2016 USSSA Major World Series Day 4 (final day) recap!

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Day 1 recap (Wednesday at the Major)

Day 2 recap (Thursday at the Major)

Day 3 recap (Friday at the Major)

Day 4 recap (Saturday at the Major)

2016 USSSA Major World Series

Game #29 Recap

Top 1st – Tabler 2 run homer for 3rd Street up 3-0
Bot 1st – Greinert 3 run homer for Combat.  John Williams 2 run homer also.  Combat up 6-3

Top 2nd – 3rd Street puts up a zero
Bot 2nd – Billy Maggard hits a GRAND SLAM Combat up 11-3

Bot 3rd – 3rd Street shortstop Tommie Melton makes a great play on LC Watson

Top 4th – J Williams makes 2 nice plays at 3rd for Combat.  Combat up 11-5
Bot 4th – Rogowski 2 run homer, Combat up 15-5

Top 5th – Evans 2 run double.  Folsom 2 run bloop double.  8 Run inning.  3rd Street down 15-13
Bot 5th – Rulli 2 run single. Greinert 2 run homer.  Up 19-13

Top 6th – Magnum hits a 3 run homer to tie 19-19
Bot 6th – Washington hits the flags with a grand slam.  Williams 2 run homer.  10 run inning for Combat up 29-19

Top 7th – 3rd Street puts up a zero

Jason Magnum from 3rd Street went over the Scoreboard in center in one of the games

Greinert 2 homers and 6 RBI

2016 USSSA Major World Series

Game #30 Recap

Top 1st – Resmondo goes down 1-2-3
Bot 1st – Backmans Kennington and Yates hit 2 run homers.  Resmondo gets a bases loaded doubleplay.  Backman up 5-0

Top 2nd – Reyna hits 2 run homer.  Sanchez a 3 run homer.  Santana a 2 run single.  Resmondo with a 10 run inning up 10-5
Bot 2nd – Haglund 2 run single.  Resmondo's Payne robs Yates in right field.  Schulte 2 run single.  Lloyd and Kennington hit 3 run homers.  Backman up 16-10 on 11 run inning

Top 3rd – Resmondo puts up a zero
Bot 3rd – Logan hits a 2 run single.  Powers a 2 run homer.  22-10 Backman

Top 4th – Collins hits a 2 run triple.  Resmondo down 10
Bot 4th – Backman puts up a zero

Top 5th – Logan makes a nice long running catch.  Resmondo down 22-18
Bot 5th – Backman puts up a zero.  Nobody wants this game.

Top 6th – Resmondo adds 4 runs to tie it at 22
Bot 6th – Harvey hits a pinch hit 2 run homer.  Backman 4 runs but Logan thrown out at 3rd as Purcell blocks the base nicely.  Backman up 26-22

Top 7th – Resmondo goes down 1-2-3 and is eliminated

Rector is tossed

Harvey celebrates a homer

2016 USSSA Major World Series

Game #31 Recap

Winner's Bracket Championship Game!
Top 1st – Wegman 2 run homer.
Bot 1st – Wegman makes a great catch.  Granados 2 run triple.  7-3 Scene up

Top 2nd – SIS goes down 1-2-3
Bot 2nd – Guill makes a great catch in CF and Scene leads 8-3 after 2 innings.

Top 3rd – Scene gets a doubleplay and holds SIS scoreless
Bot 3rd – Branch doubled off 2nd on what the replay shows could be a bad call.  Scene up 10-3

Top 4th – Whaley robs Reckart on another great play.  Kirby hits a 3 run homer.  Pearson a 2 run homer.  Clark is thrown out at 2nd trying for a double.  11 run 4th for SIS they are up 14-10
Bot 4th – Laski 2 run homer.  Scene down 1

Top 5th – Bryson Baker 2 run single.  Wolf pinch hit RBI double.  Kirby a 3 run homer.  SIS scores 9 and up 24-13
Bot 5th – Dillon 3 run homer.  Scene down 8

Top 6th – Umschied 3 run triple.  SIS up 30-16
Bot 6th – Whaley, Branch, Brungardt all homer but SIS CF Westy Guill makes an unbelievable catch on Dillon.  Costantino hits a 3 run homer.  Scene down 30-25

Top 7th – Williams 2 run single and Clark a 2 run homer.  SIS up 35-25
Bot 7th – Wegman in LF robs Brungardt of a homer to end the game.

It is very hard to see but it appears Branch is still at the base when Pearson caught the ball

so Bazat would of had to have tagged Branch for the doubleplay instead of just tagging the base.

Chente was safe at 3rd.  A correct call.

Smash It Sports Brian Wegman robs a homer to end the game against the Scene

2016 USSSA Major World Series

Game #32 Recap

Combat up 2-1 after two innings.

Top 3rd – Washington 2 run homer.  Combat up 4-1
Bot 3rd – Kennington hit a GRAND SLAM.  Stovall a 3 run homer.  And Kennington hit a 3 run homer in the same inning.  13 runs in the inning for Backman who leads 14-6

Top 4th – Washington hit a 3 run homer.  Combat down 11-14

Bot 5th – Backman hits 4 home runs up 19-12

Top 6th – Logan makes a great catch against the wall.  Pearson 2 run triple ties the game at 19-19.  Backman gets a DP and are down 20-19 to Combat.
Bot 6th – Yates homer ties the game and Backman leads 21-20 after 6 complete innings.

Top 7th – Greinert hits it to the wall with 2 on but it is caught and Backman wins 21-20.

Greinert hammers another one

2016 USSSA Major World Series

Game #33 Recap

Haglund grabs one at the fence

Top 1st – Dillon hit a solo.  Scene up 2-0
Bot 1st – Yates 3 run homer for the lead.  Whaley made a great play in the middle to end the 1st inning.  Backman up 4-2

Top 2nd – Kendrick hit a 2 run homer.  Branch a 2 run double.  Scene up 6-4
Bot 2nd – Haglund fouls out as wind pushes his second ball foul again.  Yates hit a 3 run homer to give Backman a 8-7 lead

Top 3rd – Scene put up a zero.
Bot 3rd – Haglund 3 run homer.  Backman up 15-7.

Top 4th – Scene puts up another zero.
Bot 4th – Powers 2 run triple.  Haglund 2 run homer.  Castillo 3 run inside the park homer.  Kennington a walk off run rule single 27-7.

Scene ended up 3rd

2016 USSSA Major World Series

Game #34 Recap

Top 1st – SIS goes down 1-2-3
Bot 1st – Bazat robs Kennington of hit, Haglund 2 run homer.  Yates Solo.  Castillo 2 run homer.  5-0 Backman

Top 2nd – Pearson 2 run HR.  Clark double but thrown out at 3rd base.  Wolf 2 run homer.  SIS down 4-5.
Bot 2nd – Backman doesn't score.

Top 3rd – Helmer 2 run homer.  Clark 2 run homer.  Filby Solo.  Haglund robs Bazat in RF to end inning.  SIS up 10-5
Bot 3rd – Harvey 2 run homer.  SIS up 10-7.

Top 4th – Kyle Pearson hit a GRAND SLAM.  Clark hit a solo.  Wolf inside the park 2 RBI.  SIS up 19-7
Bot 4th – Powers and Kennington hit solos to cut the SIS lead to 19-10.

Top 5th – Helmer hit a 2 run homer, Pearson a solo, and Bazat hit a GRAND SLAM.  SIS up 26-10
Bot 5th – Backman went 1-2-3.

Smash It Sports is your 2016 USSSA Major World Series Champions!!!

Orlando Castillo celebrates a 2 run homer for Backman

Helmer hits a 2 run shot

Smash It Sports celebrates the final out!


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