2008 About

Welcome to the 3rd season of Conference USSSA Softball!

32 teams will compete to advance to the Conference USSSA Championship and the USSSA Men’s Major World Series. There are 18 NIT events on the schedule for 2008.

The top 8 “A” teams and Above AND the top 8 “B” teams and Below determined by points earned will be invited to the Conference Championship Tournaments at USSSA National Headquarters, Kissimmee, FL. Each team will receive 10 rooms for 2 nights at a Host Hotel. There will also be an Awards Dinner and Ceremony

The Top 14 Conference Teams will receive a paid berth to the USSSA Men’s Major World Series. The top 14 also receive 10 rooms for 4 nights at a host hotel along with $2,000 travel money.




100 Participation points are awarded to all B, C & D Conference teams towards their Open Mens B, C & D rankings for each entry into a Conference NIT. After the completion of the “Worth Last Chance”, the highest finishing A, B, C & D conference teams will be awarded 500 points towards their open class point total.