2022 ‘A’ World tournament preview!


2022 USSSA ‘A’ World


Spacecoast Stadium Complex Viera, Florida


September 30 – October 1 


Tournament Preview

2022 ‘A’ World bracket and team list link

The men’s USSSA ‘A’ World begins Saturday, October 1st at 8 AM with 35 teams.  24 of them are from the Conference USSSA.  There are 11 ‘A’ teams and 24 ‘B’ teams in the event after 7 teams dropped out due to the hurricane interrupting travel into Orlando.  Recent ‘A’ Worlds have had a vast amount of early round upsets which should occur again this year.  Usually 3 or 4 of the top 6 seeds lose in the 1st two rounds.  The tournament ends on Sunday afternoon just before the men’s ‘AA’ World and the GSL ‘A/B’ begin.  Any team that wants their team photo taken, just let me know and as always we have to do the final 4 teams automatically.

USSSALive.com will livestream the event and the chat room on ConferenceUSSSA.com will be up for updates and to answer your questions.

The teams most likely to win these ‘A’ Worlds are the ones with twice as many wins vs the ‘A’ division as losses.  So #1 seed Nitro Circus/Klutch (MD-A) at 13-6 and BTR (UT-B) at 9-3 are your mathematical favorites.  Also look out for Indiana teams Westpoint Softball (IN-A) the #2 seed and Rock Run (IN-B) the #3 seed.  The #4 seed is Baugh Ford (AL-A).

The ‘A World Teams


Spacecoast Complex

The White Softball Quad is the quad in the middle (fences are 325).

Red Quad in the back with a temp fences are also 325 feet.


Weather Report

Weekend Weather looks great.



Past USSSA ‘A’ World Champions

2021 USSSA ‘A’ World Tournament Champions – Classic Glass/Easton (CA-A)

2021 USSSA ‘A’ World tournament report link

2021 ‘A’ World Results
1st – Classic Glass/Easton (CA-A)
2nd – Competitive Edge/Olmito Heat/Adiktiv (FL-A)
3rd – Seminoles/TPS/NACSF.INC (OK-A)
4th – Juno Athletics/MPT Rentals (NJ-A)



2020 USSSA ‘A’ World Tournament Champions – Sports Reach/Crunchtime/H&H/Grizzy (KY-A)

2020 USSSA ‘A’ World tournament report link

2020 ‘A’ World Results
1st – Sports Reach/Crunchtime/H&H/Grizzy (KY-A)
2nd – Prime Time Easton/F.A.I./Riot/Klutch (GA-A)
3rd – WorkSteer/Bell’s LawnCare (NC-A)
4th – Classic Glass/Eaton (CA-A)

2019 USSSA ‘A’ World Tournament Champions – Premier/TG/HDLNS/4With.com/Easton

2019 USSSA ‘A’ World tournament report link

2019 ‘A’ World Results
1st – Premier/TG/HDLNS/4With.com/Easton (OH-A)
2nd – TPJS/Seminoles/NACSF.INC/Miken/SIS (OK-A)
3rd – SportsReach (KY-A)
4th – Headlines/Titan/CSB/Easton (OH-A)

2018 USSSA ‘A’ World Tournament Champions – Rapid Fire Athletics/Bad Draw (VA)

2018 USSSA ‘A’ World tournament report link

2018 ‘A’ World Results
1 VA-A   Rapid Fire Athletics/Bad Draw
2 OH-A  Pauer Sports/JBL/Tailgaters/B&E
3 PA-A   LaFamiglia/Easton/Elite Sports
4 OH-A  Premier/Easton/Headlines

2017 USSSA ‘A’ World Tournament Champions – Steel Sports/PowerhouseSportz/Miken (TX)

2017 USSSA ‘A’ World tournament report link

2017 ‘A’ World Results
1 TX-A    Steel Sports/PowerhouseSportz/Miken
2 MI-B    TG Brand/EastonThunder/Miken/Blowoutpicks.com
3 TX-A   All Out/A&A Utility/ASP/Klutch
4 MN-A  Chanticlear Pizza/P5/Miken/Worth

2016 USSSA ‘A’ World Tournament Champions – BHR/Coppermine Lodge/ASP/Worth (TX)

2016 USSSA ‘A’ World tournament report link

2016 ‘A’ World Results
1 TX – BHR/Coppermine Lodge/ASP/Worth
2 NY – Thunder/Miken/Blowoutpicks.com
3 CA – Bay Area Legends
4 NC – Bad Draw/Broughton/Worth