2014 Nationwide USSSA Awards Banquet!

2014 Nationwide Conference USSSA Award Winners!

The awards banquet was well attended

National Executive Director CEO of USSSA Don Dedonatis heads up the awards banquet.

The banquet was sponsored by Crown Awards!

2014 Special Conference Awards Award Team
Billy Messina John Glidewell Award Laservision
Paul (Hosscat) Johnston Award of Merit Backman
John Rector Manager of the Year Resmondo
Lee Powers Home Run Champion – 102 Resmondo
Bubba Mack Home Run Champion – 102 Resmondo
Brian Wegman Batting Average Champion – .826 Laservision
Luis Reyna Defensive Player of the Year Laservision
Lee Powers Offensive Player of the Year Resmondo
Andy Purcell Most Valuable Player Resmondo
Brian Wegman Most Valuable Player Laservision
Hector Pagan Statistician Award Team Combat

Travis Resmondo won his 9th Conference Championship!


Resmondo’s Andy Purcell and Laservisions Brian Wegman were co-MVP’s

Laservisions Luis Reyna won the Defensive Player of the Year award!

Resmondo’s Lee Powers and Bubba Mack tied for the HR lead with 102

Laservision Manager Billy Messina won the John Glidewell award presented by Don Dedonatis III

Backmans Paul “Hosscat” Johnston won a Merit Award.  

He also had a perfect season at the plate with a 1000 average!

2014 First Team All Conference Open to all players in the top 16 Team
Andy Purcell Pitcher Resmondo
Travis Clark Pitcher Laservision
Robert Blackburn Catcher Backman
BJ Fulk Catcher Resmondo
Brett Helmer Catcher Laservision
Bryson Baker Utility Laservision
Chris Larsen Utility Baugh Ford
Ryan Harvey Utility Albicocco
Chris Greinert Utility Team Combat
Kyle Moyer Utility Albicocco
Lee Payne Utility Albicocco
Terry Baggs 1st Base Albicocco
Scott Kirby 1st Base Laservision
Bubba Mack 1st Base Resmondo
Greg Connell 2nd Base Resmondo
Steven Lloyd 2nd Base Laservision
Jeff Flood 2nd Base Baugh Ford
Mike Umschied 3rd Base Laservision
Jimmy Salas 3rd Base Resmondo
Don Dedonatis III Shortstop Resmondo
Chente Granados Shortstop Albicocco
Brad Reckart Shortstop Baugh Ford
Dennis Rulli Middle Infield Resmondo
Kevin Kennington Middle Infield Backman
Brandon Dillon Outfield Laservision
Neil Haglund Outfield Backman
Ryan Parfitt Outfield Line Drive Sportz
Nick Santana Outfield Resmondo
Cory Large Outfield Line Drive Sportz
Jeremy Yates Outfield Resmondo

Resmondo’s John Rector was manager of the year

Albicocco right fielder Ryan Harvey made 1st Team All Conference in his first year on the circuit!

2014 Second Team All Conference Open to all players in the top 16 Team
Andy Vitcak Pitcher Precision
Stacy Mizelle Catcher Taylormade
Orlando Castillo Utility Albicocco
Clifton Williamson Utility Taylormade
Kyle Pearson Utility Buzini
Chris Geron Utility Precision
Jackie Corn Utility Taylormade
Sean McDonald 1st Base Baugh Ford
Sal Formosa 1st Base Line Drive Sportz
Travis Dale 2nd Base Red’s Astros
Billy Maggard 2nd Base Buzini
Sam Lopez 3rd Base Backman
Brian Lipman 3rd Base Team Combat
Jeff McGavin Shortstop Team Combat
Chris Hansen Shortstop Line Drive Sportz
Steve Whaley Middle Infield Line Drive Sportz
Tyler Driskell 3rd Base OI Livingston
Colby Hughes Outfield Buzini
Buddy Wolf Outfield Red’s Astros
Andrew Collins Outfield Red’s Astros
Manfred Budnarowski Manager of the Year Line Drive Sportz

Line Drive Sportz manager Fred Budnarowski was the 2nd team All Conference Manager of the Year!


Precision pitcher Andy Vitcak (left) and Buzini infielder Kyle Pearson (right) had monster seasons!

2014 Third Team All Conference Open to ‘B’ Players Only Team
Andrew Miller 1st Base Buzini
Matthew Rear 3rd Base Precision
Keith Laski Shortstop Precision
Daniel Kirkwood Outfield Precision
Jamie Hancock 1st Base OI Livingston
Adam Tennyson Outfield OI Livingston
Adam Kaminski 1st Base TG Brand
Josh Masden Infield TG Brand
John Radich Catcher TG Brand
Donald Hollingsworth Outfield Classic Glass
Tyson Steele Pitcher Classic Glass
Filip Washington Outfield Classic Glass
Chris Hoffer Outfield 3rd Street
Nick Masur Shortstop 3rd Street
Bobby Noeth Pitcher 3rd Street
Brandon O’neal Infield B&B Drywall
Mickeal Brown Infield B&B Drywall
Wes Newell Pitcher B&B Drywall
William Wax Manager of the Year Precision

Precision/Eastons Keith Laski accepts the Manager of the Year award on behalf of William Wax.

Laski was also All Conference.

3rd Streets veteran pitcher Bobby Noeth was a very well deserving All Conference selection.

What a great year he has had.

The Conference Umpires were introduced and they do a great job.


Ken Hawk was named Conference Umpire of the Year!


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