2017 Space City Classic – Houston Major tournament preview!

11th Annual 

"Space City Classic"

Nationwide Conference USSSA!

Houston – Texas

April 7-9

Tournament Preview

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2017 Houston men's and women's bracket link

The 2017 Nationwide Conference USSSA season continues in Houston, Texas this weekend at the 11th Annual "Space City" Classic!  The 64 team field is the biggest in the Conference and teams come from 15 different states.  There are 16 teams coming from the Conference and they will be heavily favored.  The games are played at the Big League Dreams park where the fields are softball sized replicas of major league stadiums and the infields are all artificial turf.  The weather is expected to be pleasant.   The tournament will get off to a slow start with so many teams but the quality of the field has gone way up.  This year there are 3 'AA' teams and last year there were zero.  This year there are 6 'A' teams and last year there were 3.  This year there are 16 'B' teams and last year there were 6.  

Team Racks will be the favorite as the only Major team but they will be challenged by Killbombers, Nightmare, and OC Swats/Semper as well as the Texas 'A' teams AllOut, Money/Miken, and Steel Athletics.  This tournament is known for some teams in the final 4 that aren't expected to be there.  Remember a few years ago when the ASP team that started the year 'C' won it and last year Wiley's finished third.  The tournament is known for its late nights with games scheduled to start after midnight Friday.  The dudley hycor ball will be used and has done well at the Houston major the last couple of years.  You have to square it up a little more to hit the homer's and the bounces on the turf are usually true.  

Team Breakdown

 1 Major
 3 'AA'
 6 'A'
16 'B'
21 'C'
 15 'D' and 2 'E'

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Broadcast schedule:  USSSALive.com is streaming 6 fields all weekend (Link)

I am scheduled to land at 4:16 PM on Friday so the livestream will be up just before or sometime during the 6:00 PM game hopefully.

Some testing was done this week to try and fix some of the livestream problems as well as the game archiving.  We will see how much progress they made.

The chat room will be up on SoftballCenter.com as well.

A local Houston softball guru Brandon Miller that understands the Texas softball scene has done a nice job making this weeks picks!

Brandon's Final Picks:
1) Racks/Sonnys
2) OC Swats/Semper
3) AllOut
4) Killbombers
5) Nightmare
5) Pure Sports/HB
7) Worsham
7) Steel
9) Baugh Ford
9) Money/Miken

Teams that can pull upsets: BTX/Dirty Vegas, D12, The B Team, Oilers/MOJO, Texas Threat, AMPM/GVMS

Oldscout pollers went with the favorite Racks

Houston BLD Field Dimensions
Fenway Park 274-303-303-291-256
Yankee Stadium 281-285-289-285-273
Wrigley Field 289-287-301-288-289
Ebbets Field 281-278-301-281-266
Crosley Field 273-286-298-275-268
Sportsman's Park 266-294-277-277-273


Weekend Weather

Past Winners

2016 Winner – The Scene/Adiktiv/Monsta/Klutch

2016 Houston Tournament Report

2015 Winner – VCH Worth

2015 Houston Tournament Report

2014 Winner – Line Drive Sportz/R&M Metals/Easton

2014 Houston tournament report

2013 Winner – ASPNation.com/Easton

2013 Houston tournament report

2012 Winner – Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth

2012 Houston tournament report link

2011 Houston tournament report link

2011 Houston tournament pictures link

2010 Houston tournament report link

2010 Houston tournament pictures link

Past tournament results

2016 Results
1 NY-M The Scene/Adiktiv/Monsta/Klutch
2 TX-B Steel Athletics/Miken/Powerhouse
3 FL-B Wiley's Supreme
4 TX-B Olmito Heat/DiamondKingz/Miken

2015 Results
1 TX-B VCH Worth
2 MS-A CASport/Miken/Powerhouse/ScottsLawn
2 NY-A Albicocco/The Scene/Easton
4 MI-B TG Brand

2014 Results
1 MI-A Line Drive Sportz/R&M Metals/Easton
2 NY-A Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
3 MS-A Buzini/BWW/Miken
4 MO-B Nightmare/Louisville Slugger

2013 Results
1 TX-B ASPNation.com/Easton
2 AL-A Baugh ford/mojo/louisville slugger
3 MS-B Chaps/BWW/Worth/Buzini
4 MS-C Sportscenter/ms storm/worth

2012 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
2 MI-B Buzini/BWW/Worth
3 TX-C Miken Mafia/ASPNation.com
4 GA-B Headhunters/Cancooker/SHSSports.com

2011 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo-specialty tank / worth
2 TX-B Gold's Gym
3 CT-A Darkside/TYJA/Easton
4 MS-B BWW/team baden/buzini sports

2010 Results
1 NY-A Albicocco's/the scene/worth
2 TX-A Wood Law/Miken
3 TX-B Front Row Sports
4 AR-B Fence brokers/gametime supply/worth

2009 Results
1 FL-A T&R Stucco/Worth
2 TX-A Wood Law/Combat
3 AR-B Fence brokers/illustrated sportswea
4 TX-C Fleetwood/Tap Out

2008 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo/specialty tank/worth
2 TN-A Jean Shoppe/Easton
3 FL-A T&R Stucco
4 MS-C Street Stars

2007 Results
1 FL-M Resmondo Softball
2 AR-A Fence Brokers Inc/Worth
3 AR-A Wood law/quick roofing/worth
4 FL-A Suncoast/RBK


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