2006 Awards

Criteria for Statistical Data
and Determination of Awards Winners
1. Statistics established in all Conference USSSA NITs will be used in compiling statistics subject to any qualifications & limitations included herein.

2. Statistics accrued by a player participating for any Conference USSSA team(s) in any Conference USSSA NIT shall count provided that any change of teams has been approved by the USSSA National Office prior to any such roster move(s).

3. Statistics will be provided by each player’s team to the USSSA National Office and the Conference USSSA Statistical Coordinator by the Tuesday following each Conference USSSA NIT by e-mail, e-mail attachment, mail or fax. Such Statistics will be provided in the format required by Conference USSSA.

4. Conference USSSA teams will be required to:

4.1. Keep all scorebooks/score sheets from which their Conference USSSA statistics are derived until October 1st; or

4.2. Provide copies of same to the USSSA National Office.

5. The USSSA National Office reserves the right to audit all statistical data submitted using whatever reasonable means are available. Further, the USSSA National Office may choose to correct any player(s) data that it deems incorrect. If it is felt that the data is corrupt and correct data is not available for substitution the statistics for a player or players whose statistics are in question may be withdrawn from being posted or considered for awards.

6. Statistical data requested is:

Games Played
Plate Appearances
On Base
Home Runs
Runs Batted In
Walks (or Base on Balls)
On Base Percentage

All of these should be provided. “On Base Percentage” will be calculated using plate appearances and times reached base, but teams should provide all stats requested. All calculations (for On Base %) will be done by Conference USSSA’s software program.

7. Conference USSSA Individual Statistical Awards:

Batting Champion (On Base Percentage) ¦ Home Run Champion

8. Awards Criteria: Batting Champion (On Base Percentage) The Champion shall be the player with the highest on-base percentage determined by dividing total Plate Appearances into total Time Reached Base and taking the number to as many decimal points as is necessary to break any ties. In the case of such a tie, the player with the highest number of hits shall be declared the Champion. Player must have the minimum number of Plate Appearances as required by Conference USSSA Criteria.

Home Run Champion

The Champion shall be the player with the most Total Home Runs. In case of a numerical tie, the player with the most proficient Home Run Frequency shall be declared the Champion.