2016 USSSA Major World Series Day 3 recap!

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Day 1 recap (Wednesday at the Major)

Day 2 recap (Thursday at the Major)

Day 3 recap (Friday at the Major)

Day 4 recap (Saturday at the Major)

2016 USSSA Major World Series

Game #25 Recap

Top 1st – 3rd Streets Kessler 2 run HR.  up 3-0
Bot 1st – Kanaby 2 run homer for Scene.  3-3

Top 2nd – Kesslery GRAND SLAM up 9-3
Bot 2nd – Granados 2 out single gives Scene a 10-9 lead

Top 3rd – Byars 2 run triple 12-10
Bot 3rd – Brungardt 2 run HR 14-13 Scene

Top 4th – Branch makes a great play at 3rd to get Tabler.  3rd Street puts up zero.
Bot 4th – Kanaby 2 run HR 21-13 Scene

Top 5th – Granados at SS for Scene makes a leaping catch holding 3rd Street to 1 run

Top 6th – 3rd Street goes down in order


3rd Streets Dave Kessler hits a GRAND SLAM!

Scenes Erik Kanaby hits another big homer

2016 USSSA Major World Series

Game #26 Recap

Top 1st – SIS Scott Kirby and Kyle Pearson hit 2 run HR's.  Kirby hits another 3 run HR.  SIS leads 12-0
Bot 1st – Haglund and Logan 2 run doubles.  Vitcak 2 run single.  Backman down 7-12

Top 2nd – Wolf 2 run HR
Bot 2nd – Stovall 3 run HR.  14-14 after 2 innings

Bot 5th – Put up a zero

Top 6th – Wegman 2 run HR gives Backman a 24-18 lead
Bot 6th – Powers and Yates each with 2 run HR.  Backman down 22-24

Top 7th – Filby, Umschied, Wegman, Helmer, Clark all homer!  SIS up 36-22
Bot 7th – Schulte 2 run single.  Kennington 3 run HR.  Backman loses 36-28

Yates hit a tournament high 14 HR in the tournament!

Helmer adds another homer to his all time Major World Series record!

Friday 10 Loser Bracket Games

BHR's Tim Bowser hits a homer against TG/Reds early Friday morning

Top 1st – Ferguson 3 run HR

Top 2nd – Bowser 2 run HR.  BHR up 7-2
Bot 2nd – Edwards 2 run triple.  Reds score 16 runs! up 18-7

Top 3rd – Bowser 3 run HR.

Top 4th – White 2 run HR.  BHR down 21-17
Bot 4th – Schrage makes a great catch for BHR to hold Reds down

Top 5th – Terry 2 run homer.  BHR gets lead 23-22 on 6 run inning.
Bot 5th – Jimmy Carter hits a 2 run homer for 24-23 Reds lead.

Top 6th – Travis Dale makes a nice catch to rob Bowser
Bot 6th – Boothe hits a 2 run single and Ryan Disbennett a 2 run homer for Reds 31-24 lead

Top 7th – BHR puts up a zero

Newbreed scored a combined 23 runs in the 3rd and 4th innings and cruised to a run rule victory over Vivid.  Vivids lone highlight a 3 run double by sponsor Jon Kilburn.  For Newbreed Rockoff had 5 hits, 3 HR, and 5 RBI.


Bot 2nd – Precisions Hoynowski 3 run inside the park homer.  JBL CF Rogers makes a diving catch.  7-2 Precision

Bot 3rd – Hoynoski 2 run double.  Precision up 10-6

Bot 4th – Keske 2 run double.  Precision up 15-6

Top 6th – JBL puts up zeros in the 4th, 5th, and 6th
Bot 6th – JBL's Miller robs a homer in RF.

Line Drive scored 10 runs late to separate.  Josh Riley had 3 HR and 7 RBI

Top 1st – Combat gets a DP on Reds
Bot 1st – Maggard 3 run HR.  Williams 2 run HR.  Zirkle 2 run single.  Greinert hits a bomb to dead center, 3 run homer.  Combat up 13-1

Top 2nd – Roop 2 run homer
Bot 2nd – Watson 2 run homer.  Combat up 15-3

Top 3rd – Reds hits into bases loaded DP
Bot 3rd – Greinert hits a 2 run homer.  up 17-6

Top 4th – Edwards 2 run double.  Reds down 17-8
Bot 4th – Rulli 2 run double. Greinert 2 run homer.  Combat up 24-11

Top 5th – Edwards 3 run homer
Bot 5th – McGavin 2 run double.  Maggard 2 run single ends the game 30-15

Dennis Rulli was a hitting machine as usual for Combat going 5-5 vs TG/Reds

Top 1st – Resmondo LF Collins robs Anderson of a HR
Bot 1st – Fulk 2 run homer.  Precisions Abraham in LF robs Collins of a HR

Top 2nd – Keske 3 run HR.  Precision up 6-2
Bot 2nd – Mooch makes two great ground ball stabs on Reyna and Santana

Bot 3rd – Purcell hits a 3 run homer.  Fulk a 2 run HR.  Resmondo down 8-7

Bot 4th – Connell hits a 3 run homer to tie it at 10-10

Top 5th – Fracek 2 run homer gives Precision 12-11 lead
Bot 5th – Fulk 3 run homer leads to 7 run Resmondo inning.  Resmondo up 18-12

Top 7th – Santana makes a nice catch in center field.

Precision takes on Resmondo

Bot 1st – Ortiz in LF makes a nice catch on BJ Fulk.  Resmondo leads 2-1

Bot 2nd – Lee Payne hits a 2 run HR.  5-3 Resmondo

Top 3rd – Ortiz hits a 3 run homer.

Top 4th – Ortiz gets a 3 run inside the park homer.  Ussery 3 run HR.  12 run inning.  Linedrive up 21-6

Bot 5th – Payne 2 run double with two outs avoids run rule.  Resmondo dwon 23-9

Top 6th – Collins in LF for Resmondo makes an incredible leaping home run rob.  Would have been 3 runs for LineDrive
Bot 6th – Dedonatis 2 run double, Payne 2 run HR that may have been foul.  23-16 Linedrive lead.

Bot 7th – Resmondo down 9 gets 10 runs and BJ Fulk hits the walk off 3 run homer on the first pitch to win it 27-26!

BJ Fulk hits the walk off to beat Line Drive after being down 9 runs


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