2017 SoftballCenter pickem contest presented by Worth and Miken! (Prize list added)

Join the 2017 Softball Center PICKEM contest presented by Worth/Miken!

There will be weekly and season long prizes provided by Worth and Miken based on your teams performance in the Conference pickem game.

Each week of the Conference season for the pickem game you can:
– Predict what order you think the top teams will finish in.
– Pick your team of 10 Worth/Miken players out of the 30 Worth/Miken factory hitters.
– Pick 2 alternate players to replace a starter that for whatever reason misses the tournament.

If one week you forget to make your picks your previous weeks picks will be used.

Your team of 10 will be scored on: Batting Average, Onbase Percentage, Doubles frequency, Triples frequency, Home Run frequency, RBI frequency, and finishing order of the teams in the tournament based on what you predicted.

Each week your team will be ranked against the other contestants and prizes awarded.  Prizes for the top 12 tournaments will be a new bat.  Prizes for the lesser tournaments will be hats, tshirts, hoodies, batting gloves, etc.  Also the top 25 in points will also receive prizes with the winner of the year long pickem game getting two bats and second place getting a bat.

Your top 6 weekly scores of the year will be added together (just like Conference USSSA) to determine the final season rankings.

The cost to play all year will be $25.  Or if you refer another contestant to the game the cost will be $20.  Proceeds will go towards SoftballCenter travel and website expenses.

If we get enough people during the 2017 year to play then we will have other competitions like possibly a College Football pickem, a poker tournament, and more – which you would not pay additional money for.

Miken/Worth Prizes awarded during the season

Overall winner for each of the 12 biggest tournaments – Miken or Worth bat

Final 2017 Season Pickem Points Totals:

1st place –
 Miken bat AND a Worth bat
 Miken or Worth bat bag
 Miken or Worth backpack
 Miken or Worth Hoodie
 Miken or Worth t-shirt
 Miken or Worth hat
 Miken or Worth batting gloves

2nd place –
 Miken or Worth bat
 Miken or Worth bat bag
 Miken or Worth backpack
 Miken or Worth Hoodie
 Miken or Worth t-shirt
 Miken or Worth hat

3rd place –
 Miken or Worth bat bag
 Miken or Worth backpack
 Miken or Worth Hoodie
 Miken or Worth t-shirt
 Miken or Worth hat
 Miken or Worth batting gloves

4th and 5th place –
 Miken or Worth backpack
 Miken or Worth Hoodie
 Miken or Worth t-shirt
 Miken or Worth hat

6th through 15th place –
 Miken or Worth Hoodie
 Miken or Worth t-shirt
 Miken or Worth hat

16th through 25th place –
 Miken or Worth Hoodie

*all bats come engraved "no warranty"

Fill this out to sign up:

There are 3 ways to pay for the pickem:

1) is the Paypal "Pay Now" link below

2) is Credit/Debit Card by Paypal "Pay Now" link below then selecting "Pay with Debit or Credit Card"

3) Send a check to:
SoftballCenter LLC
9499 Ridge Rd
North Royalton, OH 44133

Select $20 from the drop down if you are referring another player.

Payment Options
Pay for FULL 2017 Pickem Season $25.00 USDChoose this if you referred another paid player for the pickem $20.00 USD
Enter your actual name


15 Miken Staff Players:
Kyle Pearson
Lee Payne
Andrew Collins
Brandon Dillon
Kevin Filby
Cory Briggs
Jeff Graus
Erik Kanaby
Shannon Smith
Lyf Nimmo
Joe Skyles
David Miller
Jeremy Isenhower
Mike Brambilla
Jerblonski Jennings

Miken Women Staff Players:
Tara Salcedo
Katie C
Erin Bradley

15 Worth Staff Players:
Jason Branch
Andy Purcell
Don DeDonatis III
Nic Santana
Dennis Rulli
Luis Reyna
Ryan Harvey
Chris Larsen
Greg Connell
Keith Martin
Jason Magnum
Chad Mullins
Stevie Edwards
Cory Boothe
Jason Matusik

Worth Women Staff players:
Justine Rial
Sara Poteat
Jennifer Carter


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