2022 Las Vegas Major tournament report!



2022 Nationwide Conference USSSA

11th Annual “Sin City” Classic

Las Vegas, NV

March 25-27

Resmondo’s Argen Dodds hits a key 3 run homer at the end of the “if” game.

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The 17th season of the nations greatest traveling slow-pitch softball league began with the 11th annual Las Vegas “Sin City” Classic.  There were 40 teams in attendance and 20 of them were from the Conference.  The Conference teams earn points based upon their finishing position in each of the 25 regular season tournaments.  Most teams play 8 to 12 of these events and they get to take their top 7 scores added together to see if they made the top 16 overall which qualifies them for the most prestigious slow-pitch tournament of the year, the USSSA Major World Series where the World Champion of softball is crowned!  This year in the Conference there are 45 teams including 4 Major classed teams and 12 from the ‘AA’ class.  The “Sin City” Classic kicked off on Friday, March 25th at 9 AM Pacific time on the 6 small fields at the Big League Dreams Park in Las Vegas, Nevada.  These fields are the smallest, dimension wise, that the Conference plays on all year Fenway (Men’s Show Field) 274-303-308-297-256, Yankee 285-308-290-286-286, Angel 285-289-305-272-270, Wrigley (Women’s Show Field) 287-295-300-291-286, Dodger 275-305-321-304-274, and Crosley 274-283-301-280-275.  If you like high scoring games with lots of home runs then this is the tournament you want to watch.  This year the Conference changed their home run rule for the ‘AA’ division to 14.  If a ‘AA’ or higher is in the game then each team gets to hit 14 home runs.  Major vs Major games are still 16, ‘A’ Conference teams playing anyone below ‘AA’ is 12 HR per game, and two non conference teams playing each other is 8 HR per game.

Las Vegas Video Highlights:

Link to the USSSALive Youtube channel (2022 Content)

Link to the Las Vegas condensed games and highlight videos!

Friday Games!

The tournament began with 16 non conference teams playing into the “Round of 32” the best of whom ended up being MAJ/Spire Financial/Rowley White a ‘B’ team from Arizona and Davis Dynasty/DB Sports/AMB Inc a ‘C’ team from California.  Then at 10:30 AM the Conference teams began playing their first games of 2022.  The Conference teams are seeded in the first three tournaments of 2022 by class and their 2021 Conference USSSA points within class.  So for example the 3 Major teams in attendance, Smash It Sports who won the Conference Points Championship in 2021 was the #1 seed, Resmondo was #2, and MPT Rentals was the #3 seed.  In the “Round of 32” Knell/Cheap Suits (CA-A) held off Monsta/Carillo Services (CA-B) 37-36 over on Dodger field (pictured above) with Monsta having the hammer in the bottom of the 7th.  Ryan Dacko, Chris Benigno, and Dale Swinford were all 5-6 in the win for Knell and Monsta still had 1 homer left to hit.  RVCG/ACA/RSA a new Conference ‘B’ team from Indiana primarily made up of military players upset Baugh Ford/Grizzy (AL-A) over on Angel field 25-19.  RVCG scored 9 runs in the bottom of the 6th to seal the win and were led by their three hitter Steve Myers who was 4-4 with 4 home runs and 5 RBI.  On Wrigley field Proton/Legacy a top new ‘AA’ team from Arizona began their season against long time California ‘B’ team Magz/Premier.  Proton broke open a 19-13 game with a 10 run 5th winning by the “mercy” rule 29-13.  Adam Ussery, Brad Lunda, Steve Edwards, and Tyler Dickens were all perfect offensively for Proton. 

Over on Crosley field (pictured above) Str8Play/JPS/SBT/Spark Apparel/Pure a new Conference ‘B’ team from California played a long game with Stars/NFM Lending/Arab $$$ (CO-A).  Str8Play scored 20 runs in the bottom of the 3rd to go up 28-21 but blanked in the bottom of the 6th and 7th and Stars pulled out the win 35-33.  Kody Garrison was 5-6 with 5 HR and 8 RBI in the win.   At noon as it started to heat up into the low 90’s on Yankee field Seminoles/TPS/NACSF.INC/Pure/RS (OK-AA) beat upstart Davis Dynasty/DB Sports/AMB (CA-C) in a slugfest 42-38.  On Dodger field Culture Athletics/Franchise Apparel (CA-B) upset Westpoint Softball (IN-A) 37-36.  On Angel field BTR (UT-B) the old Lazer Sports team out scored L&S Glass (CA-A) 13-6 down the stretch to hold onto a 31-29 win.  Kameron King was 4-4 with 3 HR and 5 RBI and Mason Moore 4-4 with 2 HR and 7 RBI in the victory.   Nightmare/Benefit the Badge/Miken (MO-AA) crushed Classy/SLM/SourceOne (AZ-B) 37-14 on Wrigley.  Proton/Lundmortgage (AZ-A) a new Conference team beat Bay Area Legends/Vivid (CA-B) 25-16.  Danny Higa, Dustin Wager, and Hunter Ramirez were all 4-4 in the game.  Then the “Round of 32” wrapped up with the 1:30 PM games.  First MPT Rentals/Juno Athletics the #3 seeded Major team from New Jersey beat Phenom/SCS from Nevada 30-10 in 4 innings scoring 13 runs in the 1st and 3rd innings.  John Radich, John Williams, Dan Sanchez, and Josh Kirsten were all perfect hitting in the game.   Classic Glass/Easton (CA-AA) beat OT 24-6 over on Crosley field.  #2 seeded Resmondo/SmashIt/All American/Menosse (FL-M) beat Klutch/Savon/Proton/79 Brand/BSU (UT-B) 37-6 on Yankee as they scored 24 runs in the 1st inning and 13 in the 2nd.  Connell, Jones, Briggs, Reyna, and Reckart were all 4-4.  Competitive Edge/Olmito/Suncoast (FL-AA) rolled through Str8Play 36-16 in 4 innings as their new lefty Ryan Honeycutt who played with Xtreme last year went 4-4 with 3 HR.  S&E/Dan Smith (NC-AA) the top seeded ‘AA’ team made quick work of All Chipped Out 41-4.  Bay Area Legends (CA-AA) beat MAJ/Spire Mortgage/Rowley White 45-21 on Fenway field.  And #1 seeded SmashIt/Thunder/Chosen/Pure/RF/BD/TDB (NC-M) beat B.I.D/Ranchofresco/D&M Glass 30-9 scoring 15 runs in the 2nd inning.  Everett Williams, Rich Racobaldo, and Mario Moralez Jr. were all perfect hitting in the game. 

“Round of 16”

The “Round of 16” in the winner’s bracket began at 3:15 PM on all 6 fields.  Seminoles beat Knell/Cheap Suits 42-32 after Seminoles scored 16 runs in the bottom of the 6th.  Seminoles hit 4 grand slams in the game!  MPT Rentals won in 5 innings 19-3 over RVCG as Ryan Harvey, John Williams, Joe Joe Bennett, Nick Day, and Dan Sanchez all had perfect hitting.  Proton/Legacy Gloves held off Classic Glass 31-30 (pictured above) scoring 12 runs in the 5th and they still had the hammer.  Bryan Dezern was 5-5 in the win.  This game was the first ‘AA’ vs ‘AA’ battle of the season.  Both teams used only 12 of their allotted 14 home runs.  The Resmondo offensive juggernaught continued with a 39-14 run rule win over Stars.  Kyle Pearson was 6 for 6 and Nic Santana 5-5 in the win.  SmashIt won 31-5 over Proton/Lundmortgage scoring 17 runs in the 1st inning.  Everett Williams and Ben Dunn were each 4-4.  S&E/Dan Smith the #1 rated offensive team in 2021 beat BTR 41-29 and their offensive team looks to be just as good this year even though they lost 4 of their top hitters, Racobaldo, Renner, and Gregory to SmashIt and Kendall Welborn to the Monsta/Nitro/Sonny’s team.   At 5 PM Competitive Edge run ruled Culture Athletics 46-19 scoring 16 runs in the top of the 2nd and 26 more in the top of the 5th.  Jeff Roxby was 5-5 and Taylor Cobb 4-4 in the win. 

Nightmare beat Bay Area Legends on Yankee field with the sun in the batters eyes 29-25.


“Round of 8”

In the “Round of 8” which was played at 10:15 PM Friday, MPT Rentals beat Seminoles (pictured above) by 30 runs 42-12 scoring 17 in the 1st inning and 22 in the 3rd.  The game ended by the 30 run “mercy” rule after 3 innings.  Flip Washington, Ryan Harvey, Joe Dorton, Joe Joe Bennett, Orlando Castillo, and Conner Murray who played with Seminoles last year were all perfect hitting in the game.  Dorton had 9 RBI.  S&E beat Competitive Edge in a close one.  S&E scored 10 runs in the bottom of the 6th and Emilson Marquez was 5-5 with 2 triples, a home run, and 6 RBI in the victory.  Both teams used all 14 HR.  Smash It Sports meanwhile was on the ropes against Nightmare over on Fenway field.  It was 31-31 going into the 7th inning where Nightmare put up 2 runs in the top of the 7th and Smash It got a single from Andy Purcell, a walk from Riley, a fielders choice by Collins, a walk from Everett Williams, a single from Haglund, and a walk off single from Dale Brungardt to win 34-33! 

In the final game of the night Friday Resmondo beat Proton/Legacy 31-30.  Resmondo scored 10 in the 2nd and 17 in the 4th.  Proton had a 15 run 3rd but trailed 40-31 going into the top of the 7th and could only muster 8 runs to lose by 1.  Bubba Mack was 6-6 with 3 doubles and 2 HR in the win. 

“Final 4” 

The 4 undefeated teams got to sleep in and rest until 4:30 PM Saturday when MPT played Resmondo and then Smashit played S&E.  The top 4 seeds had survived the March Madness to make it to the “Final 4”!  MPT put it on Resmondo early scoring 20 runs in the 1st, 10 in the 2nd, and had some great defense and pitching to hold Resmondo scoreless through 2 complete innings.  MPT then cruised to a 39-10 win out homering Resmondo 16-3.  

In the 2nd semifinal S&E Dan Smith was down 28-6 early but never gave up scoring 14 in the bottom of the 2nd and 12 more in the bottom of the 3rd.  They outplayed Smashit in the home run usage game and ended up pulling out a 46-39 upset win.  Edmund Locklear who came in to pitch in relief fielded some hot shots up the middle and went 6-6 with 10 RBI at the plate.  Lead off hitter Zach Watts and Emilson Marquez were each 7-7 in the game.

Winner’s Bracket Final

The winner’s final was also played on Saturday night on Fenway with MPT jumping out to 14-1 and 25-8 leads on S&E and eventually winning 33-12.  As you can see in the box score John Radich, John Williams, Joe Bennett, and Josh Kirsten were all 4-4 and S&E hit just 3 HR.

Loser’s Bracket


Erickson and Dooley homer to tie the game against Smashit 40-40 with two outs in the bottom of the 7th.

The loser’s bracket played out all day Saturday as Baugh Ford, Bay Area/Vivid, and Westpoint won 4 games each.  And Str8Play and MAJ/Spire won 3 each.  But when it came down to it from the 1 PM games on it was all ‘AA’ and Major teams left standing.  One of the great games of the loser’s bracket was the Proton vs Smashit matchup which finished after midnight to make it to Sunday morning.  Proton was down 5 in the bottom of the 7th when Chad Erickson hit a 2 out 3 run homer and William Dooley hit a solo to tie it at 40-40.  But Smash It scored 10 runs with no homers left in extra innings to win 50-42.  And Resmondo advanced to Sunday by beating Competitive Edge 55-40 when Resmondo trailing 40-35 left Competitive Edge on the field by scoring 20 runs and winning by the 15 run mercy rule.  In the past I have proposed a rule that if the visiting team is winning going into the bottom half of an inning that they cannot be run ruled in that inning.  Unfortunately none of the teams backed me on the proposal and then we get games like this where the team winning is left on the field…sigh. 

Proton beat Baugh Ford 38-15 over on Dodger where the wind was blowing in.

L&S Glass takes on Knell/Cheap Suits in a battle of California ‘A’ teams!  Knell won 43-41.


On Sunday Resmondo pulled out a close game against arch rival Smash It Sports by scoring 12 runs in the top of the 7th.  Smash It then down 49-39 still had a few homers to hit but couldn’t pull it out.

In the loser’s bracket finals Resmondo grabbed the lead in the 4th by scoring 14 runs and shut down S&E late to win 39-36.  You survive and advance in March!

Las Vegas Championship Game

The 1st game of the championship had no real rhythm to it.  Lots of Walks.  This bird may have been the highlight.

The 1st championship game was all Resmondo as they scored a mind boggling 29runs in the bottom of the 1st inning and MPT rolled over giving up 7 walks.

Las Vegas Championship ‘IF’ Game of the Championship

MPT’s Ryan Harvey singles off the wall in the “if” game.

Pearson and Reyna were the difference with some outstanding defensive plays in the “if” game.

Resmondo drew 16 walks, Phil Matte went 8-8, Bubba Mack 7-7, and Travis Clark walked 5 times as Resmondo “double dipped” MPT 51-45 scoring 12 in the 5th and 14 in the 6th, many were unearned as the MPT defense made some misplays.  And suddenly a short handed Resmondo team had won the Las Vegas opener!

Pre-Tournament – Who Will Win Poll

Pollers were correct, Resmondo won!

Long Bombers of the Week

Competitive Edge’s Tyler Ervine is the Long Bomber of the Week!  He hit a bomb over the net that pleased the crowd.  I know a lot of players did that but something about this one seemed to go further but who knows.  I guess he gets the edge because as I walked around the park a day later I overheard 2 different sets of people still talking about it… lol

News and Notes

Quote of the Week – “Beer is hydration”

The wind blew differently on Dodger, more in.  And it was out on most of the other fields.  Sunday morning it started to swirl.

Lund Mortgage turned a 5-6-10-3-10 doubleplay vs Seminoles

Stars hit a walk off over Bay Area B that I missed.

Benches cleared in the Nightmare vs Competitive Edge game.

Scores were too high.  They should use the Dudley Hycor ball like they do at the BLD’s in Houston and Dallas.

Las Vegas Major Final Standings and Awards

Resmondo shortstop Luis Reyna was MVP and made this ESPN highlight play!

The “Green Monster” at Fenway was unforgiving to Resmondo Defensive MVP Bradley Jones.

Joe Joe Bennett from MPT was Offensive MVP

Team by Team Notes:


1st – Resmondo/Smash It/All American/Menosse/RDD/S&S/Rawlings

Conf ‘M’ from FL  8-1 Record

Resmondo is not known for winning on small fields but they did so in Las Vegas and beat the top 3 teams to do it.  They had a .765 on base percentage as a team and hit 118 home runs.  Pearson, Dodds, Matte, Mack, Briggs, and the MVP Reyna were all over .800 onbase.  Pearson, Dodds, Matte, Mack, Briggs, and Jones all had 10 or more home runs.  Backup pitcher Brad Reckart was hit in the ankle Saturday and Travis Clark pitched all day Sunday.  Those 4 games Sunday started at 7:30 AM and finished at 3:30.  Reyna was gloving it, Marshburn looked solid at shortstop, Briggs played some center field so it looks like his knee is finally better.  The roster isn’t as big this year and everyone contributed, players had to leave for flights, and Brett Helmer was not in attendance as his dad passed away unexpectedly.  The softball community extends our sincere condolences to the Helmer family in this time.  


Phil Matte and Tyler Marshburn are two of the key Resmondo pickups in the off season.

All American Restoration sponsor Jim Thurman, an injured Brad Reckart (hit by line drive in ankle while pitching) and interim manager Kevin Bazat who is recovering from offseason surgery.


Veterans 3B Bubba Mack and OF Nic Santana return to Resmondo for another year.


Connell and Briggs return to Resmondo.


Kyle Pearson and Travis Clark return to Resmondo.  It is probably time to give Travis his due.  He has been underrated for awhile and has won 3 of the last 4 Major World Series as a pitcher and wins the Las Vegas Major as the lead off hitter and pitcher!

2nd Place – MPT Rentals/Juno Athletics

Conf ‘M’ from NJ  5-2 Record


MPT looked like they would roll through this tournament playing 3 and 4 inning games and being fresh for the championship.  But they let what they felt were bad ball/strike calls get to them and it affected them offensively in the 1st championship game.  They recovered in the “if” game which could have gone either way but came up short defensively and walked too many Resmondo hitters.  A step forward overall though.  Bennett was .867, Dorton, Harve, Williams, Radich, and Day were all over .800 on base percentage.  Harvey, Bennett, Castillo, and Williams all had 10 or more HR.  John Williams had 36 RBI.  Conner Murray played some nice shortstop, Josh Kirsten is a much needed addition in center field, and Dan Sanchez and John Dombrowski shared the pitching duties.  Looking for walks and walking too many opponents may be their achiles heel…


The new MPT shortstop Connor Murray makes a great stop.

3rd Place – S&E / Dan Smith

Conf ‘AA’ from NC  4-2 Record


S&E lost some big names from a team that led the league in on base percentage and runs per 7 innings a year ago.  But they filled those gaps nicely with lead off hitter Zach Watts from Sports Reach, 1st baseman Ira Brown from Sports Reach, Dave Bare at pitcher, and rookies Jordan Robinson and Jacob Hoskins who were playing Florida ‘B’ a year ago.  Credit to Elvin Herring for piecing this team back together and all the players that came back to play.  This team should be at the top of ‘AA’ all year and finished Vegas best in class. Tyler Wiles at 2B made like 5 or 6 big plays against Smashit in that semifinal victory.

3B Rookie of the Year candidate Jordan Robinson, SS Defensive Player of the Year Candidate Joel Sanchez, MI Tyler Wiles

Edmund Locklear the S&E starting 1st baseman was impressive on the mound in relief of Dave Bare.


Jacob Hoskins another conference rookie with a big swing.


Zach Watts and Emilson Marquez were each 7-7 in the semifinals.  Locklear 6-6.

Joel Sanchez gives the pre game speech.

4th Place – Smashit/ThunderChosen/PureRF/BD/TDB

Conf ‘M’ from NY  4-2 Record


Smash It has some new faces but the core of the team that won the Conference points championship and the #1 seed for the Major a year ago.  Everett Williams and SS Mario Moralez were over .800 on base.  Riley did a nice job at lead off and 2nd base.  Brungardt had the big game winning hit vs Nightmare.  Collins returned as we knew he would instead of playing golf.  Ben Dunn hit 5 triples and ran down everything in center field.  Purcell and Jonas shared the pitching duties.  It all seemed like it was great until it wasn’t and then a close loss to Resmondo Sunday morning ended their weekend.

Smash It Sports big offseason pickup was leadoff hitter Josh Riley who doubles here.


SIS bats 3 lefties in a row 4-5-6.  Williams, Haglund, and Wolf

We all thought Andrew Collins was golfing instead of playing softball this year.  But here he is!

Mario Moralez the new SIS shortstop was all tournament.

Sponsorship and management group.

Tied 5th Place – Proton/Legacy Glove Co.

Conf ‘AA’ from AZ  4-2 Record

Proton/Legacy is the new “big name” ‘AA’ team with a number of players that played Major last year.  They were led offensively by Steve Edwards (.829), and Adam Ussery, Brad Lunda, Bryan Dezern, Chad Mullins, and Willy Dooley who were all over .700 on base.  Dooley hit 13 home runs and had 34 RBI.  They played without big John Nelson.  This team has the Albicocco and MyAutoJack from 2021 mix going on with the addition of the Major players Nelson, Dezern, and Ussery.  Should be interesting to see how they do.  They really should have beat SIS but just needed one more base runner before using the last home run…


Jose Flores did most of the pitching

Tied 5th Place – Competitive Edge/Olmito/Suncoast

Conf ‘AA’ from FL  4-2 Record

Competitive Edge played some long high scoring games.  They got screwed by the mercy rule vs Resmondo after midnight Saturday.  Brandon Jackson was 12-13 and Josh Moore 8-9 in limited action.  Ervine, Roxby, Lendenski, and Cobb were all over .800 onbase.  Ervine launched 14 HR and had 36 RBI.  This teams is in the mix for a top 5 finish in points in the Conference and has really come together over the past two seasons under the leadership of Brandon Miller.


Mason Farmer robs a homer against S&E then goes in as the backup pitcher on Saturday.  He is like 19 or 20 years old.

Jeff Roxby and Jason Branch from SNI are two of the big pickups for Comp Edge.

Tied 7th Place – Seminoles/TPS/NACSF.INC/Pure/RS

Conf ‘AA’ from OK  3-2 Record

Seminoles has most of the same team from 2021 that finished 3rd at the USSSA ‘A’ World and were a hit away from 1st or 2nd.  They lost only to MPT and Proton and all 5 of their games were high scoring.  The outlook for this team is still to be seen.  Remember last year they won the Lonestar Major and finished 2nd to Smashit in Chicago.

Tied 7th Place – Nightmare/Benefit the Badge/Miken

Conf ‘AA’ from MO  3-2 Record

Nightmare beat Classy and Bay Area then lost in the bottom of the 7th to Smash it Sports 34-33.  On Saturday they beat Westpoint by 24 before Competitive Edge run ruled them.  So an up and down weekend but they showed they can hang with anyone and have more offense this year.  Of course remember last year they scored like 40+ runs in one inning vs Seminoles in Utah…  I still need to go back and clip that inning.


Migues and BJ Fulk

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More Teams and Faces at the Tournament

Tied for 9th – Baugh Ford/GRIZZY (AL-A) 4-2 – Baugh lost their opener to RVCG 25-19 then won 4 straight in the loser’s bracket against non conference teams before Proton AA sent them home 38-15.  Baugh was led by Brandon Bellamy with an .808 onbase percentage and Billy Sanders formerly of Nightmare and Justin Lutheran hit 11 HR each.

Tied for 9th – WestPoint Softball (IN-A) 4-2 – Westpoint was upset in their opener 37-36 by a California B team called Culture Athletics.  Then they won 4 straight in the loser’s bracket including wins over RVCG and Knell/Cheap Suits and then lost to Nightmare.  Former Premier player Joe Horsley led the offense .889, 9 HR, 27 RBI.  The team had a .719 onbase percentage and averaged 30 runs a game.

Tied for 9th – Proton/LundMortgage/4theFallen (AZ-A) 3-2 – This team beat both Bay Area teams and lost a close one to Seminoles.  They played a bunch of games back on the Dodger field with the wind blowing in so their scores were down.  Brian Therkildsen formerly of Seminoles led the team with 5 HR.

The Monsta men’s and women’s teams

The new Monsta USSSA bat the “Trippin”

Tied for 9th – Stars/NFM Lending/Arab $$$ (CO-A) 3-2 – Stars beat Str8play in a marathon game 35-33 then beat Davis Dynasty.  They then hung with Resmondo for awhile before losing, beat the Bay Area B team 31-30, and lost to Competitive Edge.  Stars picked up the power hitting Kody Garrison and is managed by William Sanchez.


Classic Glass (CA-AA) finished 1-2 after losing by 1 to Proton/Legacy with the bats in their hand.  Classic won the 2021 USSSA ‘A’ Worlds and added Jordan Spaulding and Mike Nino pictured above.

The Bay Area/Vivid (CA-B) team went 3-2 upsetting Classic Glass 52-39 and finishing tied for 13th!

Demario Boyd hit 10 HR and had 22 RBI for Knell/Cheap Suits who went 2-2 and beat L&S Glass and Monsta in close games.  Ryan Dacko pitched and hit 9 HR.

David Kessler and Justin Mucciarelli went to Bay Area Legends (CA-AA) this year.  They beat two ‘B’ teams but lost a tough one to Nightmare and then a 17-7 loss to Proton.

RVCG a military team based out of Indiana went 1-2.  They beat Baugh Ford and lost to Westpoint 37-35.

Classy (AZ-B) had some sweet uniforms but went 1-2.

Chuck Shimels filled in for Premier from California and collected his 4,000 hit.  He would like the ball if anyone kept it.

BTR (UT-B) finally was able to join the conference.  This is the old Lazer Sports team.  They beat L&S Glass but went 1-2.

Str8play/JPS/SBT/SparkApparel/Pure is a new Conference ‘B’ team from California.  They finished 2-2.  Tough losses to Stars and Bay Area.  Gary Perez is involved in running this squad.  They scored 20 runs in one inning vs Stars but came up short.

There was a Mike Brambilla sighting.  He was playing with Premier from California.


Two minor bench clearings.  The MPT vs Resmondo Saturday semifinal and Comp Edge vs Nightmare.

Rhino the rep on the uniform.

The uniform, apparel, and equipment companies in attendance.

The Fenway BLD has seen better days

MAJ/Spire Financial/Rowley White (AZ-B) went 3-2 and beat Monsta and BTR.  Tied with Davis Dynasty for highest finishing non conference team at 13th.

Nick Robertson is the Spire Mortgage sponsor.  Nick was a Team USA Future Stars original player.

Denny Crine and the boys.  Denny lives in Nevada.

Dee Hornesburger and the legend Johnny Bailey


Bat Bucket compression testing and the Dudley Pro M ball.

SW48 Youtube Channel FANS are everywhere!

Remember you are out if you contact the ball with your foot in front of home plate.

The tournament director staff.

Conference USSSA commissioner Strojan Kennison contemplates his life at the end of the tournament.

I think all of us that work these tournaments have this moment at the end of one of these events.  🙂

My 15th year on the road covering Conference USSSA…



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