2022 Christan Dowling Derby Dual Major tournament preview!


Christan Dowling Derby Dual


Kent, WA 


July 27-31


Tournament Preview

2022 Seattle Dual bracket and team list link

The Seattle “Dual” Major will start with the Christan Dowling memorial home run derby on Wednesday night at 8 PM Pacific time on field #3 at Hogan Park.  The 1st dual tournament then starts Thursday on the 5 – 300 foot fields with all 22 teams playing as many as 4 games on Thursday.  The first tournament continues Friday with the championship set for 3:30 PM Pacific time.  The second dual tournament actually starts while the first one is finishing on Friday and continues all day on Saturday with the championship set for Sunday at 11:30 AM.   In the second dual they will play the entire winner’s bracket on field RR #1 which is a baseball field with 327-367-362-360-331 home run fence distances and use the Dudley Stadium ZN ball with unlimited home runs and 80 foot bases.  A majority of the loser’s bracket games will be played on the 300 foot fields with unlimited home runs the Pro M ball and 80 foot bases.

There is also a nice 16 team Women’s Dual Major playing at the same Hogan Park which begins on Thursday evening.

USSSALive.com will livestream the event and the new chat room on ConferenceUSSSA.com will be up for updates and to answer your questions.



Christan Dowling Home Run Contest

Hogan Park 8 pm Pacific time Wednesday Field 3. 

Link to the 2021 Dowling Cup and Memorial Service

Going old school HR derby on the softball field.

Match 1 Sam Flores & Kami Marrott Vs RhiNo Jesse Garces Jr. & Fia Finau

Match 2 Greg Taylor & Kyle Person Vs Nick Pate & Argen L. Dodds

Match 3 Bethany Davis Brown & Greg Connell Vs Kylee Lee & Jon Nelson

Match 4 Michael Gerena & Kylee Studioso Vs Mark Rummel & Brett Helmer

Match 5 Haylee Hoch-Velasque & Tyler Dickens Vs Dave Camus @ Megan Baltzell

Match 6 Megan Miller @ Nic Santana Vs Sasha Killings @ Brad Lunda

Match 7 Shaun Everhart & Bubba Mack Vs Brad Falk & Tyler Wilson

Match 8 Kyle Goethe & Tyler Marshburn Vs Shane Kautz @ Phil Matte

Matches will feed into each other.

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The Seattle Dual Teams


The Playing Fields

Hogan Park
24400 Russell Road
Kent, WA 98032

Fields are 300 to 305 feet

When they remove the temp fence on Field RR1 the dimensions are 327-367-362-360-331


Weather Report

Weekend Weather looks warm.



Resmondo getting 88% of the vote for Dual #1 where they can be challenged on the 300 foot fields.  In Dual #2 with unlimited home runs on the baseball field they should be an even greater favorite.



Past Seattle Dual Winner’s!

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