Aaron Stidham, Ricky Moyers, and Zach Sanford were all perfect hitting in the game.  And in one of only two victories of a non-conference team over a conference team in this tournament, Fish Head/FHC/Corner House (MD-B) beat Nitro Circus/Team199/SI (MD-B) 26-6 back on field #5.



Final 8 Recap

In the “Round of 8” at 11 AM Saturday morning in sprinkling rain S&E led the entire game against Anarchy and held on to win 17-14.  Tyler Wiles and Bill Cullen were each 3-3 with Cullen hitting 3 HR.  S&E out homered Anarchy 7-5 with Brandon Streets for Anarchy hitting 3 of their homer’s.


TRU jumped out to a 9-0 lead on WestPoint and never let off the gas in a 7 inning upset 30-21 victory.  TRU lead off hitter Sport Williams was 6-6 and Hector Urbaneja, Cory James, and Devan Hill behind him all had 4 hits each.  They out homered WestPoint 11-8 with Cory James hitting 3 of them.

At 12:30 it wasn’t meant to be for Nitro Circus who couldn’t catch a break in a 15-4 loss to Cash House.  Cash House scored 6 runs in the top of the 2nd and that is all they would need.  They out homered Nitro Circus 8-1 with Ryan Sanders going 3-4 with 3 HR and 5 RBI in the win for Cash House.

In the last quarterfinal game Chick-fil-a with Brian Garner on the mound beat Fish Head 26-7 in 6 innings as lead off hitter Tre Porter went 5-5.



Final 4 Recap

Cash House SS Chad Ulogar went 4-4 in the upset win over S&E.

In the “Final 4” Cash House broke open a low scoring game with S&E as they put up 11 runs in the top of the 5th.  S&E answered with 9 in the bottom of the 6th to pull within 3 but Cash House out scored them 5-3 in the 7th inning to pull of another upset 23-18.  S&E out homered Cash House 11-9 but Cash House got 4 home runs from former MPT ‘A’ team infielder Ike Worlow.

In the other semi final Chick-fil-a scored 9 runs in the 5th inning to take the lead on TRU and held off a late charge when TRU scored 5 in the top of the 6th, held Chick-fil-a scoreless in the bottom of the 6th, and scored 4 in the top of the 7th to pull within a run 18-17.  Kyle Center was 4-4 in the win for Chick-fil-a who out homered TRU 11-8.



Winner’s Final Recap

Chick-fil-a 3rd baseman Jarod Kashner makes a great stop.

In the winner’s bracket finals early Saturday evening which you can see in condensed form here Chick-fil-a’s 8-1 and 15-9 leads evaporated in the 4th and 5th when Cash House held them to zero in both innings.  In the 5th Cash House grabbed a 16-15 lead and it took a moonshot homer by Terrance Engles and a go ahead home run by Jarod Kashner in the 6th to give Chick-fil-a a 19-17 win.  Eventual co-MVP Zach Sanford was 4-4 in the victory.

Cash House left fielder Fred Heiser hits a big homer in their comeback bid in the winner’s final.



Loser’s Bracket Recap

Travis Tucker for WestPoint hits against Fish Head.

In the loser’s bracket the Nitro ‘C’ team lost to MPT Rentals ‘C’ team and the Nitro Circus ‘B’ team lost to Direct Mortgage a Maryland ‘D’ team.  The Nitro Circus TBD team though beat AMI, Anarchy, and TRU to finish 4th.  And WestPoint beat CFA, Fish Head, S&E, and Nitro Circus TBD to make it to the loser’s bracket final against Cash House.

Canaan Baum hits for WestPoint in the loser’s final against Cash House.

The loser’s bracket finals may have been the best game of the tournament.  Cash House got 2 runs on a homer in the top of the 1st and WestPoint came in and put up 7 on 3.  In the bottom of the 2nd WestPoint went up 10-5 on a Tucker 3 run homer but put up a zero in the 3rd and led 13-9.  In the top of the 5th Cash House went down in order 1-2-3 and WestPoint added a run to go up 14-9.  From there WestPoint held a 18-14 lead going into the 7th.  Cash House who had only hit 1 home run the entire game then scored 12 runs, most of them with 2 outs to go up 26-18 on a stunned WestPoint team.  WestPoint fought back to within a run but came up short with the bats in their hands 26-25.  I am not sure why the bracket shows 31-30?




Jacob Clifton hits one 365 feet in the championship.

In the championship it was ALL Chick-fil-a who smelled blood and jumped on Cash House going up 13-1 then getting an outfield assist from Terrance Engles on an unsuspecting Cash House runner led to a 21-1 20 run “mercy” rule victory for Chick-fil-a their 2nd tournament win in a row (Atlanta).

The tournament was well run and the decision to finish on Saturday was liked by all.  The fields were not in great shape from the rain and had some bad bounces and the scores were low which is good.


3 teams had over 20% of the vote but Chick-fil-a was tops at 27%



Long Bomber of the Week!

Corbin Hunt from TRU is the Long Bomber of the week hitting this behind the back pitch into the trees in dead center “google earthed” at 385 on a day the ball was not flying.  

Chick-fil-a’s Ryan Tallon gets honorable mention for this homer that jumped off the bat and went well over the tree in left field on field #2.



 Results and Awards

Co-MVP was Chick-fil-a’s Zach Sanford (.818 on base percentage)

Co-MVP was Chick-fil-a’s Chris “Pudge” Isennock (.818 on base percentage)

Chick-fil-a Right fielder Terrance Engles was Defensive MVP

Offensive MVP was Cash House infielder Ike Worlow.



Team by Team Notes

1st Place – Chick-fil-a/Slugger/BAF/LBT

VA-AA  Record  5-0 

Chick-fil-a has now won 10 games and 2 tournaments in a row.  They beat ‘B’ teams Fish Head, TRU, and Cash House twice to win the tournament never having to face a higher level team because of all of the upsets.  But they took care of business and the offense pretty much dominated for the conditions just like Atlanta a few weeks ago.  Sanford and Isennock were over .800.  Tallon, Engles, Shiflett, and Porter over .700.  Ricky Moyers led in HR with 6 and RBI with 16.  Engles hit some bombs and had that big assist in the winner’s final.  Garner did a lot of pitching playing close to home and Tallon and Natolly continue to pull all of the right strings as they continue their win streak.

3B Kashner, SS Porter, MI Alston, 2B Clifton, RF Sanford

LF Richard Fields


2nd Place – Cash House/JBL Roofing/Titans

OH-B  Record  4-2 

Cash House playing in only their 2nd tournament as a Conference team beat Franchise (VA-B) 9-8 early Saturday morning then upset Nitro Circus 15-4 and S&E 23-18, lost to Chick-fil-a 19-17 in the winner’s bracket finals after taking the lead late, and then beat WestPoint after being down 4 in the 7th with 2 outs.  An impressive tournament and they just never gave up until the championship 🙂   The left fielder Heiser showed some great range.  Lake is the leadoff hitter.  Worlow hit 4 HR against S&E.  Ulogar was making a lot of plays on the bad hop infield.  And the rookie Mcclellend’s pitching gave them a chance to pull off the upsets

LF Fred Heiser   CF Mitch Lake   RF Zach King

3B Ty Harder   SS Chad Ulogar  MI Ike Worlow  2B Justin Hartoff  1B Allen Dina

P Drew Mcclellend

C Ryan Sanders

Drew Mcclelland did a nice job at pitcher.

The ageless veteran Allen Dina

Dina had the quotes of the week.  With Pudge hitting in the box Dina quipped “he’s thinking two out of the box”.  funny!

Then with the right hand batters box hole on the main field getting deeper and deeper with every game he joked he was “getting shorter with every at bat”.


3rd Place – WestPoint Softball

IN-A  Record  5-2 

WestPoint lost in the “Round of 8” to TRU 30-20 then ran the loser’s bracket beating the Chick-fil-a ‘C’ team, Fish Head, S&E, Nitro Circus, and in the loser’s bracket finals they led most of the way against Cash House before losing in the 7th inning with the bats in their hands.  Drew Smith and Canaan Baum were over .700.  Travis Tucker led the team and probably the tournament with 11 HR and 31 RBI.  They had 5 lefties in their batting order in a row.  They are the #1 offensive ‘A’ team as far as runs scored per 7 innings.  They played without Randolph and Travis Dale.

Creekmore did most of the pitching and hit 6 HR.


4th Place – Nitro Circus/Klutch/Team 199/BRC

MD-TBD  Record  4-2 

Nitro Circus who has played a lot of softball recently in Virginia and Chicago had the tough task of coming into Maryland and expecting to play well as the #1 seed.  But the offense didn’t click early on in a 7-6 win over the Chick-fil-a ‘C’ team and a 15-4 loss to Cash House.  In the loser’s bracket they beat AMI, Anarchy, and TRU holding those teams to a combined 26 runs then lost to WestPoint 25-14.  They seemed to have all of their players including Aaron Conrad back.  Fow and Messer led in on base percentage while Bloom (9) and Greinert (8) led in home runs and both had 19 RBI.  Greinert had a pulled muscle and couldn’t run.  They averaged just 6 home runs per game.

Tom Bloom was mashing home runs again (9 more)


Tied 5th – S&E/Dan Smith

NC-AA  Record  2-2 

S&E had a nice win over Anarchy in the quarter finals and it looked like they might be on their way to another Maryland Major title but Cash House tripped them up 23-18 in a game they just could never quite make a full comeback in.  In the loser’s bracket the offense continued to struggle in a 22-13 loss to WestPoint Softball.  Outfielders Cullen and Seiden were over .700, Cullen led the team in HR with 7 and RBI 17, but a few others struggled.

3B Tyler Wiles, SS Joel “Hit & Sit” Sanchez, MI Emilson Marquez

Another new pitcher for S&E – James Kissleburg


Tied 5th – TRU/Stub Terminal/Timeless/LA/ES

NC-B  Record  2-2 

TRU upset WestPoint Softball 30-20 in the “Round of 8” and lost to Chick-Fil-A in the semifinals just 18-17.  A step in the right direction for TRU who needed a good weekend.  Sport Williams was .800 and Keandre McGee and David McDowell were at .706.  Corbin Hunt led the team in HR with 8 and RBI with 21.

Sport Williams was lead off and had an .800 on base percentage.


Tied 7th – Fish Head/FHC/Corner House

MD-B  Record  2-2 

Fish Head didn’t pull any big upsets like they did in Virginia last month but they did manage to still finish as the highest finishing non-conference team.


Tied 7th – Anarchy/SmashItSports/Beloli/OA

NY-A  Record  2-2 

Anarchy had a tough draw having to play S&E in their 2nd game losing 18-15.  In the loser’s bracket they lost to Nitro Circus 25-11.

3B Shannon Smith, SS Mario Moralez Jr., MI Daniel Herren

Dave Bare was trying to beat his old team S&E.


More Teams

The Chick-fil-a ‘C’ team getting some good karma but they went 2-2 but won the consolation bracket Sunday.

The Nitro Circus/Team 199 (MD-B) team went 1-2 losing to 2 non-conference teams.


Faces in the Crowd / More Pictures

Tournament director Bob Holland with UIC Marshall Grissom made a great call finishing the tournament on Saturday.

The view from the USSSALive.com livestream at 6:30 AM Saturday morning.

Some big warning tracks and 10 foot high home run fences.

A small softball crowd braved the rain.

S&E Sponsor/Manager Elvin “Benjamin Button” Herring

Virginia State director was one of the umpires.

Nice awards for the teams and MVP’s

Must wear hats in the conference!  🙂


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