2021 Christan Dowling Derby Dual Major Mens Report


2021 Nationwide Conference USSSA

Christan Dowling Derby Dual

Kent, WA

July 28 – August 1st

1st Place both Duals – Smash It Sports/Newbreed/TDB/RF/BD/T3 (NC-Major)

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2021 Seattle bracket and results link

2021 Seattle Major Dual #1 stats link once available

2021 Seattle Major Dual #2 stats link once available

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Smash Its Ben Dunn hits a walk off homer to win Dual #2!

Team Breakdown: 25 Teams Overall 15 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams 3 Major Teams 7 'A' Teams 12 'B' Teams 3 'C' Teams

Thursday Dual #1

Chris Terry homer's as the Bay Area Legends (CA-B) knock off Thunder/Chosen (TX-B) 16-12. Bay Area out homered them 2-1 on the baseball field in the "Round of 16" Dual #1.

The Christan Dowling Derby Dual in Kent, Washington started at 9 AM Thursday morning and had great weather throughout the 4 day tournament. Saturday and Sunday may have been the best weather the Conference has had this year. 24 teams played in the 1st dual and 25 in the 2nd and 15 of them were from the Nationwide Conference USSSA. They played on 4 – 300 foot fields in the 1st dual and one baseball field pictured above that was 330-370-395-375-370-330 with regular conference home run limits and the Dudley Pro-M ball with 240 bat compression testing. In the 8 play in games 7 Conference teams advanced plus Lazer Sports (UT-B) beat Smoke 31-5.

In the "Round of 16" MAJ/Knell (WA-A) beat Levels (CO-B) 17-10 after Levels led 8-0 as newly acquired Donald Hollingsworth went 4-4 with 4 runs scored on the baseball field #1 where neither team hit a home run in the game. Dan Smith/Proton (AZ-M) rolled over Ba Area Non Stop Grind 37-7 over in the softball quad. Smash It Sports/Newbreed (NC-M) run ruled Denver Stars (CO-B) 27-5 out homering them 8-1 as Ben Dunn went 3-4 with 6 RBI. Classic Glass/Easton (CA-A) run ruled Cheap Suits (CA-B) 26-9. Competitive Edge/Olmito Heat (FL-A) run ruled Abeytu' (UT-B) 28-8 as Taylor Cobb went 4-4 and Steve Whaley knocked in 7 runs. Resmondo (FL-M) run ruled Lazer Sports 27-7 leaving them on the field after a 13 run 4th inning. Greg Connell was 4-4 with 3 HR and 9 RBI in the win. And L&S Glass advanced by forfeit over Nightmare who did not make the trip and told usssa they weren't coming after the bracket had already been made.

In the "Round of 8" Competitive Edge in a battle of top 'A' teams knocked off Classic Glass 18-11 holding Classic Glass scoreless in the last two innings. Tyler Ervine, Josh Moore, and Keith McCormick went a combined 10-12 with 5 HR and 10 RBI in the win. Classic Glass had newly acquired Isaac Gonzalez at shortstop and Westy Guill in the outfield.

MyAutoJack upset Dan Smith over on field #4 23-18. Both teams put up zero's in the 7th inning and Jason Crosland and Steven Smith each had 5 RBI in the win. Dan Smith still had 3 home runs to hit down 5 in the bottom of the 7th.

Resmondo scored 12 runs in the top of the 5th to separate and run rule L&S Glass 28-10. Bradley Jones was 5-5 and Steele Lewis 4-4 and each had 2 HR.

Jeremy Yates hits against L&S Glass on field #3 at Hogan Park.

Smash It Sports jumped out to an 14 run lead in the 1st inning against Bay Area Legends and won 29-6.

In the "Final 4" it was Smash It Sport rolling over the upset minded MAJ team 33-3. Smash It scored 15 in the bottom of the 1st and 14 in the bottom of the 2nd and won in 3 innings. They out homered MAJ 12-1. Tyler Marshburn, Everett Williams, and Tommy Melton were all 4-4.

In the other semifinal Competitive Edge upset #1 seeded Resmondo 39-30 scoring 11 in the 1st, 15 in the 6th, and 8 more in the 7th. Rogers, Ervine, Moore, McCormick, Whaley, Jackson, and Farmer all had 4 hits or more and most everyone on the team had at least 3. Brandon Jackson the Competitive Edge left fielder was 4-6 with 3 HR and 12 RBI. This is a great game to watch in the usssalive archives.

Friday Dual #1

The winner's bracket final and the rest of Dual #1 was played on Friday. In the winner's bracket finals Smash It Sports after trailing 9-1 going into the bottom of the 2nd to Competitive Edge, scored 11 in the 2nd and 10 more in the 3rd and won by the run rule in the 5th 29-14. Collins was 4-4 and the bottom of the lineup Dunn, Reyna, and Purcell were all 3-4.

In the loser's bracket the teams dropping down from the winner's bracket won for the most part. After Dan Smith just barely beat Bay Area Legends they ran into Resmondo who beat them on a walk off 2 out 2 run single by Brian Wegman. Resmondo then rolled through Competitive Edge 20-4 to make it to the championship against SIS.

In the championship game Smash It batted around in the 1st inning as Resmondo walked the bottom of the SIS lineup and Andrew Collins hitting for the 2nd time in the inning hit a grand slam to go up 10-0. Smash It added to their lead each inning and won by the run rule in the 5th 32-15 to win the first Dual undefeated. Tournament MVP Dale Brungardt was 4-4 with 2 HR and 4 RBI.

Friday Dual #2

Dual #2 began on Friday at 11 AM Pacific time as the Dual #1 was still far from being over. The play in teams all played a 2nd game Friday night if they won their first game and then the loser's bracket began Saturday. Most of the big games and all of the Major teams games in the winner's bracket were played on field #1 the baseball field. And the entire 2nd tournament was played with 80 foot bases and unlimited home runs. All of the play in games were won by Conference teams again. Then in the "Round of 16" Friday night Smash It Sports run ruled Smoke 19-4. Resmondo beat Denver Stars 21-8 as Brian Wegman went 5-5 and Resmondo out homered them 4-1. L&S Glass beat Bay Area 36-25 over on the softball field #4 getting 11 runs in the 1st inning . MAJ/Knell smoked Abeytu' 20-1. Dan Smith beat Cheap Suits 29-10. And Thunder Chosen advanced by forfeit over Nightmare.

Saturday Dual #2

On Saturday all of the "Final 8" and winner's games were on the show field #1. Pictured above Smash It Sports rolled through Thunder chosen 24-4 out homering them 9-1. Tommy Melton was 4-4. Competitive Edge scored 8 in the 4th and 8 more in the 5th to beat Classic Glass (again) 27-12. Keith McCormack was 4-4 with an HR in the win. Both teams hit 4 HR. In the lower half of the bracket Resmondo beat L&S Glass 20-7 scoring 12 runs in the 3rd inning as Jeremy Yates went 3-4 with 4 RBI. And Dan Smith just got past MAJ this time 13-10. Dan Smith flew in pitcher Dan "Dirty" Sanchez for the tournament after "trading" Bill Pinkham for him on Friday morning.

Competitive Edge center fielder Kevin Bryant robs Buddy Wolf of a home run!

In the semifinals Smash It Sport crushed a depleted and injured Competitive Edge team 30-6 as Collins went 4-5 with 2 HR and 5 RBI. Comp Edge walked too many early in that one. And Resmondo beat Dan Smith on a walk off gap shot by Travis Clark 27-26 in the bottom of the 7th. Jones, Yates, and Santana all collected 4 hits.

In the winner's final Resmondo wearing their CD Tribute uniforms beat Smash It Sports 22-18 holding SIS to just 2 runs over the last 3 innings after Smash It had scored 13 in the top of the 2nd. Travis Clark was placing the ball whereve he wanted as he went 4-4 and Jeremy Yates had 7 RBI in the win.

Sunday Dual #2

On Sunday Dan Smith beat Competitive Edge 24-4 in the loser's final before Smash It Sports sent them home 28-19. And then Smash It Sports "double dipped" Resmondo 19-18 on a walk off homer by Everett Williams and 35-34 on a walk off homer by Ben Dunn to win Dual #2!

1st Championship Game Dual #2

"If" Game Game Dual #2

Old Scout pollers missed. Only had SIS at 14%

Long Bombers of the Week

Everett Williams I feel hit the longest homer of the day on Sunday. Yates was hitting creatures and won the HR Derby in dominating fashion.

Seattle Major Final Standings and Awards

Dual #1

Dale Brungardt was MVP of Dual #1

Andy Purcell was Defensive MVP hanging those Magic Bagels on good offensive teams over and over again.

He was MVP of Dual #2 as well.

Jeremy Yates was Offensive MVP of Dual #1

Dual #2

Bradley Jones was Offensive MVP of Dual #2

Neil Haglund was Defensive MVP of Dual #2

Team by team notes:

    1st – Avg Finish: 1.0 NC-M – SmashItSports/Newbreed/TDB/RF/BD/T3 Dual #1 1st (5-0) Runs: 30.0 Allowed: 8.6 Diff: 21.4 Dual #2 1st (6-1) Runs: 24.7 Allowed: 15.3 Diff: 9.4

SIS takes the Conference lead in points by winning both duals. They held the opposition to 8.6 runs per game in dual #1. Wow.

Mcclanahan and Logan were great as defensive subs.

Collins robs a homer.


  2nd – Avg Finish: 2.0 FL-M – Resmondo/Smash It/Menosse/Thunder Dual #1 2nd (5-2) Runs: 27.4 Allowed: 20.1 Diff: 7.3 Dual #2 2nd (4-2) Runs: 23.7 Allowed: 18.8 Diff: 4.8

Resmondo came up short in dual #2 in both championship games. They played without Bubba Mack (sick) and Pearson injured his hip in Dual #1. Bradley Jones had an .812 onbase percentage for the weekend and he and Josh Riley hit 17 HR.

Jones, Briggs, Bazat, Connell across the infield.

Steele Lewis played some outfield.  

  3rd – Avg Finish: 3.5 FL-A – CompetitiveEdge/OlmitoHeat/Adiktiv Dual #1 3rd (3-2) Runs: 20.6 Allowed: 19.6 Diff: 1.0 Dual #2 4th (3-2) Runs: 22.4 Allowed: 23.6 Diff: -1.2

Competitive Edge backed up their tournament win in Colorado with a 3rd and 4th place finish in Seattle. They didn't have any backup pitchers available and Watson had to pitch too much to be effective but that win over Resmondo was big for this team.


  4th – Avg Finish: 4.0 AZ-M – Dan Smith/Proton Dual #1 5th (3-2) Runs: 35.2 Allowed: 27.6 Diff: 7.6 Dual #2 3rd (4-2) Runs: 27.0 Allowed: 15.2 Diff: 11.8

Newly acquired Nick Day played 3B for Dan Smith.  

  5th – Avg Finish: 5.0 CA-A – L & S Glass Dual #1 5th (4-2) Runs: 21.0 Allowed: 17.2 Diff: 3.8 Dual #2 5th (4-2) Runs: 24.3 Allowed: 18.7 Diff: 5.7

Kyle Harmon the middle infielder has had a nice year and they picked up Kody Garrison from the folded GSP team.  

  6th – Avg Finish: 5.5 WA-A – MAJ/KNELL/Dirty Sports/DTS/DOMN8 Dual #1 4th (3-2) Runs: 16.0 Allowed: 23.8 Diff: -7.8 Dual #2 7th (2-2) Runs: 15.5 Allowed: 11.5 Diff: 4.0  

  Tied for 7th – Avg Finish: 7.0 CA-A – Classic Glass/Easton Dual #1 9th (1-2) Runs: 16.0 Allowed: 19.0 Diff: -3.0 Dual #2 5th (3-2) Runs: 21.2 Allowed: 20.8 Diff: 0.4

Classic picked up Guill and Gonzalez  

  7th – Avg Finish: 7.0 TX-B – THUNDER/CHOSEN/COMPETITIVE EDGE/SOG Dual #1 7th (4-2) Runs: 17.0 Allowed: 13.5 Diff: 3.5 Dual #2 7th (3-2) Runs: 12.2 Allowed: 11.6 Diff: 0.6  

  8th – Avg Finish: 8.0 CA-A – Bay Area Legends/Easton Dual #1 7th (2-2) Runs: 20.0 Allowed: 21.3 Diff: -1.3 Dual #2 9th (3-2) Runs: 18.0 Allowed: 13.8 Diff: 4.2

Pack, Traylor, and Raines  

  9th – Avg Finish: 9.0 UT-B – Lazer Sports Dual #1 9th (3-2) Runs: 21.4 Allowed: 15.4 Diff: 6.0 Dual #2 9th (2-2) Runs: 16.5 Allowed: 24.3 Diff: -7.8

The Lazer Sports pitcher was on fire with the big home runs vs Dan Smith.  

  Tied for 10th – Avg Finish: 11.0 WA-C – Lawn Darts Dual #1 13th (1-2) Runs: 7.3 Allowed: 10.7 Diff: -3.3 Dual #2 9th (3-2) Runs: 12.8 Allowed: 11.4 Diff: 1.4  

  Tied for 10th – Avg Finish: 11.0 WA-B – Miller Time / Bay Equity / EA Dual #1 13th (1-2) Runs: 17.3 Allowed: 19.3 Diff: -2.0 Dual #2 9th (2-2) Runs: 13.5 Allowed: 15.5 Diff: -2.0  

  Tied for 12th – Avg Finish: 13.0 CO-B – Denver Stars/ Miken Worth Dual #1 13th (2-2) Runs: 10.5 Allowed: 12.0 Diff: -1.5 Dual #2 13th (2-2) Runs: 13.5 Allowed: 11.5 Diff: 2.0  

  Tied for 12th – Avg Finish: 13.0 CO-A – Levels Dual #1 9th (3-2) Runs: 15.4 Allowed: 13.8 Diff: 1.6 Dual #2 17th (1-2) Runs: 16.0 Allowed: 19.7 Diff: -3.7

Levels has been reclassed to B.  

  Tied for 12th – Avg Finish: 13.0 WA-C – Pro-Active Home Builders Dual #1 9th (2-2) Runs: 9.3 Allowed: 15.0 Diff: -5.8 Dual #2 17th (0-2) Runs: 8.0 Allowed: 12.5 Diff: -4.5  

  Tied for 15th – Avg Finish: 15.0 UT-B – ABEYTU'/Salt Riot Dual #1 17th (1-2) Runs: 14.7 Allowed: 19.3 Diff: -4.7 Dual #2 13th (2-2) Runs: 14.8 Allowed: 16.5 Diff: -1.8    

  Tied for 15th – Avg Finish: 15.0 CA-B – Bay Area Legends/Non Stop Grind Dual #1 13th (2-2) Runs: 14.3 Allowed: 22.0 Diff: -7.8 Dual #2 17th (1-2) Runs: 14.3 Allowed: 21.0 Diff: -6.7  

  Tied for 15th – Avg Finish: 15.0 WA-B – Goodfellas/A3 Dual #1 17th (0-2) Runs: 8.0 Allowed: 15.5 Diff: -7.5 Dual #2 13th (1-2) Runs: 14.0 Allowed: 12.7 Diff: 1.3  

  Tied for 18th – Avg Finish: 17.0 CA-B – Cheap Suits/Republic Realty/Express Dual #1 17th (1-2) Runs: 11.3 Allowed: 16.7 Diff: -5.3 Dual #2 17th (1-2) Runs: 13.3 Allowed: 19.7 Diff: -6.3  

  Tied for 18th – Avg Finish: 17.0 WA-B – J&I/Westcoast Dual #1 17th (0-2) Runs: 4.0 Allowed: 20.5 Diff: -16.5 Dual #2 17th (0-2) Runs: 3.5 Allowed: 19.0 Diff: -15.5  

  Tied for 18th – Avg Finish: 17.0 AK-B – S2S/S2SN Ravens Reloaded 907 Dual #1 17th (0-2) Runs: 7.5 Allowed: 12.0 Diff: -4.5 Dual #2 17th (0-2) Runs: 2.5 Allowed: 20.0 Diff: -17.5  

  Tied for 18th – Avg Finish: 17.0 CO-B – Smoke/NextLevel/TopNotch/CompleteAu Dual #1 17th (0-2) Runs: 7.5 Allowed: 24.5 Diff: -17.0 Dual #2 17th (1-2) Runs: 6.0 Allowed 15.7 Diff: -9.7  

  Tied for 18th – Avg Finish: 21.0 AK-C – S2S RAVENS RELOADED Dual #1 17th (0-2) Runs: 10.5 Allowed: 20.0 Diff: -9.5 Dual #2 25th (0-2) Runs: 5.0 Allowed: 14.5 Diff: -9.5  

  Avg Finish: 13.0 OR-B – Oregon Elite Dual #2 13th (1-2) Runs: 13.7 Allowed: 21.0 Diff: -7.3

Some more pictures for you:

The umpires took a lot of heat in the closing games of the 2nd Dual for close calls but it looks like they got almost all of them correct.

Santana was safe.

Melton did get the force.

The homer does appear to go behind the foul poll so it was a homer.

This was a virtual tie so any call is right.

This was an out or tie so correct again.

Martel did get his foot back down so this was the only missed call.

This appears to be correctly called out but it was close.

Cornell and Brody

Hector the photographer and Rhino Nation!

Dual #1 Championship umpires Dallas Maag and Justin Stout

Holly and Strojan Kennison made an incredible event happen! Thank you!

Nice way to watch usssalive.com



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