2021 Softball City Report

2021 Nationwide Conference USSSA

Softball City Major by Smash It Sports

Salem, OR

June 25-27

Classic Glass hits against MAJ in the championship game

2021 USSSA Salem Major bracket and results links

MAJ/Knell/Dirty Sports/DTS/DOMN8 a Conference 'A' team based out of Washington won the 21 team "Softball City" Major in Salem, Oregon this past Friday/Saturday. The tournament was played in sweltering heat and humidity with temperatures reaching 110 degrees. MAJ knocked off the favorite and #1 seeded Classic Glass/Easton 19-8 in the winner's bracket finals and then late Saturday night Classic Glass forced the "if" game of the double elimination tournament with a 38-13 victory. In the "if" game which ended at 3 AM in the morning MAJ beat Classic Glass 19-17. The tournament got behind when Bay Area Legends beat Lazer Sports 22-17 in a losers bracket game that went 13 innings! Bay Area Legends (CA-A) won a number of over time and one run games to finish 3rd and Lazer Sports (UT-B) made a deep run in the loser's bracket to finish 4th. It was brought to my attention that this tournament was a "Special Points" event which would mean 180 + (8 x 4) = 212 points to the winner if that is true. Which would put MAJ in the driver's seat to be one of the 'A' teams that make the USSSA Major World Series.

1st Place – MAJ/Knell/Dirty Sports/DTS/DOMN8 (WA-A)

4th Place – Lazer Sports (UT-B)

2021 Women's Salem, Oregon Major

Classic Glass hits against Smash It Sports in the Championship

Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton the Washington Major team got back on track knocking off rival Classic Glass/Easton/Dirty/Trojans (WA-A) 10-4 in the winner's bracket finals and then again 20-8 in the championship game late Saturday night to win their 5th Women's Major of the season. Classic Glass now has 4-2nd place finishes. NTL/GSSports/Worth (CA-A) lost by a run in the loser's final to finish 3rd and ETH/SparkApparel (CA-A) was 4th in the one day 13 team tournament.

2021 USSSA Women's Salem bracket and results link

1st Place Women's Major – Smash It Sports/Derb Girls/Easton (WA-M)

2nd Place – Classic Glass/Easton/Dirty/Trojans (WA-A)

4th Place – ETH/SparkApparel (CA-A)

2021 Juno Athletics New Jersey Major

1st Place Women's Major – Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS (FL-M)

Over on the east coast Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS (FL-M) won the Juno Athletics New Jersey Women's Major which was played in its entirety on Saturday June 26th with 8 teams. Lady SNI beat La Famiglia/Easton/Riot (PA-A) in the winner's final 14-4 and again in the championship game 4-3. I apologize on behalf of USSSA for the fact there was no live stream on USSSALive.com for this tournament. The tournament was not on any of the public schedules so the people in charge of sending the cameras (including myself) had no idea there was a tournament.

2021 USSSA Juno Athletics NJ Major bracket and results link

2nd Place – La Familgia Ladies/Easton/Riot (PA-A)

3rd Place – MPT Rentals/AOB/Juno Athletics (NJ-M)

4th Place – KTL/Family First Funding (NJ-B)


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