2012 Men’s Major World Series Home Run Derby Results

The Men’s Major World Series Home Run Derby is definitely the highlight event of the Slow Pitch year! It is watched by a decent crowd of a dwq thousand in the stands and tens of thousands at home via the live broadcast, which this year was on ESPN3.com.

Here are the results…conditions were rainy with wind blowing in at start and no wind later in the competition which made for some wet home run hitters indeed!

First Round:
1 Keith Anderson
1 Bryson Baker
3 Cory Boothe
0 Scott Brown
1 Geno Buck
3 Rusty Bumgardner
3 Cal Ford
2 BJ Fulk
1 Sean Greer
0 Chris Greinert
1 Jeff Hall
1 Kelly Hartman
1 Jeremy Isenhower
2 Scott Kirby
3 Chris Larsen
1 Kyle Moyer
2 Chad Mullins
3 Donovan Pokraka
1 Andy Purcell
4 Dustin Roberts
2 Luke Wright
1 Nekyma Wright
3 Jeremy Yates
2 Christan Dowling
0 Adam Rockoff

Advancing to round #2 – Pokraka, Boothe, Yates, Ford, Bumgardner, Larsen, Roberts, Dowling

Second Round:
2 Johnny McCraw
1 Sam Lopez
2 Lee Powers
1 Jimmy Salas
1 Casey Rogowski
1 Joey Formosa
2 Dal Beggs
2 Brett Helmer
3 Chad Durick
1 Brian Wegman
2 Kevin Kennington
0 Bubba Mack
3 Brett McCollum
3 Greg Connell
1 Tim Cocco

Third Round:
4 Chris Larsen
2 Chad Durick
4 Brett McCollum
2 Greg Connell
0 Christan Dowling
0 Jeremy Yates

Fourth Round:
3 Chad Durick – Champion, won $1,000
2 Greg Connell
2 Chris Larsen
0 Brett McCollum

Congratulations to Chad for a great performance, Chad unseated Tim Cocco as the reigning champion of three years. Wonder how Chad will do at next years contest?

Tune in to USSSALive.com to see more of the 2012 USSSA Men’s Major World Series at Champions Stadium, ESPN Wide World of Sports.

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