2016 Nationwide Conference USSSA Awards!

2016 Nationwide Conference USSSA Awards

2016 Nationwide Conference USSSA Champions – Backman/Louisville Slugger

Link to 2016 Conference League Leaders

Link to 2016 Conference AA and below League Leaders

Highlights of some of the big awards

2016 Special Awards

Most Valuable Player – Jeremy Yates – Backman .784, 80 HR, 201 RBI

Most Valuable Player – Andy Purcell – Resmondo .801, 92 HR, 245 RBI

Offensive Player of the Year – Jason Branch – The Scene .802, 72 HR, 214 RBI

Defensive Player of the Year – Luis Reyna – Resmondo

Batting Average Champion – Greg Connell – Resmondo .810 OBP
Home Run Champion – Greg Connell – Resmondo – 125 Home Runs

"Frank Webb" Manager of the Year Award – Jason Kendrick from The Scene

John Glidewell Award – Pete Campbell of Smash It Sports

Umpire of the Year – Lee Eggars

2016 1st Team All Conference
Pitcher Andy Purcell – Resmondo
Pitcher Andy Vitcak – Backman
Catcher Ryan Harvey – Backman
Catcher BJ Fulk – Resmondo
Catcher Erik Kanaby – Scene
Catcher Cory Boothe – TG/Red's Astros
1st Base Steven Lopez – Team Racks
1st Base Kyle Pearson – Smash It Sports
1st Base Kevin Kennington – Backman
2nd Base Steven Lloyd – Backman
2nd Base Greg Connell – Resmondo
2nd Base Steve Edwards – TG/Red's Astros
Middle Infield Jeff Flood – Newbreed
Middle Infield Orlando Castillo – Backman
Middle Infield Luis Reyna – Resmondo
Shortstop Don Dedonatis – Resmondo
Shortstop Ryan Stovall – Backman
Shortstop Chente Granados – Scene
3rd Base Lee Powers – Backman
3rd Base Bubba Mack – Resmondo
3rd Base Jason Branch – Scene
Middle Infield Dennis Rulli – Team Combat
Outfield Jeremy Yates – Backman
Outfield Neil Haglund – Backman
Outfield Filip Washington – Team Combat
Outfield Andrew Collins – Resmondo
Outfield Brandon Dillon – Scene
Outfield Nic Santana – Resmondo
Outfield Brian Logan – Backman
Outfield Dan Kirkwood – Team Racks
Outfield Buddy Wolf – Smash It Sports
Outfield Davis Bilardello – Scene
Outfield Jon Gastineau – Newbreed

2016 2nd Team All Conference
Pitcher Travis Clark – Smash It Sports
Pitcher Bill Pinkham – Scene
Pitcher Losson White – Xtreme
Catcher Jon Jamison – TG/Red's Astros
Catcher Brian Lipman – Team Racks
1st Base Tim Bowser – BHR/Coppermine
1st Base Victor Cordova – Newbreed
1st Base Brett McCollum – Precision
2nd Base Billy Maggard – Team Combat
2nd Base Kyle Pearson – Team Combat
2nd Base Adam Rockoff – Newbreed
2nd Base Keith Laski – Scene
Middle Infield Bryson Baker – Smash It Sports
Middle Infield Tommy Melton – 3rd Street
Middle Infield Jesse Young – JBL/Tailgaters
Shortstop Brett Rettenmeier – Team Racks
3rd Base Matt Rear – Precision
3rd Base Tyler Driskell – BHR/Coppermine
3rd Base Johnathon Williams – Team Combat
Outfield Dave Kessler – 3rd Street
Outfield Ryan Disbennett – TG/Red's Astros
Outfield Jason Matusik – 3rd Street
Outfield Ben Dunn – Xtreme
Outfield Tim Howard – Vivid
Outfield Steele Lewis – TM Sports
Outfield Colby Hughes – Line Drive

Manager Robert Mahaffey – 3rd Street


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