2016 USSSA Chattanooga game videos

2016 USSSA Chattanooga Major game videos

Note: I set the recording on all 7 fields the entire tournament but these are all that is in the archives.

The programmers tell me there are 13,000 recorded videos in a directory I don't currently have access to.  The archive I have has 5,000 videos so obviously all the ones that have been missing for the past year are in that 13,000 video directory.  Now they just need to give me access to it and I can fish out all those great missing games…sigh

All videos from all tournaments the last two years

Championship 3rd Street vs Resmondo

Thunder, BHR, Scene and Womens Cuttin Up vs Low Bobs

Womens – Easton Enough Said vs Derby Girls Field 5

Womens – Lowbobs Field 7

TG/Reds Astros, Backman Saturday night

TG Reds Friday night, Nightmare and OI

JBL, Buffalo, PDI, Xtreme

Bad Draw, Adiktiv, Backman Friday

Xtreme, PDI, 3rd Street, STL

BHR, Primetime, Resmondo Friday, Scene and Athletic Shop Saturday

Combat vs Southern Mayhem Friday, Vivid and Shirt Doctors Saturday

Shirt Doctors, Thunder, Smash It Sports Friday


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