2016 Nationwide Conference USSSA begins in Las Vegas!

6th Annual


“Sin City Classic”


Conference USSSA!


April 1-3


Tournament Preview

2016 Las Vegas men’s bracket link


2016 Las Vegas women’s bracket link

The 2016 Nationwide Conference USSSA season kicks off this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada with the 6th Annual “Sin City Classic”!  The tournament features 11 of the top 20 teams in the nation and 17 Conference USSSA teams over all.  4 of the 5 Major teams will be in Las Vegas battling it out including last years final 3 teams at the USSSA Major World Series, Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth based out of Florida, SmashItSports/ASP/H.Auto/Easton based out of New York, and Backman/Shoppe/PowerhouseSportz/J&H/S&S/Louisville Slugger based out of Indiana.  There are 38 teams in all.

Teams will begin play on Friday, April 1st and the live internet feed on USSSALive.com should start around the time of the first game at 5:00 PM Pacific time.  I will try to place the ipod cameras on all 6 fields.   Live streaming will continue through the championship game which is set for Sunday at 10:30 AM Pacific time.   The tournament is being held at the Big League Dreams park at 3151 East Washington street.  The fields feature artificial turf infields and each are modeled after the look and feel of a major league baseball stadium.

The weather looks to be very good, warm and sunny with less wind than usual.  This year the Conference has a new home run rule where Major vs Major teams hit 16 a piece.  AA and A vs anyone is 12 home runs per team.  And B and below vs B and below hit 8 homers per team.

Smash It Sports has won this tournament the past 3 years with Combat, Racks, and Classic Glass placing well in recent years.  Backman has a revamped team and looks to get out of the gate quickly, and of course Resmondo struggled in Las Vegas a year ago.  This tournament should be an interesting one.  Teams are scored on their best 6 points events of the year and will be seeded after the Hall of Fame Classic on 2016 points so there is a little more at stake early in the season this year.

Interesting tidbits:  

  – Jose Canseco is listed on the ‘B’ team SquatchNation/Combat team playing at 6:15 PM Friday.  Also on this team are Canadian stars Franc Henry and Jason Legault.

– Denny Crine, Johnny Bailey, Chris Arredondo, and Jay Hill are playing with the 40 and over team JK Inc/Miken.  Also hearing Chris Larsen is with them.

– Midwest Hearing and Big Ten who were going to be Conference teams again but decided not to are in the bracket.

Team Breakdown:
38 Teams Overall
17 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
4 Major Teams
6 ‘AA’ Teams
4 ‘A’ Teams
5 ‘B’ Teams
14 ‘C’ Teams
5 ‘D’ Teams

USSSALive.com for live streaming games!

Las Vegas BLD Field Dimensions
Yankee (main field) 285-308-290-286-286
Fenway 274-303-308-297-256
Angels 285-289-305-272-270
Wrigley 287-295-300-291-286
Dodger 275-305-321-304-274
Crosley 274-283-301-280-275

Weekend Weather

Past Winners

2015 Winner – Smash It Sports/Compound Athletics/H Auto/Easton 

2014 Winner – Laservision/Desert Falls/Boombah/Easton 

2013 Winner – Laservision/Desert Falls/Boombah/Easton 

2012 Winner – Nordkap/Desert Falls/Easton

Past tournament results

2015 Results
1 NY-M Smash It Sports/Compound Athletics/H Auto/Easton
2 WA-M Team Combat/BaughFord.com/Softball.com
3 WY-A Team Racks Easton
4 CA-B Classic Glass/Easton

2014 Results
1 NY-M Laservision/H Auto/JJ’s/Easton
2 AL-A Baugh Ford/Doerflinger/National Pawn/Klutch/Easton
3 WA-M Team Combat/Softball.com
4 CA-B Classic Glass/Easton

2013 Results
1 NY-M Laservision/Desertfalls/Boombah/Easton
2 MN-A Nordkap/Suncoast Reebok
3 MI-A Line Drive Sportz/SSS/Miken

2012 Results
1 UT-M Nordkap/desert falls/easton
2 WY-A Sonny’s / louisville slugger
3 CA-A Famous / Premiere
4 GA-B Down2earthsports.com/sbc/worth
2011 Results
1 WA-M GTL Cartel/DeMarini
2 WA-M Team Combat/laservision/d2e/supreme
3 IL-A ews/shirtsandlogos/drgraphx/easton
4 TX-A Wood Law/mizuno/famous/easton


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